veritas amara libertas

Thank you to all who contributed! Behold…

The Cyberpunk Ten Commandments

  1. Information wants to be free.
  2. Never stand in the way of progress, scientific or technological.
  3. Your word means nothing; your contract is immutable.
  4. Treat debt like a virus - deal with it quickly, and don’t spread it to others.
  5. Never steal from those who need not be stolen from.
  6. Never kill those who need not be killed.
  7. Intelligent life is intelligent life, be it flesh, circuits, or code.
  8. Style over substance.
  9. The enemy of an enemy is a potential client.
  10. Never blow another’s cover unless you’d blow their brains out.

“Veritas Amara Libertas” - Truth is a bitter freedom.