Shoes Of The Day: Vans Sk8-Hi 10 OZ Reissue - VERDANT GREEN / MARSHMELLOW

Sorry that there was no shoe of the day yesterday but today there will be two. Okay thats talk about some classic vans. The SK8 hi’s are the competitive shoe to the other hi-tops. But what makes these different to other brands is the vintage look of the stitching. The Green really makes that iconic stripe standout like nothing else. So everyone will know where you at.

Cool Fact: The hi-top design was influenced by the basketball scene in the 80′s


Title: Parents
Prompt: Baby shoes (Day 22)
Theme: The after years (adulthood / married life)



“I don’t understand.”

Sakura’s voice is quiet and gentle, and it fills Sasuke with infinite serenity. It is the only sound he can hear inside this warm, dark room, aside from the steady breathing of the new-born baby sleeping between them.

“What?” he asks in a whisper.

She takes a while to answer. He looks up at her, expectant, and sees she is still watching the baby, now with tears in her verdant-green eyes, but with her lips curled into a soft smile.

“How could we make such a beautiful being?”

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Dante walked up to the Manhattan Center, making his way through the thronging crowds of wrestling fans. Lyra and Carmilla seemed very popular; he saw GREEN ARMY printed on shirts of every verdant shade, and green signs with KILL LYRA KILL! scrawled on them in savage red fonts. 

The tickets burned a hole in Dante’s wallet. He felt a little bad about not finding someone to give the second to; Gabby had been entirely disinterested, Naja was too nervous about going around that many drunk humans, and Flint had plans training with Gorgon. And he wasn’t gonna scalp them, of course. He was a man of honor.

Dante bypassed the line of people waiting to purchase tickets, handing his to one of the attendants at the entrance.

New on 500px : Radiate by alexnoriega

New on 500px : Radiate by alexnoriega

Private Workshops and Tours Private Online Post-Processing Instruction Via Skype The unbelieveably green Hoh Rainforest in spring, Olympic National Park, Washington. This is a blend of 6 frames at f/11 for depth of field. Only a couple spots remain on the workshop I’m leading here with Alex Mody Photography this September: via 500px

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My words have fallen like poison embedded in my heart, dead and wanting to beat, and they only resound when I hold onto gray eyes and ebony hair, pulsing, expanding, breathing life, inspiration and desire into me again. When I lose the verdant green of my lover-land I stumble and fall, but then I remember my angel-muse, my strength that guides me across the distance, and though completely blinded and searching I find this gentle hand guiding me through the inevitable night, this soft rustling through ivory wings, and I breathe in all those memories from the moment I gazed those stormy eyes that led me home, home, home.

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"--kiss the hell out of me. please."

                                 MEME | ACCEPTING !!

        Black pushes against verdant green. His eyes dilate, lips upturned in a lop-sided grin. Anya laughs, amused and only vaguely concerned he might have hit the mead too hard. She reaches for the tankard, gently prying it from his callused fingers, ignoring the string of slurred protests. 

        “Alright, I think you’ve had enough.” Her tone is chiding as she sets the tankard on the other side of the table, out of reach. Hiccup frowns— nearly pouting. “Oh— don’t give me that look. It’s not gonna work—” 

                            Kiss the Hel out of me. Please.

        Anya blinks in surprise. His arm lazily wraps around her waist and pulls her closer. She’s not exactly used to this kind of forwardness, but then Hiccup usually isn’t in a drunken stupor ( she has no qualms believing Snotlout and Tuffnut are to blame for this, somehow ). Her face is very nearly pink; the colour dusting her cheeks in a healthy glow of mild embarrassment. 

        She chews her bottom lip, thoughtful, and then, takes his chin between delicate fingers. Presses her lips to his, brief and soft and hesitant. She pulls away, gaze half-lidded and mildly amused. “—–Goodnight, Chief.” 

               It takes her a minute to untangle herself from his grip, but she eventually slips out the door, allowing Hiccup to succumb to an intoxicated slumber.

“Green flashes are caused by temperature gradiants in the atmosphere, which magnify tiny differences in the atmospheric refraction of red and green light. Sometimes the magnification is very strong and voila!–a verdant mirage.

“This green flash was so bright, it was visible with the naked eye during the sunset on July 15th from the pic du midi observatory. Wind farm located 200 km from the site are also visible on the bottom of the sun. Details :  Nikon D7100 with 500mm camera lens, 100 ISO, 1/2000 s. Taken by SCHULER Olivier on July 15, 2015 @ Pic du Midi.”

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I forget how heavy with sorrow my heart grows on my final day in Mexico. It’s like this heaviness in my chest that I can’t shake, my eyes tear up involuntarily, and my heart is dimmed a little by the thought of separation. Her- with her brilliant body of verdant green and eyes fixed with a forever blue- she is the spirit of the land, and I love her like the fool that I am.

Dravinna tipped her head back to stare up as the sky billowed out above her. Others spread out around Lion’s Watch; truly it was a rush of military activity. However, the short-statured human kept her head tipped back, running her fingers through her still sea-damp hair to pull it out of her face. Her pale skin and freckles looked sickly under the verdant green sky as it twisted outwards, but her blue-green eyes were peaceful and wide as she watched. She was waiting.

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