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How I imagine BTS when it comes to love and relationships:

(This took so much time and research oml. Based on astrology.)

Jin: Needs a deep bond with emotional intimacy. Partner will be very important to him; he will try be reliable and helpful. Rather than being a crazy, passionate lover, Jin will be affectionate, tender and sensual. Might be a mixture of hot and cold, although being devoted, he cannot help but get lost in the clouds and may sometimes seem aloof. He needs to know he is trusted, respected and loved. He responds greatly to positive feedback and compliments. He has a fear of commitment in truth, but once he does commit he will be warm, caring and loving. Takes charge quite easily and won’t find it difficult to make executive decisions, especially with things like travelling. He wants fun and will joke with his partner. He needs a partner who he can be spontaneous and adventurous with. He’ll want to take them around the world. Can easily read his partner and will be very thoughtful towards them.

Yoongi: Yoongi can be a bit of a difficult boyfriend to figure out. At times, he can be very straightforward and blunt, and at other times he can be extremely sensitive and impressionable (gives into your wants easily). Although his sex style can be very direct, spontaneous and passionate, he needs a loving, warm and sentimental partner who makes him feel safe. Yoongi is one complicated dude, right? But that makes it all the more fun. Again, he has a contradiction between his need for independence and space and also being incredibly needy towards his partner. He can be moody and volatile, a bit dramatic actually- this is when his inner child will come out and he needs his patient partner to sooth him with their warmth and wisdom. Flirtatious but still reserved. One day, he can be incredibly attached and attention seeking, the next he can be flirtatious and mysterious and the next he might just be aloof and in his own world. He is actually a very romantic man but tries to protect his heart, causing him to open and close himself to his partner. Unpredictable. Insecure.

Hoseok: Very sensitive and romantic! Seriously, Hoseok will put a very, very high importance on his partner’s pleasure, and will love to entertain, amuse and inspire them. He will keep up a very light-hearted appearance, often hiding his deep sensitivity from his partner. Understands and respects his partner’s freedom and individuality, and will highly encourage them to do what makes them happy. But, of course, needs an attentive lover. Sounds like the perfect boyfriend, yes? Yes. Falls quickly but hesitantly, the time before actually becoming his partner might be quite confusing and will create a lot of tension and passion, making things kind of explosive when he or his partner finally makes a move. Although he is very people-orientated and very friendly, it will still take a lot of time and effort to crack open his reserved nature- his partner will be one of the few to really be lucky enough to indulge in his whole, complex character. Can be contradictory with sex. He can see it as an emotional experience where he can release an almost overwhelming amount of emotions and sentimentality, or he can be quite cool and intellectual about it- making him seem a little detached. He is charming and playful, but can be quite tricky to please as he needs both freedom and vulnerability.

Namjoon: Very much desires, actually rather needs, affectionate and emotional expressions from his partner, and will give that back as well. He is reserved and protective of his heart, but once he makes a deep and special connection with his partner, he will do almost anything to protect and cherish it. He will develop an almost intimidating sense of unity with his partner, and will rely heavily on the silent expressions of love- meaning he will need an intuitive partner. Namjoon is very much a feeling, sensitive and passionate lover rather than a logical one. He will be very respectful and warm to his lover; he will admire them and wants the same. Because he is so sensitive and feeling orientated, he might become broody and silent when hurt- leaving his partner to figure out what’s wrong. Fights may come from him being insecure and scared to get hurt, even because he’s scared of his own intense feelings, he will need a patient lover who doesn’t make him feel bad in these situations. Namjoon will find it more difficult than most to ‘share’ his partner and can be very possessive, but at the same time he is very accepting and understanding. He might react very emotionally before taking the time, which he will do, to understand and forgive his partner. He will rely too much on his partner being able to ‘read his mind’. Sex is very important to him and he is very giving in bed.

Jimin: Very emotional and committed, he will put a lot of effort into nurturing his partner and their relationship. He needs a very expressive partner as he can be extremely insecure. He might smother his partner a little bit, he just loves them so, so much and needs to know they love him back. Jimin is similar to Namjoon in the fact that he expects his lover to be very intuitive to his feelings and needs, and this is influenced by the fact that he is very intuitive to his partners feelings. He picks up on his lover’s energy easily. He might find it difficult to verbally communicate, which flows into his sex life- he relies on sex heavily to show his love and prove his connection. Sex will be almost otherworldly intense. He is very sensitive and his feelings run very deep, meaning his partner will have a lot of control over him, and he will want to do anything for their praise. Although he might anger quite quickly, he is actually too forgiving. His partner needs to be extremely, and I mean extremely, loyal and he must feel they are absolutely committed. In this case, he will thrive and be endlessly happy- as romance makes him feel complete in a way. He can get extremely possessive and jealous. 

Taehyung: On the surface, Taehyung might seem like quite a flighty and light-hearted lover, but deep down he is very earthy and sensual, putting a high importance on his romantic connection. He is very passionate. He will be a very fun and entertaining boyfriend, but also a very grounded lover who needs security. He will want to have a very intellectual relationship, and cleverness, maturity and stability actually really turn him on. He is a mixture of being surprising and spontaneous and also being very supportive and loving. He will be a great boyfriend as he is thoughtful, caring and fun with an interesting and unique mind! He might be a little too stable and dependable, sometimes not being sensitive enough to the emotional partner he needs. He can be a confusing lover as he is unpredictable- a strange mixture between sensitivity and aloofness, capability and stupidity, spontaneity and groundedness. He will always be surprising his partner, keeping thing fresh and youthful, but also confusing. Although he needs quite a bit of space and freedom, he can be very possessive over his lover. He will be in it for the long run, if his partner can adapt to his unique and lovable personality. He is versatile and ever changing but can also be very logical and full of common sense when it is needed.

Jungkook: Jungkook has a huge heart. It is youthful, spirited and passionate. He is also intelligent and is attracted to people with these same traits. He likes space and freedom to explore, even within his romantic relationships. He is very curious. He doesn’t like being possessed but, in stark contrast, can be highly possessive himself. He needs to be stimulated by intellectual things, but he also needs more gentle and subtle ways of expressing love. His partner needs to be his friend as well as his lover, or it won’t work. He can be insecure and will be put off if his partner is uncommunicative or dull. He can be difficult to please as he needs a spontaneous, youthful and fun partner, but also one who is grounded and dependable and not too outgoing. He is a real big flirt, but what’s truly wonderful about him is that he almost always delivers on even the smallest of promises. He can be moody or indifferent, these moments will confuse his partner especially because of their contrast as well as them being different to his normal warm and loving nature. He literally loves emotional and physical affection, and needs a ton of physical attention- sex giving him a buzz and giving him energy. Although he is passionate and intense, he can also be very logical, rational and fair. Making him a great boyfriend. His emotional and sexual needs often get mixed up and it can be difficult for his partner to know what to give him. He might find it difficult to be fully satisfied unless both his emotional and sexual needs are met, which means he might need to wait a few years before being in a committed relationship.

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Ways to Develop Plot Ideas
  1. Play the “what if?” game. Think of cause-and-effect situations and take them to the extreme if you have to!
  2. Think of the title first, and see if the ideas flow around it.
  3. Make a list of specific things that interest you and see if there’s a plot in the details. (For example: I like cars, so maybe there’s a plot revolving around vehicular sabotage during a race.)
  4. Issues. Think about all the things that bother you and work a story around one. (Just be careful to avoid ‘sermon stories’ that preach about an issue instead of exploring the realist of it.)
  5. See it— imagine things as a movie. What do you want to see?
  6. Hear it— listen to music and see what it brings to mind.
  7. Develop a character first and see where they want to go.
  8. Steal ideas from the best, but only small elements. Lifting an entire plot is obviously bad.
  9. Flip a genre.
  10. Predict a trend.
  11. Read online articles or newspapers for stories.
  12. Research.
  13. Write a prologue.
  14. Ask a friend to get thoughts flowing! Verbal communication is always helpful when it comes to stories, and maybe they’ll see an option that you missed.
Masked Desires

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Title: Masked Desires

Author: Elyshakate

Word count: 1589

Warnings: possible smut


“Hooray! So I’m a big Cass girl and dean girl. But I thought it would be really cute if the reader had to go on a hunt at a masquerade ball and Cass had to go and smut ensues after wards?” @notsotypicalasiangirl

Smut coming in part two, hope you like it!

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L4yers of a Lifetime ago

L4yers of a Lifetime ago (5YearsAgo Before the Turn)

A Richonne Fanfic/ L4yers of War Series

Part One.

She watched him as he dismissed the third woman to approach him. She smirked as she watched the unimpressive blonde woman, roll her eyes and huff away in disappointment.

Three women, he was handsome but for three women to throw themselves at him, she thought it comical. He is not that attractive. She thought.

She sipped on her martini, relaxed in her seat and took in the dimly lit bar. L4yers, she smirked at the name of the bar, spelled with the number 4 instead of an A.

How unimpressively ironic. She thought.

Her co-workers talked about L4yers all the time but Michonne never joined them when they went out to happy hour at the local bar. Michonne looked around the room, still trying to figure out what was the big deal about the bar. She passed the place a thousand time before but never entered until tonight. Michonne shouldn’t be there, she should be at Mike’s apartment; her close friend of six years only lived three blocks away. Something pulled her inside the bar, maybe it was the fact she wanted to prolong the conversation she needed to have with him; maybe it was something else.

“You’re too beautiful not to be smiling,” a voice said next to her. She glanced at the new comer who sidled up next to her. He was burly looking man wearing a winkle ill-fitting suit, beady eyes and reeked of alcohol.

“Fuck off.”

“Come on pretty lady, let me buy you a drink.”

Michonne turned to face him, giving him a fiery cold once over before returning her dark gaze to his eyes.

“Fuck,” She started pausing for effect, “Off.”

The man grumbled and moved away not before calling her a “bitch” under his breath. Michonne smirked at the man. She took another sip of her martini and returned her eyes to the man at the bar.

Less than ten minutes passed before two women slinked up next to him. They smiled and leaned in, flirting with him. He leaned away from them, clearly not interested. Michonne watched as they touched his arm, leaned in and talked to him. He flinched away from their touched, he tried to dismiss them but the women weren’t getting the hint. At one point he turned his back on the women but they continued to flirt with him. She shook her head at the women’s desperation.

Michonne finished her martini and stood to her feet. She needed to go see Mike, her stomach twisted in knots at the thought of seeing him. She left a twenty on the table and started towards the exit when she heard a horse neigh of a chuckle. Glancing over her shoulder, one woman threw her head back laughing as the other one fell towards the man, touching his arm. The man grimace at the women, looking as if he were in pain. His eyes flickered up and locked with hers, a pleading look asking for help.

His eyes. It was his eyes that drew the women in, those cerulean blue spheres. He looked away from her and down at the woman who was practically laying on his chest.

Impulsively Michonne spun on her heels and swayed in their direction, she tapped the woman who practically crawled onto his lap. When she looked over her shoulder, Michonne flickered her wrist in a shoo-away movement. The woman stood and glared at her, Michonne pushed her way towards the man and smiled.

He smiled in return. Maybe he was that attractive, the thought ran across her mind. It was his eyes and the way they lit when he smiled.

Michonne leaned in, smiled and pressed her lips against his.


All Rick wanted to do was drink in peace before returning to his hotel for the night. It has been a practically rough day for him. Jeff Fredrick’s death and still laid heavily upon his chest, Jeff was one of his fellow deputy and one of his closest friends beside Shane.

His friend’s death wasn’t the only thing laying heavily upon him, his marriage was falling apart. It has been for quite some time, for him it was to the point there were no salvaging it but Lori thought differently. She stilled believed their marriage could be saved. They’ve been separated for a couple of months and were a breath away from a divorce.

All Rick wanted was to be left alone, wallow in his sorrows and drink. That wasn’t the case, almost as soon as he sat down he was battered by unsolicited advances from various women.

He dismissed the previous three as politely as his southern manners allowed but when the two slightly drunk women approached him, he was near the end of his southern manner rope.

He made a snide comment, meant to offend the women but they roared in laughter. One practically laid across his chest as she laughed. He rolled his eyes and look up, locking eyes with dark brown orbs.

He looked away from her when the woman with the hyena laugh hit his knee and leaned into him. He backed away deciding to close his tab and return to his room.

Suddenly the woman with the dark eyes was before them, she pulled the woman who laid upon him away and pushed her way towards him. She smiled and he became enraptured within her warmth. He felt his lips pull into a smile; she leaned in, smiling wider as she pressed her lips against his.

The kiss was soft, sweet, and slow. She pressed deeper into him and he parted his lips, his tongue seeking hers. Her hand snaked around his neck, curling into his hair as he deepened the kiss.

He became lost in the solace of the kiss, lost against the feel of lips against his, nothing else mattered in the moment. Her lips seemed to wash away all the pain of the day and cleared his trouble mind. Her lips seemed to be the solace he was seeking without the realization he was looking for it in the first place. An electric fire spark and lit encompassing them within a flame of desire, need, and want.

Rick reluctantly pulled away from the woman and stared into her stunning dark eyes. He could see the matching desire play across her eyes. He could see the electric fire burn within the dark molten orbs. He could see their possibilities.  

Rick smiled.

She returned his smile with one of her own before breaking the intense eyes contact to look around to see the two women were gone.

“Thank you,”

“You’re welcome.”

She started to leave when Rick caught her wrist, “Allow me to buy you a drink as a proper thank you.”

“I think that kiss was thank you enough.”

He couldn’t help his eyes as they quickly traveled the length of her body.

“Not nearly enough, please allow me to properly thank you.”

She smirked at his choice of words, Rick felt his cheek redden but he didn’t correct himself because he wanted that as well to fully thank her, all of her. She took a moment and considered declining his offer but she nodded and slipped into the bar-stool next to his. When the bartender arrive, she asked for a dry martini.

“Do you do this often?” He asked.


“Kiss random men,” he teased.

“It was that or battle it out in all out cat fight.”

“I wouldn’t have mind seeing you in a cat fight,” Rick said as he does another full body scan of the mysterious woman, this time slower taking her all in. She dressed in a form fitting cream dress with gold zipper details that ran the length of her dress contouring to her curves. Her skin is dark, flawless and enticing, her dark eyes captivating and her lips full sensual, sweet, and soft. Her hair was swept up in a side bun showing off her slender neck. Rick felt the urge to rain kisses upon the exposed flesh. She was a beauty he had never seen before, exotic and enticing. Immediately Rick was intrigued by the dark skin woman wanting and needing to know all of her.

“Really?” She asked with one perfectly eyebrow arched as she slowly looked over him.

“Yea… but I preferred the kiss.”

The bartender place her martini in front of her, she picked up and take a sip before saying, “Me too.”

As easy as breathing they fell into conversation as if old friends. The melody of conversation, the verbal and the nonverbal, flowed effortlessly between them for several hours as they enjoy each other’s company, their drinks long forgotten. As the midnight hour approach, the bartender comment about closing soon.

“I still don’t know your name,” Rick said.

She smile and only comment, “I should go.”

“I don’t want you to leave.”

“I should.”

“But you don’t need to.”

“We both have to. The bar is closing soon.”

“We could go someplace else…”

Her eyebrow rise in question.

“To continue to talk,” Rick added quickly.

She replied with a coy smile, “Is that all you want to do? Is talk?”

Rick leaned closer to her feeling bold, the truth falling from his lips with ease; “I want to kiss you again… and again… then all over.”

Her eyes fluttered away at his candor and the intensity of his stare before slowly returning to his.

“You’re married.” She said pointing to his ring.


“Still married…you still wear her mark.”

Rick looked down at his ring. They’ve been separated for two months, the divorce papers were ready to give it to her but he remember her threat to seek full custody of Carl and moved back to Maryland if Rick went through with the divorce. He wouldn’t allow that to happen but her threat gave him paused, therefore she stilled marked him.

They sat in silence for several minutes before she spoke again.

“I should leave, he was expecting me hours ago.”


“You have your Her,” Michonne said pointing at his ring again, “And I have my, Him.”

“Do you love your Him?”

“I could love him.”

“But you don’t?”

“He’s a friend… a good friend… and it’s about time to get him out of the zone and give him a chance… I’m getting to that age.”

Rick chuckled before he said with all seriousness hearing the dread in her voice, “Sounds like you’re settling.”

“I have to when you have a Her,” Michonne said playfully.

“We’re separated.”

“Still married.”

“And if I wasn’t?”

“Then maybe…maybe… I’ll give you my mark to bear,” She said leaning in, eyes flashing with mischief.

“You could wait,” Rick offered, drawing closer to her. His eyes flickered down to her lips, she licked them slowly and waited as his eyes found hers again.


“You’ve waited this long already.”

She smiled wide. He was bold. He closed the remaining inches that kept them apart and kissed her. This kiss different from the last, a hunger propelled the kiss into depths that had her pulling him closer. He navigated the kiss with ease as he mapped the inside of her mouth with his tongue.

They pulled apart in silent gasp, staring into the depth of each other eyes, each coming to a decision. Rick looked away long enough to settle his tab before rising to his feet.

He held out his hand and she took it. He pulled her to her feet and started out the bar. Rick led her outside, where they stood staring into each other’s eyes before he leaned down and took her lips with his. He held her firmly against his body, feeling her tremble slightly in his arm. She moaned and it vibrated in his mouth; their tongue engaged in a lustful dance of need and want.

Still held in the folds of his arms, she pulled away and molten dark eyes stared into his.

“Her?” She asked.

“What about her?” Rick replied.

“If not her… then my Him. He’s probably worried.”

“Let him worry.”

With that Rick took her lips again, she fell willingly into the heat of the kiss.

The taxi ride from the bar L4yers to his hotel was short, neither spoke as both were lost in their own thoughts. Rick held her close as he navigated the lobby of the hotel and rode the elevator to his room, not wanting to let her go in fear she may change her mind. Rick finally release her when he reached to pull his hotel key out from his wallet. He pushed the door open and stepped inside before turning to face her. Her eyes are set behind him, looking into the dark room trying to come to her own decision.

“Her,” She said.

“You,” Rick replied.



She smiled, her eyes shifting to look into his, “You have a reply for everything.”

Rick smiled, he reached out his hand to her. She glance at the darkness behind him then to his hand and finally resting upon his eyes. Eyes so full of light and possibilities, she slowly take the outstretched hand and he pulled her into the room whispering, “Us.”

His lips covered hers as he closed the door behind her.


Rick laid in bed and watched as she slowly sauntered toward him completely bare of any clothing and only wearing a smile. A smile that could rival the sun. Smooth, flawless dark brown skin covers every inch of her perfect body. Perky full breast sits high, her areolas a darker shade of her mouthwatering skin with harden nipples begging to be sucked upon. She’s tone and slim but curvy with a narrow waist, flat stomach, and a wicked curve to her hips with a full squeezable ass.

She’s by far the sexiest woman, Rick has ever laid eyes on. Rick delighted in her confidence in her nudity. Many women wouldn’t be so bold to bare themselves in this manner. Rick wanted her again…and again, for the rest of the night, for the rest of forever. His manhood start to harden again as she approached him, moving slow like liquid fire.

“Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like you want to devour me.”

“But I did… and I do again,” Rick said licking his lips.

She smiled as she sat on the bed next to him. Rick sat up in bed, the sheet pooling at his waist. Touching her hair, she moved away slightly.


“Don’t you know the rule? You’re not supposed to touch a black woman’s hair.”

Rick laughed and he reached for her hair again, this time she allowed his touch.

“I like your hair, what is this style called?”

“Dreadlocks, I did the big chop last year and started it. I’m still getting used to it,” She said.

“Dreadlocks… I like it,” Rick said as he caressed her hair, “Its beautiful… just like you.”

She shied away from the compliment and mutter a thank you. Rick’s hand dropped to her neck, then to her firm breast. He liked the way his hand look against her skin; the contrast of the skin, his pale flesh against her dark enticing hue. He squeezed her breast and rolled her nipple in his hand, she closed her eyes against the sensation.

She lifted Rick’s hand and brought it up to her lips and kissed it. The cool metal of his ring press against her lips. She pulled his hand away and examines his palm and the ring.

“Are you in loved with her?” She asked.

“No,” Rick said giving her a searing look, she shudder and look away for a moment before turning to him again.

““Do you love her?” She asked.

“She’s the mother of my child… I love her for that. She was my first love so she’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

“So you love her.”

“In a sense…but I’m not in love with her… not for a while.”


“Her,” Rick repeated.

“I don’t do this…”


“Sleep with married men.”


“Still married,” she replied with a smile.

“You think this is wrong?” He asked seriously.

“Don’t you?” She asked in turn.

“No… Otherwise why does it feel so right? Like it’s meant to me. Like we’re meant to be. You. Me. Us. In this very moment.”

“And what if we are only meant to have this moment?”

“I can’t believe that. I don’t… we’re meant to be here in this moment but I believe we’re are meant to have more,” Rick answered wholeheartedly believing ever word.

“How can you possibly believe that?” She asked in wonder of his confidence.

“How can you not?”

She doesn’t answer. They’re silent for a minute as she continued to examine his hand before she spoke again.

”Falling in love with someone is slowly forgetting what you dislike about them.”

“And falling out of love?” He asked.

“Is remembering everything that you disliked about them.”

“And if I said I was falling in love with you?”

She release his hand and it immediately goes to cup her face. Her hand dropped to his bare chest, a smile teased at her full lips. “You don’t know me enough to remember or forget anything you dislike about me.”

“I like everything about you,” Rick said eyes boring into hers.

She smiled wider, her hand moved from his chest lower to his lap. She found his manhood already rising. She stroked him to full length, Rick moaned at her sensual soft yet firm touch. She reached out with the other hand and grabbed a condom from the bedside drawer with one hand still stroking him while using her free hand and her teeth to open the condom.

Rick watched as she put the condom in her mouth and bend over his harden length. Using her lips and tongue she rolls the condom onto him, pulling him into her warm mouth.

“Especially that…. I like that!” Rick moaned.

She chuckled as she swung her leg over his. She assure the condom was firmly in place before she guide him into her needy slick center.

Rick groaned as he slide into her, she felt snuggly and like perfection around him. She throw her head back and moaned loudly.

“I like everything about you too,” She said slowly rotating her hips upon him.


It was mid-morning when Michonne emerged from the bathroom, a smile plastered to her face. She was dressed in the clothes from the night before but she didn’t care, after the night she just had she was more than happy to do the walk of shame alongside the man she spent the night with.

She tossed the towel on the floor as she entered the hotel room. He stood by the window, dressed in a brown tee-shirt, dark jeans and dark brown boots.

Michonne knew something was wrong by the tense set of his shoulder and the deep grimace on his face. She moved closer and heard him talking and she knew it was the end of all their possibilities. It was the end of their moment. She felt her heart constrict with the pain of the coming loss of his soon departure would leave.

This shouldn’t hurt. Why does this hurt? The thought came.

“Yea… I’m on my way. Y’all taking her to Macon General? Okay, I’ll be there in an hour. I’m leaving now.”

Michonne set her face in an impassive frown as he ended his call. He slipped his phone into his pocket and turned to face her.

His blue eyes were weighed with sadness, Michonne wanted to hold him. Instead she steeled her nerves and clamped down any emotions.

“I’m sorry…” He started.

“You have to go,” She finished.


“Her?” Michonne asked, even though she knew.

“Yea… Her,” he answered.

“It’s okay.”

“My son… he found her passed out in a pool of blood. I have to-”

“It’s okay,” Michonne said again cutting him off and forcing a smile.

He approached her, a hand cupping her cheek and pulling her close.

It was only one night. The pain of his loss should fade quickly. She hoped.

She allowed the moment before pulling away, needing the pain to start to fade.


Rick checked out the hotel and rushed outside, he handed the valet his ticket and waited impatiently for his vehicle. Scanning the busy street, his eyes caught a glimpse of her. She stood on the curd, back straight with head high as she waited for a cab. She looked regal and stunning.

Once thing settled with Lori maybe he could reconnect and make this work with her. Embarrassed, he suddenly remember he never got her name, he approached her slowly. Sensing him, she turned in his direction.

“Once again, I’m sorry about this… I-”

She smiled and his heart picked up pace, “It’s okay. You have your Her and I have my Him. It’s okay.”

She said as if trying to convince herself along with him.

“Wait for me?”

She shook her head, “Her. Him. This is best.”

“And what about are moment?”

“It passed.”

Rick nodded his head and looked down to the ground before looking up at her, he stepped closer eyes scanning every feature of her face committing it to memory.

He tilted his head as a small smile played at the corner of his lips, “After last night and this morning… I’m embarrassed to say I never got your name… maybe we can exchange names and numbers.”

A full smile crossed her lips, she closed the distance between them as Rick leaned down and instantly took her lips. The kiss was soft, sweet and slow, a remembrance of their first kiss. She pressed deeper into him and he deepened the kiss as their tongues briefly met. She pulled away all too quickly, stroke his cheek and smiled.

“I’ll tell you my name when we get another moment,” She said with a coy smile as she walked towards her awaiting cab.

“And if we don’t?” Rick asked as she slipped into her cab.

“Hopefully, we will.”

Rick watched as she closed the door, the cab gently pulled into the increasing traffic of the growing day. He hoped she was right, that hopefully they’ll met again and things would be different.