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🔑✨ Hoe/Self Care Tips & Tricks ✨🔑

|| all of these tips, are my tried and trues’ , although they may not work the same for you so tweak some details to your liking ||

✨ these are more pampering tips , that you’re welcome to do everyday because queens do what they want ✨

✅ i wrote this at 3Am so please bare with me through all the terrible grammar and spelling mistakes ✅


😊 F A C E 😊

1.) Cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser, use a electric face brush if available.

🐝 ( I use the H2O+ Dual Action Exfoliating Cleanser , & A Clarisonic. TJ Maxx has some cheaper alternatives!)

2.) Apply a toner.

🐝 ( Thayer’s Original Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera is sooo bomb)

\ apply face mask of choice and rinse when time is up. Tone Again.//

3.) •optional• Rub an Oxy Pad on any active breakouts.

4.) Spray Rose Water all over your face and neck.

🐝 ( TJ Maxx has the pearl essence Rose Water for around $6 us dollars )

5.) Apply Aloe Vera gel!

🐝( If you don’t have a aloe vera plant 🌱 around you , make sure when you buy Aloe Vera from the store that its clear, 100% av, and Alcohol Free.)

6.) Apply Facial Oils of your choosing + make sure you get your neck and chest!

🐝 ( I use tree tree oil and Palmers Skin Therapy Oil Face, HOLY GRAILS😩)

7.) finally apply your moisturizer,

🐝 ( usually during the day I’ll just spray more rose water , and at night I’ll apply the first aid beauty moisturizer VERY generously )

👅 B O D Y 👅:

// Scrubs : ORGANIC VIRGIN Coconut Oil + Organic Brown Sugar 🔑 ,

🐝( great all over body scrub, makes your legs super silky)

Lemon Juice + Honey + Turmeric + Organic Brown Sugar •optional• Almond Oil

🐝 ( WORKS LIKE A DREAM at lightening inner thighs and underarms over time , leave on for 20 minutes!)

Aloe Vera + Palmers Skin Therapy Oil Body + Organic Brown Sugar

🐝 ( I use this to get rid of in-grown hairs a couple days after shaving!) //

• adding a cup of apple cider vinegar to a shallow bath , enough to go right above your 🌺, balances your PH •

1.) Use a Scrub and exfoliate every inch of your body , avoiding your 🌺 you DO NOT wanna get sugar near her ladies.

2.) Rinse, and Use Aloe Vera to shave , EVERYWHERE . I haven’t had a bad reaction but please be careful 🤷🏽‍♀️

3.) Use A Body Brush with your FAVE body wash and scrub some more !

🐝 ( Dial Skin Therapy Replenishing body wash , Himalayan Pink Salt is 🔑🔑👅 )

4.) Get your hair wet with LUKEWARM water and condition your hair,

🐝 ( I don’t shampoo my hair, like ever , but if you do go ahead and add that to this step 😊 )

4.2) Rinse, Turn off the water and Apply A Hair Mask.

🐝 ( Any Shea Moisture masks are 💗😩)

5.) Now is time to take care of your 🌺
• you have already cleaned her up, just using water and your hands.
• now apply aloe , coconut oil or olive oil {if your gonna be having sex after this STEER clear of the oils they disintegrate condoms , be safe ladies } and proceed to shave SIDEWAYS not up or down {trust me} to help prevent ingrown hairs.

🐝 ( I love mens razors to shave , but BIC has some great 5 blade razors that work awesome too .)

6.) turn the water back on and rinse the mask out of your hair and rinse your 🌺 once more, making sure you got a clean, stubble free , shave.

7.) • if you need to , take a SEPARATE razor and shave your legs , arms , underarms ect. •

8.) After you get out the shower , apply olive or coconut oil and Aloe to your 🌺 & the rest of your body while you’re still damp use a THICK moisturizer to lock all that in {again not on your 🌺, scented things can throw u wayy off } + any body oils you have .

🐝( I LIVE for the Palmers skin therapy oil for your body 💗 and the OGX extra creamy coconut miracle lotion is perfect and smells like a tropical DREAM )

9.) Slather lotion and oil all over your feet and put some thick socks on, for BABY SOFT feet in a couple hours!

💇🏽 H A I R 💇🏽:

I don’t really have a list for hair care but I’ll give you a quick run down:

Apply coconut oil and aloe all throughout your hair and have someone braid it for you before you go to bed + afterwards put your bonnet on if u wear one.

You’ll wake up with silky soft hair & if you have curls {like yours truly } the braids will tame them some, but if you want them back like I always do, just spray them with some plain water.

good as new ❤️

… ill add more when i think of more 💗💗

just minutes before killing 15 people at the University of Texas, 25 yr old Charles Whitman entered the college’s main tower, where he tried to use the elevator but found it wasn’t working. he was approached by an employee named Vera Palmer, who explained that the elevator hadn’t been powered and said she would turn it on for him. in response, Whitman said, “You don’t know how happy that makes me… how happy that makes me.” Whitman then took the elevator to the 27th floor, climbed the last flight of stairs to the observation deck, bludgeoned and shot its three occupants to death, and, from nearly 300 ft above, fatally shot twelve more.

Jayne Mansfield (born Vera Jayne Palmer; April 19, 1933 – June 29, 1967) was an American actress in film, theatre, and television #jaynemansfield #vintagehollywood #oldhollywood #classichollywood #vintage


“The search for the real Jayne – what made her and what lost her – finally exposes a kind of feminist victory. As the truths unfold it is clear that, for better or for worse, Jayne made Jayne. She won out by grasping some vital essentials about the American Fifties and American manhood, and Hollywood at the Sunset of Illusion time. Mindful of traps, she negotiated her own course, exploiting a fraction of herself so that, to her thinking, the whole could gain. Not all the time, but for some of the time, Vera Jayne, the busty outspoken kid from back east, was some kind of magic.” - excerpt from “Pink Goddess: The Jayne Mansfield Story" 


RIP Jayne Mansfield ❤ April 19, 1933 - June 29, 1967

On June 29, 1967, Jayne Mansfield passed away, victim of a car crash. She
was a sex symbol - and a mother of 5 children, she played the “dumb blonde”
roles - and had a 163 IQ, was classically trained in the both violin and
piano, spoke five languages fluently and was a massive admirator of Shakespeare. A broadway star, a Hollywood star, a Las Vegas star, a master at publicity. Jayne was a great personality, she loved to bring love to people and make them celebrate the life with her, Jayne was like a 50’s rock n roll
song playing. She was cheerful, bubbly, delightful, loving, beautiful. She was nobody’s clone or knockoff. She was the real thing.

“I hope that I have given happiness to others. I hope I have
given children to the world, and that I have made some kind
of a mark for myself here.” Jayne Mansfield

And you did, honey! Rest in Peace ♡ Forever the Pink Lady