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Did you know 3.22 is International seal day? I'm not sure if it still is in your time zone. My friend mentioned it today and I was so happy.

YESSS!!! I do know actually! :D  Unfortunately, when you live in a country where seals practically do not exist, International Seal Day is not that big of a deal ;O; But!! I did draw this little thing yesterday to celebrate!!ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

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you know what always gets me?

that not only was ed helping oswald get ready for the founder’s dinner

but when oswald said “it’s a shame i don’t have a plus one” ed replies with “i can’t go anyway i have a date”

what, was it just a given that ed would accompany oswald? that ed would be the mayor’s plus one to a prestigious dinner?

things from hamilton that haunt me
  • Burr’s horrified “no” when Madison and Jefferson agree to meet with hamilton in the room where it happens
  • eliza’s “stay” from that would be enough mirroring maria’s from say no to this
  • let me be a part of the narrative/I’m erasing myself from the narrative
  • eliza and maria both saying they are helpless
  • Jefferson, Madison, and Burr all sounding hurt/pathetic when they say “to have Washington on your side” at the end of washington on our side
  • washington saying he needs hamilton alive and hamilton not hearing him bc he’s shouting in meet me inside
  • Eliza and Washington both saying they want hamilton to stay alive for them in let it go (off-broadway)
  • the pause in the Laurens interlude
  • angelica’s satisfied’s get a different meaning as the show goes on
  • the ending of the original alexander hamilton
  • “he aims his pistol at the sky!” “wait!”
  • “I feel a sense of calm fill me. It’s not in his political interest to kill me” from ten things one thing (off-broadway/original)
  • the rewind in ten things one thing
  • basically all of ten things one thing
  • eliza’s scream after stay alive reprise/her gasp at the end of the show
  • hamiltons part in the world was wide enough, specifically “he’s with my mother on the other side” and “teach me how to say goodbye, rise up, rise up”
  • fucking all of who lives, who dies, who tells your story