verdant winter


Final pictures of the mermaid pot!

It’s a little wonky due to kiln warping and… construction issues, but the colors came out really nicely! It’s about 14ish inches tall, I think.

For anyone in ceramics, it’s stoneware fired to Cone 5 with a mix of underglaze and amaco, spectrum, georgies, and coyote cone 5/6 glazes.

I’m not even going to pretend I am going to catch up to inktober, but I drew something on a pot today and that’s pretty close to inking, so here’s a mermaid on a pot. Not sure if it’s done yet, but it’s certainly… on its way to something.


I had posted a few pictures of some ceramic stuff the other day, but I wanted to post pictures of some actual finished projects! These are all from my Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 semester Ceramics class, which is why some of the throwing is a little wonky. They’re all black underglaze on raw clay (once I started I just decided to stick with a theme), except for the top ones which are black underglaze with a white glaze. 

Uhm. Let’s see. Top image is a set of Botanical Nesting Bowls which is a (very) metaphorical self portrait I did. Next two are both sides of a teapot I illustrated (the inside is a very pretty blue actually). The tall bottle is another self portrait (that’s me house) and the trees go all the way around). The cup was a test with colored underglazes under a clear glaze. And the bottom picture is a set of Canopic Jars I did! They didn’t come out as cool as I would have liked, but I still think they’re pretty neat. All of the linework is hand painted with a brush. 

I’m still trying to work out how to mix the drawings with more traditional glaze work, which you’ll see if I ever upload any other pics! 


Debating starting a new series on the months. 

I wanted to do monsters but i also wanted to do something a little fashiony, so, thought I would combine them and do pseudo tamer things? Not sure yet. 

Anyway. These are obviously the first two, i have plans for more, but I was wondering if anyone else had an opinion?