vera's cosplay


My wig came in a the colors it was advertised in (which is great, I recommend FM-Anime with wigs! ^^). I wanted to see the colors and they got it down.

Now that I have the wig, I am faced with another challenge: Accuracy.

Yoruichi is featured in both the anime and in fanart with different color hair tones. They either range from deep maroon, to like royal purple color, or to just grape purple. I’m not sure which to go for. I’m really leaning toward the royal purple. Most people lean toward a grape purple. But I like the royal purple with a reddish tint. It seems more accurate.

But my question is for those who have experience with dying 60" wigs to a certain color. What color acrylic inks should I look for to match the two reference pictures above? I know I need some type of purple, but I’m guessing I need a certain type of red. too. My color wig is like a faded maroon-purple already. But I wanted to just darken it a little.

Can anyone help me out with this?