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Can I frame it? - snowbaz

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Summary: All Simon wants is to go outside, and all Baz wants is some peace and quiet.
Words: 576
❗️Cuteness alert (seriously though this is so fluffy I freaking died) ❗️

Simon Snow was pacing around the apartment, groaning every few steps. He was really itching to go outside, but due to weather conditions, he was unable.
It had been raining for quite a few hours now, and it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. The rain was coming down so hard that only a fool would go outside for even a minute.
Baz Pitch was sitting at the kitchen table, he had been tasked with making sure Simon didn’t get in trouble while Penelope was off visiting Micah in America.
Of course, he didn’t mind. Baz loved spending time with his ‘idiotic boyfriend, who is too adorable for his own good.’ (Baz’s words.)
What Baz didn’t like, however, was the constant groaning currently coming from said boyfriend.

“Seriously Snow, shut up.”
“But Baaaaaaaz,” Simon whines. “I want to go outside! Why is it raining so much, anyway? It’s the middle of summer!”
Baz rolls his eyes. “Ask Mother Nature.”
“Make the rain stop!
“I can’t control the weather.”
Simon groans again, making his way into the kitchen and sitting down across from Baz. “What are you doing, anyway?”
“Well, Snow, I’m trying to draw. I can’t really do that with your constant whining, now can I?”
“What are you drawing?”
Baz blinks a few times, before clearing his throat. He doesn’t answer, and looks embarrassed.
Simon leans across the table and squints, trying to see the drawing that Baz is trying to hide. He notices a few curls, and blinks. “Is… is that me?”
Baz looks away, pulling the paper towards his chest. “Possibly.”
Simon’s face goes red, and there is no stopping the bright smile that soon graces his face.
Baz glances back over at Simon, and immediately regrets it. The vampire’s cheeks become a very faint pink, which for him, means a full blush. He clears his throat, again, growing even more embarrassed. “Don’t look so happy, Snow. It’s not like it-”
“Can I watch you draw?”
Baz stares at him in disbelief. “W-What?”
“I wanna see you draw, Baz. I’ve never seen you draw.”
“I’ll be quiet! Please, Baz?” Simon gives him the puppy dog eyes that he knows he can’t resist, and Baz sighs, giving in.
“Fine, Snow. Just… stay over there.”
Simon nods excitedly, sitting back in his seat and grinning. Baz rolls his eyes at his dork of a boyfriend, before nervously uncovering the paper and going back to his drawing.

Time passes by in a blur, and Simon’s smile hasn’t faltered by the time the drawing is finished. If anything, his smile has seemingly gotten brighter with every passing second.
Baz takes a nervous breath, darting his eyes away as he slides the paper across the table for Simon to look at.
“Wow,” The other manages as his eyes widen. “This is beautiful.”
“It’s really not.” Baz retorts. As with most artists, he doesn’t think it’s all that good.
Simon picks up the paper, walking around the table. “No, Baz, really,” He puts his hand under his chin, forcing Baz to face him. “I love it.”
“Whatever you say, Snow.” Baz’s eyes dart to the ground. He’s not used to compliments on his art, so he isn’t sure if he should believe it.
“I mean it, love.” Simon places a soft kiss on Baz’s lips, before pulling away. “One question, though.”
“….What is it, Simon?”
Simon giggles softly, before responding. “Can I frame it?”

anonymous asked:

who do u think will be the most remembered and famous women's olympic AA champions?

I think most would agree that the AA legends of gymnastics so far are:

  • Larisa Latynina
  • Vera Caslavska
  • Nadia Comaneci
  • Simone Biles

Then I’d argue that Lilia Podkopayeva would also fit into most remembered/famous, but I might be biased. She was someone I had never heard when I was a casual gym fan (focusing solely on the gymnastics happening then), but once I started branching out more she become one of my favorites. I just think she has something for everything. Those who prefer style and grace like her as do those who like difficulty and skills.

Another one I’d argue for is Andreea Raducan. Even if the IOC doesn’t recognize her as an AA champion, I’m pretty sure the majority of gym fans do. She has plenty of controversy around her to make her well-known.

Last I’d argue for Gabby Douglas since she was the first African-American woman to win.


Marcha en Morelia, ¡NI UNA MÁS!

No más periodistas asesinados, no más feminicidios

04 Agosto 2015


Por Rubén Espinoza, Nadia Vera, Yesenia Quiroz, Simone y Alejandra.