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Spells Asks

Aguamenti: What is your favorite drink?

Bombarda: Have you ever been in a car accident?

Crucio: What is the worst pain you’ve ever felt?

Densuago: Have you ever had braces?

Episky: Have you ever broken a bone?

Fidelus Charm: Tell a secret.

Glisseo: Do you have stairs in your house?

Herbifors: What is your favorite flower?

Incarcerous: Have you ever been in the back of a police car?

Jelly Brain Jinx: Have you ever failed a class?

Knee Reversal Hex: What is something you do differently from everyone else?

Legilimens: Share a dream you had.

Mobilarbus: How many times have you moved?

Nox: Are you afraid of the dark?

Occulus Reparo: Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Portus: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Quietus: Could you go a whole day without speaking?

Rictusempra: Where are you most ticklish?

Scourgify: Is your room usually clean or a mess?

Tarantallegra: Do you like to dance?

Unbreakable Vow: Would you marry the last person you kissed?

Vera Verto: What is your favorite animal?

Waddiwasi: Do you have good aim?


Aprils Meetup Will Take Place April  22-23-24


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This Months Fic was chosen by @actuallydrarry 

Vera Verto by shewhxmustnxtbenamed. 


Words:281940 Chapters:47/47 Rated M

Authors Discription: Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, and it is quite adventurous; He gets in a relationship with his worst enemy, only to find out he is in cahoots with a previously known death eater. Harry tracks him down, leading to a domino effect of complicated situations.
Many things happen in this story. Harry goes back to the Dursley’s to get closure, Draco goes to the Burrow, The Weasley’s go to the Manor, Harry shows Draco the mirror of Erised, Draco wearing Harry’s Weasley sweater (a lot!), Harry tracks down the resurrection stone, Harry and Draco become godparents to someone other than Teddy, Andromeda and Narcissa make up, and there are a few near death experiences. This is full of Harry and Draco’s romance, but there is so, so much more.

Fic Chooser actuallydrarry: “It’s honestly one of my favourite 8th year fics, very interesting plot line that keeps you on your toes.”

THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO SENT ME FICS THIS MONTH! If you werent chosen its not because I didn’t like your fic, I have them saved for the next meetups <3

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Harry Potter Challenge, Day 25

25 Fav. Spell: I wanna say the same as on choose one spell but… ehm… Vera Verto. Cause.. well changing an animal into an object and back.. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

But siriusly though, Vera Verto?

Why the hell does the spell “Vera Verto” exist? In what sort of situation do you have to be in, that you have an excess of animals and a dire need of water goblets and think that turning a living being into an inanimate object is a suitable path to take?

I bet it was one of those British guys who “discovered” the rainforests of Borneo or somewhere, and came to dinner one night only to find a dreadful lack of crockery and instead of fashioning one out of wood for example, transformed some random unfortunate toucan into a shiny metal cup.

Or, even worse perhaps, it was an intellectual exercise. “Is it possible to turn an animal into an object in more than a societal and metaphorical sense?” And countless animals ended up in a state like Pettigrew - half-alive, half-cup. Clearly still able to feel and react, but in a very alien form. I wonder how long it took before the guy invented the reversing spell. Did he just kill the cups before then? Or keep them as entertaining table pieces?

“Look, this one has fur and squeaks! This was has a metal beak and is filled with feathers. This one looks like a normal goblet, but crows when the sun rises.”

Only the self-entitled British could have come up with such a spell.