parenthetically yours
  • she:(rawr)
  • he: (grrr)
  • she: (kiss)
  • he:(smack)
  • she: (tears)
  • he:(tastes)
  • she: (gasp)
  • he:(glower)
  • she: (nuzzle)
  • he:(clutch)
  • she:(whisper)
  • he:(lean, nod)
  • she:(blush, shiver)
  • he:(tend, tease)
  • she:(bite, bite)
  • he:(bend, squeeze)
  • she:(whimper, acquiesce)
  • he:(laugh, bind)
  • she:(glare, fight)
  • he:(render immobile, easily)
  • he:(because chin ups)
  • she:(slips free, cleverly)
  • she:(because flexibility)
  • he:(chases, tackles, holds, adores)
  • he:(because you)
  • she:(melts)
  • he:(drinks)
  • she:(opens)
  • he:(honors, defiles)
  • she: (obeys, worships)
  • he:(protects, provides)
  • she:(protects, provides)
  • he: (loves)
  • she: (explodes)
  • he:(collects in bucket, places in fridge)

I don’t claim to be a terrific actor or film maker. But I want to send a message for the kind of people who complain that their lives are boring but do very little to change it, and blame it on the money.

You do not need money to have fun.

If you like low budget antics, super villains and Nazi cyborgs, then this web series is for you. It’s utter rubbish, and its critics take it far too seriously, but it was so much fun to make. And that is what life is about. And from it spawned an entire online villain shared-universe Youtube community.


I don’t claim to be an expert film maker or a good actor. That’s why the series is called An Insult to Everyone With A Camera. This webseries is completely for fun, and to show people who are bored out of their minds just how little is needed to make their lives creative and interesting.

Take a look, and if you enjoy, watch the others and subscribe.


Verbish’s plans were halted by his arch nemesis, Brick Justice. It seems his super villain career has been halted before the show could even get a budget. But he won’t take that crap. Here we have the epic battle nobody’s been waiting for- Brick Justice vs Verbish.


The Helliquinns get mentioned in this video and there is a cameo of Other Verbish there on the banner. Awesome.


There are times when I refuse to take life seriously to the point that I shouldn’t be allowed near technology or society. This is one of those times.


The latest video in the series, in which Other Verbish explores the nightmare world, and Syph battles Nazi Verbish.

Yes, that is my ex in here also. We filmed this a few months before I dumped her.


I still don’t claim to be an actor. And yet I introduce another me in the future.

My ex is also in this as it was filmed before I dumped her, so I’m expecting quite the shitstorm as a result, so comments are disabled on the youtube video to minimize the drama.

But again, the series serves to prove that you don’t need a huge budget to have fun, and creativity is awesome.

Continuing our no-budget webseries, our Dieselpunk deliquent cyborg Nazi from an alternative universe finds himself in this universe, a universe similar to his own, with one crucial difference- he never took over the world. He’s obtained a time machine and all he needs now is to find out exactly when the timelines split so he can restore his fallen empire.
Horrendous acting ensues, and on top of all that Flower Boy takes on Norton Antivirus.