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The Stars of Underground on Challenging the Depictions of Slavery We’re Used To Seeing
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On this episode of Represent, producer Veralyn Williams steps into the interviewer’s chair and talks to the stars of WGN America’s Underground, Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Amirah Vann.


Questions about ObamaCare? Veralyn made a nice little summary for us.

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On Getting Busy (Too Busy for Dating!)

Can I be honest? I am over dating. I’m tired of thinking about it. Analyzing it. Wondering what makes up the the experiences I’ve had in an effort to shape my future experiences with men. Because what I truly know now is that my past has only made clear what I don’t want. Because what I want seems to be evolving every day…because I’m evolving every day.

They say (don’t ask me who “they” are) you’ll never find the person worthy of you until you are worthy of them. (A.k.a. make sure you’re a good catch yourself.) Two people who embody this for me are my best friends Veronica and Wes. Last month I vlogged about how they fell in love. They both were just working on themselves and then BAM… love!

Throughout my 20s I have either been in a relationship with someone I thought was “the one” or working on meeting “the one.” Now all I want to do is work on me. Here’s a list of things I’m working on:

Daily exercising: Whether I do two hours at the gym or the 20 minute walk to and from work, I want to be burning calories every day.

Eating real food: I recently began reading the labels on all the food I consume, and let’s just say I found some ingredients to be very problematic. Though it’s time-consuming and can be pricey, I’ve committed to only eating food that can’t be traced back to a science lab.

Saving money: The truth is I’m a good saver. I’ll save to go on a trip to India. Or to buy a new computer. But when it comes to saving for a hypothetical “rainy day,” I’m the worst. I’m committed to making some sacrifices to get better at that.

Personal development: Making time to write more, to read the latest book by a favorite author, or to actually see a movie in the theater all need to be priorities.

Learning how to drive. (Enough said. I’m about to be 28. This just needs to happen.)

See how busy I intend to be. Who has time to date? Am I the only one who’s felt this way?


Veralyn Williams is a Multimedia Freelance Journalist currently working in New York City. She has spent 4 years at WNYC Radio working with various departments including: Radio Rookies, Culture, News, and Freakonomincs. Also freelancing for Black Enterprise, BronxNet Television,Bedsider, and The Museum for African Art. Her independent work is featured on her website Through all of her endeavors she aims to give a voice to perspectives that are often forgotten in the media.