verde valley school

3 more weeks. 3 more weeks then I’m going home. I don’t really want to count it down. I want to keep this moment. 

It’s just weird. Weird because I will not go back to this place on August like I used to do in my past 3 years any more. Weird because I know I’m gonna miss this place although I hated it to death sometimes. Weird because I know that I’m not gonna see most of my friends from this place any more even though some of them gonna be so close to me. Weird because this makes me feel like I’m going back to grade 9, last year of Junior High, full of emotion, full of promises but most of them, right now, I could not even recall.

Yeah~~~~~~~~~~~~ Life is short but always in hurry. Strangers becomes friends, then best friends, then strangers. Seeing my facebook has lots of friends but I wonder after 3-4 years, who will still keep me as friend or I still keep them as friends, who I will still talk to or still talk to me. Yup! It hurts when you think about it but I guess I get used to it. Moving on and leaving the past behind is always one of my strength. Not that I am too realistic but the more I aware of those facts, the less it will hurt me when things eventually come. I don’t like the feeling of being hurt to be honest! 

And I wonder …. When I’m gonna actually come home? Or where will I actually stop as my last arrival?