Genetic Switch Decides Between Genome Repair and Cell Death

The genetic information of every cell is encoded in the sequence of the DNA double helix. Double strand breaks in the DNA, which can be induced by radiation, are a dangerous threat to the cells, and if not properly repaired can lead to cancer. Damaged cells need to decide whether the breaks can be fixed or whether they should be removed by a cellular suicide program called “apoptosis” before initiating cancer.

Björn Schumacher, one of the senior authors, explains: “Within seconds after an harmful incident, different mechanisms start. In a schizophrenic way, the cell starts repairing as well as preparing for apoptosis. We identified an uncharacterized mechanism that integrates signals from the ongoing repair process and the cell death machinery. A protein called UFD-2 forms large complexes at the breaks and verifies whether to proceed with the repair or whether it’s time to die.” In the process, UFD-2 is a point of intersection that both receives and gives signals.

“E4 ligase–specific ubiquitination hubs coordinate DNA double-strand-break repair and apoptosis” by Leena Ackermann, Michael Schell, Wojciech Pokrzywa, Éva Kevei, Anton Gartner, Björn Schumacher and Thorsten Hoppe in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. Published online September 26 2016 doi:10.1038/nsmb.3296

Isolated germ line of C. elegans. image is adapted from the University of Cologne press release.

Another disease bites the dust - World Health Organization declares the Americas measles free

The Region of the Americas is the first in the world to have eliminated measles, a viral disease that can cause severe health problems, including pneumonia, blindness, brain swelling and even death. This achievement culminates a 22-year effort involving mass vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella throughout the Americas.

The declaration of measles’ elimination was made by the International Expert Committee for Documenting and Verifying Measles, Rubella, and Congenital Rubella Syndrome Elimination in the Americas.


Ref: Plan of Action for Maintaining Measles, Rubella, and Congenital Rubella Syndrome Elimination in the Region of the Americas (PDF). 21 September 2016

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Yo is it tru that cleopatra basically invented the vibrator I love her omg tell more stories she's my girl

well idk of the historical veracity of this account because I don’t want to get 56 anons telling me I’m an evil liar spreading false dildo infos but apparently she filled up gourds with bees and used it as a vibrator lmao bees buzzing by the poon. but honestly that’s a terrible idea what if the bees get loose and sting ur punan ? plus Cleo had a lot of guys to cuck her so… idk. 

also I really want to read the book about her by Stacy Schiff and the historical fiction Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George which the 1999 TV movie starring Leonor Varela was based on but I have so much homework and shit to read if and when I read those I’ll share some fun stuff but few things rn about Cleo I remember don’t send me 56 anons about historical accuracy I can’t go back in time machine 2 verify every little thing the bich did so ok:

- Cleopatra and Mark Antony had an exclusive society of drinking buddies who they called the Inimitable Livers and they used to throw lavish parties and get wasted frat bro style biggest party in the ancient world next 2 like Caligula 

- she had a BIG NOSE and it was considered good luck 2 have big noses back then 

- Cleo and Antony disguised themselves in peasant’s clothes and went to Alexandria at night and pretended 2 be normies and do normal ppl shit which is romantic imo

- she used crushed beetle blood as lipstick and owned entire perfume factories and wooed Antony with a ship filled with incense which like intoxicated him

-  her style influence apparently spread to Rome and Roman ladies dressed like Cleo or at least tried to

- August is named after Augustus and he chose that month to be named after him because that was a big month for him when he defeated Cleo and Antony

- Cleo publicly declared herself as the reincarnation of the goddess Isis and people thought she had mystical powers

- the identity of her grandmother is unknown so there’s no way of confirming her true ethnicity

- and then there’s the two famous stories I mentioned before about being unraveled in front of Julius Caesar in a fancy rug and he was like “omfg sexi” when she popped out and dissolving one of her million dolla pearl earrings in a cup of wine during a feast with Antony to show she didn’t care about $$ and was 2 cool

- lastly this is a buzzkill but obviously she didn’t screw with Caesar and Antony strictly because of love it was a political tactic and the two both fell for her and who knows she could’ve loved them or maybe was just using them who knows but she was rly frikin smart tactician 

I’m a bank teller, and boy oh boy are people sticklers for not letting you see their ID. If you want to cash a check or put cash into your account, we need your ID, unless the teller knows who you are. ITS POLICY. I don’t care if everyone here knows you, I don’t, and I’m the one doing the transaction for you.

Why do you want to wait x amount of minutes for said co-worker to come over here and verify you when it would have taken less time for me to punch in your ID number.
Some people are super okay with it and understand, but others will make a scene about it.

math alignment chart
  • lawful good:"recall from analysis [explanation that is better than your old analysis textbook]"
  • neutral good:"confirm that this works for your favorite non-abelian group"
  • chaotic good:"since we made enough sign errors that they cancel each other out, we can consider the proof essentially right"
  • lawful neutral:"a careful reader will verify that..."
  • true neutral:"applying the axiom of choice"
  • chaotic neutral:"for ease of notation, we often omit the vector symbol, hoping that context will make our intended meanings clear"
  • lawful evil:"left as an exercise to the reader"
  • neutral evil:"see back of book for hint" [no hint actually in back of book]
  • chaotic evil:"trivial by category theory"

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Tory Lanez “LUV” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

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Melly- have you read the High Snobiety interview? Is really a re-hash of all the others. Only new thing is the aggressive seeding of the second album. Like you I was a bit dubious about releasing it so soon, but on second thoughts I am coming around to it for a couple of reasons. Firstly the music is the one part of the branding effort that is unquestionably good, and secondly next year will be a solo ID (Liam, Niall, Harry) album shit-show. Thoughts please?!


I only just read it now! We’ll talk about the article in another post, let’s discuss this second album like Business Hoes with a product timeline!

There are rumors that Niall’s album is due out in in early 2017, and Harry’s out in summer of 2017, but Liam is the only member of 1D that has  tangible, verifiable and confirmed proof that he has a record deal (and the most curious thing about that is he has no rumored release date at all *theme from the X-Files is heard faintly in the distance). 

Even if there’s a scenario where they all release music on the same relative timeline in 2017, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Look at the totally made up and exploited for record sales  rivalry between Bieber & 1D. Fans bought the album multiple times to help their fave reach #1, and artist teams love to drum up rivalries because it helps drive press, social media impressions, and retail. 

An accurate representation of 1DHQ & Bieber HQ last November.

But let’s talk about Zayn’s second album! We’re going on six full months of seeding for this second album, and the seeding continued in today’s released high snobiety interview:

So what’s next for Zayn? “I’m in the studio right now,” says the singer. “That’s all I’m saying.” For his sophomore album, it’s been confirmed that Malik will record with Malay, the LA-based beat master responsible for Mind of Mine’s lush electro-R&B production, and whose additional credits include mastering Frank Ocean’s 2012 pièce de résistance, channel ORANGE. But as far as a release date goes, well, that still remains in the shadows.

They’ve been seeding for that second album since before “Mind of Mine” was even released (and I remember at the time having a distinct confuzzlement frown wondering why he needed to be recording at such an aggressive pace when he hadn’t even finished letting me die from MoM yet), then included seeding for it in Dazed and Paper three months ago, and most recently was papped three times heading to the studio during his Zigi Fashionable Bearding Week of Doom a week and a half ago:

They pretty much want you to know the album is a thing. 

I touched on this a smidgen last week,  but Zayn has things on his calendar for both November and January, so I still think this product timeline makes the most sense if he here were thinking about issuing a well positioned kick to my face with more music (wearing giuseppexzayn shoes, natch)

November 1 - Zayn’s Book

November/December - Zayn single?

January 2017 - Zayn album?

January 2017 - GiuseppexZayn Launch

January 14, 2017 - Japan Concert

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What does being verified on insta even mean? I remember Jjong not being "verified" for a while and everyone was happy when he was

an account being verified (whether it be on instagram or twitter) is basically a symbol of authentication, proving that the account is real rather than fake. accounts verified are usually for celebrities, well known public figures (or brands), etc. it took about four months after it was launched for jonghyun’s instagram to be verified, but amusingly enough, it took three and a half years for his twitter to be verified despite how active he was during that time period. (onew actually still isn’t verified on twitter for some reason, but he is on instagram. so is key.)

@x-i-l-verify, who is amazing, made a daemon AU for critical role and it’s perfect. If you want to read the analysis of each character and their daemons, it’s here.

This is Pike and her daemon Nimbalu, who is a klipspringer. Normally klipspringers are really small, but Pike is like three feet tall.

my critical role daemon drawings

New Uber feature meant to protect passengers from rogue drivers

External image
Uber drivers will have a new way to identify themselves so riders know the person picking them up is the same person the app says is on the way. Starting Sept. 26, Uber’s new real-time ID check periodically prompts drivers to take a selfie before logging into the company’s platform to instantly verify the person’s identity. The service uses Microsoft’s cognitive services to compare the selfie to the photo of the driver within the app. If the photos don’t match, the driver cannot pick…

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I just made the appointment to ask a therapist for a letter to attach to my law school applications verifying my eating disorder and its effects on my grades. I bit the bullet and I am terrified.

I need to get over my fear of rejection. Thanks to @accordingtojess for talking me into starting my applications last night.
The Skittles Meter: Fact-checking results from the U.S. debate -
We tracked the number of lies in the Clinton-Trump debate with campaign-relevant candy, live. Here are the results.

The first debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential election is now in the books. And because it has been a heated campaign with the claims from both Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump proving to be loosely tethered to reality, Maclean’s created the Skittles Meter—a measure of the debate’s outright lies, counted in the candy most closely associated with the campaign.

Here’s how it worked:

1. A team of Maclean’s editors closely followed and verified fact-checking from a curated list of trusted sources on Twitter and elsewhere. That list, which makes up a good chunk of this fact-checking aggregation is here.

2. Every time a fact-checker notes a lie*, we added a blue (Clinton) or red (Trump) Skittle to the appropriate space, and wrote the offending lie—and the correct fact—on the whiteboard.

3. We tweeted a link to the fact-check from our Twitter account @SkittlesMeter.

Here’s what we found: At the end of the debate, the tally was 25 for Trump, 4 for Clinton. But the fact-checking work has continued. Check back for more!

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i do not understand how a generation that is supposedly fluent in using the internet does not know how to look up their local legal codes. like you just google the names of your state plus the word laws? and it’s always going to be the first result?? i get that not everyone has an intuitive sense of how laws work but reblogging alarmist posts without taking the twenty seconds to verify that the information is accurate seems pretty inexcusable