How To Speak Lesbian

Me: Eh, words.

@lethriloth/Sam: It was a confusing sentence on my part

Me: Sentences are weird, dude.

Me: We should just go back to words

Sam: are you… a grammar abolitionist????

Me: Maaaaybe

Sam: {start, of, will, communicate, I, set, using, unordered, words}

Sam: {love, me, you}

Me: {better, much, this} {all, alphabetise, the, words}

Sam: {are, article, connectives, delight, discard, punctuation, you}

Me: {adjectives, nouns, only, use, verbs, [interrogation]}

Me: {conjugation, then, verbs, why, [interrogation]}

Sam: {adjective, conjugation, correct, is, mistake, noun, only, use, verb}

Sam: {eat, food, I, is, it, late, should}

Me: {O [stop] K [stop]}

Sam: {is, not, use, when, why, word, you, [interrogation], [stop]}

Me: {girlfriend, is, weird, your}

Sam: {post, should, this, tumblr, you}

Me: {I, is, now, right}

gentle, adjective;
mild in temperament or behavior, kind or tender
the way your fingertips felt like paintbrushes on my canvas of a cheekbone,
creating nothing less than a Van Gogh every time you touched me,
the way our bodies moved together beneath the moonlight that filtered through the slits in the blinds,
anyone else would have thought we were dancing

arrogant, adjective;
having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities
the way you looked at me and saw a broken mirror,
a warped reflection of yourself that you needed to chip away at,
mold into something you could put on paper,
carve into something that looked good only on paper

empathy, noun;
the ability to understand and share the feelings of another
the way you cupped your hands, tried to catch all of the heartache pouring out of me,
held it up to your ear like a seashell and told me you understood the sound the waves made as they crashed upon the shore,
but you didn’t realize that it wasn’t about the coming together,
instead it was the sending away that kept me up at night

pride, noun;
an inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity or superiority
the way you clung to your institutionalized identity like a newborn clinging to his mother’s finger, fast asleep in her arms,
not necessarily afraid to let go but unaware that if he did, he would be okay
that if he unclenched his small fist even for a moment, he would be okay

love, noun/verb/adjective;
the way you looked me in the eyes the night you left and told me you were doing it because you loved me,
because I loved you,
because this is what you needed,

the way you asked me to change everything about myself as if my soul were a ball of clay,
asked me to sculpt it so that it would look more like yours and called it love,
called it caring about me,
called it saving me

the way you looked at me the same way I assume Adam used to look at Eve,
with admiration, adoration, and longing,
still knowing that she rose from his rib,
believing that she needed him to feel whole ignoring the fact that he had to lose a rib to bring her into existence,
pretending he can breathe without her,
knowing that he could not breathe without her,
afraid of what he would do without her
so instead he clipped her wings
sanded down her shoulder blades
poured cement in her shoes
so he’d never have to find out

—  you, noun; || s.c.l.

There it is, the laughter of children, runny noses and red faces. The bagged eyes of lovely mothers. Cute barista’s and boys in button downs looking for their eyes between dish pit dives. Book reading twenty somethings and little sparrows hopping. Something bitter-sweet like a harmonica’s bellow. A croissant all frosted up, and a Chai tea in Lincoln Square. On to a coconut macaroon and the great harmony of going unnoticed. The observer alive, watching not watched. Just as the television hums, so do people march on to their ends. Infomercials and documentaries. Verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns. How simple and sweet.

I wonder what is under those feet. What walks with the passengers of the bodies mucking about? Is there a juicy love story in them? Are they Prozac Nations? Alcoholics? Liberal insurance brokers? Republican sex addicts? Electronica molly popping’ comic book kids? Cocaine snorting University slags? Who do they vote for? And where do they go, if not home?

—  Jon Erickson - Hunt.

lavenderlipstickandshit asked:

Gosh, I have so many questions about Trigedasleng. I'm so sorry for spamming you like this. I'm trying to think if I've already sent this in an ask and if I have, just delete this one. I'm pretty sure I haven't though, so here goes. '-a' and '-on' are confusing me slightly. We have 'ailon+on' which equals 'islander' but then 'fis+a' is 'healer.' Is there a grammatical difference in regards to whether '-a' or '-on' is used? Noun vs. verb maybe? But I see some exceptions to the rule so I dunno.

When -on is added to verbs you get an object-like noun; when it’s added to adjectives, you get a standard agentive nominalization. When it’s added to nouns, it’s a bit of a grabag. For -a, it’s a standard agentive nominalization added to verbs. That’s fairly consistent, I think.

firebends asked:

btw it should be "cisgender" in your description, not "cisgendered," and cisgender is an adjective and not a verb or noun.

I really don’t know much about this “CISGENDER” (to make you happy) bullshit, to be honest. And I really don’t even care. It’s some made up word by some butthurt teenagers who just don’t know how to accept that life isn’t fair.



For a split second I didn’t even hear anyone speaking to me. All that was amplifying my ears was the faded out sample of RAMP’s Daylight streaming aside a set of drums, and the echoes of Q-Tip’s unique and unmistakable voice rapping his second verse of Bonita Applebum over it. I hadn’t quite kept track of time since I clocked in but I was sure A Tribe Called Quest had been playing for the last forty minutes, and I was sure morning had proceeded me. My attention was far removed from any and everything surrounding me and it only focused on the MacBook illuminated on my desk with a half ass article plastered across it.

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Paper Jam 5 Exhibitor #8: Matthew James-Wilson / Forge Art Mag

FORGE. is a quarterly art magazine based out of New York City. Each issue is a compilation of photographs, illustrations and words centered around a single theme. Themes range from any noun, verb, or adjective and will be the focal point for each piece submitted. FORGE. started out as the brain child of three high school art students and long time collaborators from Upstate New York, but is now run by Matthew James-Wilson, a freshman at Parsons School of Design.

I met Matthew at Marnie the Dog’s 13th birthday party that happened at Baby’s All Right last year. We were introduced by the artist Lauren Martin who had mentioned me in an interview she did in issue #9 and I was subsequently asked to do a submission for the following release. When i saw the amount of work Matthew put into this magazine I was stunned. Hundreds of pages are published in a single issue - a herculean undertaking. I immediately thought this is something that has to be represented at Paper Jam. The magazine is an exemplar of one of the festival’s main missions - the cross-pollination of the music and visual arts scenes attached to the Silent Barn space.

You can check out the latest issue here - (as well as the previous 9 issues)

- GW Duncanson (PJCC)

Mad Lib

Don’t ask questions. I need:








an emotion

Plural noun referring to a place (i.e: houses)






location verb (i.e:kitchen)



A number



A distance





Sorry for being so cryptic, but I set up a madlib. Also, only appropriate (PG) words will be used. 

So for Day 2 of @goblinweek I decided to use an online random word generator to pick a random noun, adjective, and verb.  What I got was “pier”, “seductive”, and “swagger”.  So here you see a goblin seductively swaggering down a pier, I guess.

I wanted to animate this, but I just didn’t have time… I’m getting this up at almost midnight PST as it is.  Maybe later.

PROMPT: Quickly jot down four verbs, four adjectives, and four nouns. Write a poem using all 12 words.

Verbs: Travel, run, swim, fly

Adjectives: Funny, steady, firm, tired

Nouns: Juice, tree, baby, flower

Isn’t it funny?

Isn’t it funny how we spend our entire lives searching?

No one knows exactly what they’re searching for though. They may say they know, but when they find it, they’ll still continue looking.

It’s like we were meant to travel, to feel free, to keep yearning and reaching for the next best thing.

Like a flower turning it’s petals towards the sun day after day, or the roots of a tree creeping across the forest floor towards water.

But nature knows a truth that the human race is yet to grasp.

Nature remembers to stay steady, stay firm, take it slow.

You can’t live life like it’s a race and run through it or you’ll get tired fast, you’ll lose your steam, your drive, your purpose.

Life is more like a hike; you have to enjoy the views along the way or there was no point in even going.

You have to take it slow and enjoy the little victories.

Like a baby; you have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

You have to learn to spread your wings before you can fly.

It takes time for juice to turn into fine wine, you are the same.

It takes time; it takes patience.

ASL class

i had my first asl class yesterday! here are some notes from it:

word order is typically TNAV, or Time Noun Adjective Verb, which can also be interpreted as Time Subject Verb (Object)

rhetorical questions are used in declarative statements, especially for new signers. rhetorical questions are who, what, when, where, why, how, and ALSO what for, what do, and what happen. so you could sign “my name what” and then fingerspell your name

native signers fingerspell much more fluidly and easily than even fluent non-native signers, and most people practice fingerspelling throughout their life

namesigns are usually given by a deaf person and are rarely changed once given

sign language is extremely regional (for example, the sign for “subway” in new york is the sign for “manhattan” flipped upside down)

concepts are placed within the space around the signer and can be referred back to. if i was saying i was born in boston, i could sign boston in front of me, at waist height, and then instead of having to sign boston again just point to that spot

x is at an angle! (i did not know this!)

meaning can be changed by HOW you sign - really slamming your fists while signing “work” implies that you work hard, and signing “i sign” slowly is more of a request for the observer to sign slowly with you because you’re learning

Things that give me trust issues

-sleepy kitties
when something that should be soft is crusty
-hair elastics that snap after tour done putting your hair up
-trying to touch up paint with the same fricken pain you painted the spot with the he first time and it’s suddenly a totALLY DIFFERENT COLOUR
-people who still use >:(
-people over 12 who use 10 different nail polish colours.
-that one really Nasty nut/seed
-when someone says they have good news and the news is bad bad bad.
-when Donald trump says he’ll “make America great again”
-pictures that look like gifs and are used in a context where they could be gifs and you wait and wait and it never loads.
-people who pronounce gif as jif
-people who use “fuck” and all variations of the word as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.
-and url that ends in .fm
-military people (fight for love with hate)
-when sticky notes don’t stick

anonymous asked:

Hello Sam. Do you believe that some people are genuiely evil? One thing is when somebody had traumatic experiences that led em to certain behaviors, but they're no evil just hurt/suffering. Some had delusional beliefs i.e. Hitler. However, there are people with no records of traumatic experience or anything who committed atrocities. You can tell thy're evil just from their facial traits

Are some people evil? What does that truly mean? Evil means more as a verb than as a noun or even as an adjective. All people commit evil acts. Some commit more than most. Some commit greater evils. A person can be said to be evil for these reasons. Others commit few acts of evil but think evil thoughts. Are they evil? Some do evil then repent and reform. Are they evil?

In answer to your question I do believe that genuinely evil people exist.