verin netsune

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Prize for the winners of some random quiz that I held some months ago.
At first, I was planning it just headshot or half-body prize but then there are some people who requested for detailed things so, ahaha ^^;
anyway, had a good time though while doing this. Sorry for the late present!

Aaah, April has come huh~ glad it’s being a nice month to me. Hope May will be a good month for me too.
Denki Sai & Verin Netsune

AAAAAAthe quality– *sobs*

using Denki Sai because I fall in love with his voice. but…I can’t use him very well urghhhhhh… (self-note: start learning how to use VCV VB), duet with Verin Netsune because she really want to sing with him I want to know if I can get CV and VCV voicebank into a duet.

album art is an old sketch. somehow suits the song imo \^q^/

Music/Lyrics: Ningendock

UST: utaureizo

mixing: me

UTAU used: Denki Sai VCV (by SteelEmmisary), Verin Netsune ACT 2.0 CV