vera stark


Alysanne Stark was the second wife of Torrhen Stark, mother of his only son Edderion and the last Queen of Winter. She became ill shortly after their son was born, her situation only worsened when Torrhen marched south to meet the Targaryen host. Alysanne died the morning Torrhen returned to Winterfell.

This week is the first SPARK Week at Kansas State University where various departments showcase their initiative in research in their field. Theatre is no exception. I was happy to give my research as an example of the exceptional research being done for K-State Theatre and am thankful for my cast members and dear friends still at school for taking the time to accumulate my research and create a display for Vera Stark.


The play is still being performed currently at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles with Sanaa Lathan, who originated the role in the premiere N.Y. production; also in spring 2013, the play will be staged at the Goodman Theater in Chicago.