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(("Imagine your OTP attending one of their families’ family reunion" -- Optimus visiting a seeker nest and all of Starscream's relatives being totally enamored with his voice and snuggling up to him and Starscream having to keep jealously pulling them off his mate.))

Skywarp, watch your hands.

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I have an answer for that rice question, actually! I have the same problem--the best solution I've found if I just want to heat the rice back up is to put just a teaspoon or so (not much!) of water on the bottom of the bowl, and then cover it with a wet paper towel. Microwave, stir, and then add/drain water as needed and microwave again. It won't ever be fresh from the cooker good again, but it does get softer that way in a pinch! Melting a little butter into it doesn't hurt, either. :)

thanks for the tip! :)