vera mae


I bought this bottle of Hill Farmstead Vera Mae on the way back from Vermont after my honeymoon in August 2013.  I didn’t mean to age this so long, but I forgot about it in a case in a closet.

Vera Mae is an ale brewed with honey and dandelion.  It came in at 6% ABV.  There was hella carbonation on the pour.  It had a light body.  There was a floral flavor with some sweetness from the honey. It was still really good!

Hill Farmstead Vera Mae - The first batch of Vera Mae was one of the first HF beers I ever had. That bottle was a very good saison, but not amazing.  That’s changed with the 2012 batch and the introduction of the HF wild yeast. It almost seemed like I got alternating standard saison flavors and then tart, lemony wild ale on each successive sip. If I’d known it was going to be this good I would have bought more than 3 bottles.