vera shtelbaums

10 Day Gymnastics Screencap/GIF Challenge - Day 8
Favorite Coach : Vera Shtelbaums.

Vera Shtelbaums has had two star pupils in the last fifteen years, Irina Tchachina and Evgenia Kanaeva. She coached both of them to the Olympics and Kanaeva to not only one, but two, Olympic gold medals. Vera’s known for having a very good relationship with her pupils. Unlike some coaches, Vera is very encouraging towards her students. She could be seen on the sidelines rubbing Kanaeva’s ears before going on to the floor. In the Kiss & Cry, she’s easily able to calm her gymnast down or celebrate with them. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s a cutie patootie.


“Vera Shtelbaums suffering while Kanaeva performs her clubs final routine at Grand Prix Vorarlberg 2012.”

This is so cute!  I can’t even imagine how stressful it is to compete, not only for a world class gymnast, but for the coach watching in the sidelines as well.  

Vera, you are adorable and I want to hug you.