veri colori

Temo che le parole in sé, per loro specifica natura, siano insufficienti a rendere visivamente una somiglianza di questo tipo: le due facce dovrebbero essere ritratte una accanto all'altra ricorrendo a veri colori, non alle parole, allora e solo allora lo spettatore capirebbe il mio punto di vista.
Non c'è scrittore che non nutra il sogno di trasformare chi legge in uno spettatore; c'è mai riuscito qualcuno? I pallidi organismi degli eroi letterari, alimentati sotto il vigile occhio dell'autore, crescono per gradi con la linfa vitale del lettore; perciò la genialità di uno scrittore consiste nel conferire loro la capacità di adattarsi a questo cibo - non molto appetitoso - e di crescere robusti grazie a esso, talvolta per secoli.
Ma al momento non è di metodi letterari che ho bisogno, bensì della schietta, brutale evidenza dell'arte pittorica.
—  Vladimir Nabokov, Disperazione

Captain Marble or The Christmas Carol 

Captain Marvel is amazing, and this smaller piece is only an attempt at capturing her badassery. Inspired by the ass-kicking dinosaur-punching cover art for Captain Marvel #1 by David Lopez and the great story-telling of kellysue. It will also be displayed at Fantastic Comics~!

Also, if anyone is serious about building that Captain Marvel chapel, let’s talk. 

Technical thingies:

- 20 inches x 13 inches

- The buttons are marbles! She’s Captain Marble! I regret nothing. 

- Since she is very primary-colory, choosing the background color/texture was very difficult and stressing. So I made it snow. I think my Russian blood is subconsciously influencing my aesthetic choices. 

- Not clear in the picture, but the “rays” are silver whereas her outline/internal lines are patina’d black. 

- About 74 separate pieces + 6 marbles 

Your Grandpa’s Pocket Reviews of the “Classy” Movies He Saw This Year

Ryan is a very strange name for a girl, but I like that Mr. George Clooney was actually really alive the whole time.

Frances Ha/Nebraska
I prefer my movies in color these days, thank you very much.

Upstream Color
I have no idea what this was that I just watched.

Not for me.

Before Midnight
Fell asleep halfway through.

Blue is the Warmest Color
I’m not a big foreign movies guy.

Stories We Tell
It’s like I always say, best to keep things to yourself at all costs.

The Great Gatsby
My eyes hurt and I had to stop.

Blue Jasmine
I didn’t like that it kept switching times back and forth. Confusing! Just tell the story Mr. Allen!

American Hustle
As a member of The Greatest Generation, I make it a point to see every movie with American in the title. This has mostly been a disastrous decision (American Pie, American Psycho, Wet Hot American Summer) and I probably need to rethink it.

Spring Breakers
I could not follow this at all.

I put this on the list every year, because every single year it is the best movie that I watch in that year.

Saving Mr. Banks
Runner-up to Patton for movie of the year. A real home run.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler
Your grandmother made me watch this. 

ma io vedo i tuoi colori veri
che risplendono dentro te
vedo i tuoi colori veri
ed è per questo che ti amo
quindi non avere paura
di mostrarli
I tuoi colori veri
I colori veri sono belli
come un arcobaleno
—  true colors