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okay *claps hands and rubs them together* lets see lets see. theo x neville orrrrrrrrrrr pansy x greg ily vera you are amazing!

thank you!!! omg i love you too <3 <3
i’ll be doing pansy x greg!

  • Pansy and Greg had always been friends - they’d been even closer than she and Draco – before they came to Hogwarts.
  • However, after starting Hogwarts, Pansy starting to drift away from Greg slowly.
  • Greg wasn’t stupid – he wasn’t as smart as Draco but he wasn’t stupid either – he could feel what Pansy was doing. A part of him was hurt, but another part told him that he wasn’t good enough for Pansy anyway, and of course she would want to hang out with smarter people.
  • So Greg just quietly stayed by Pansy’s side when she needed him, and didn’t go to disturb her when she didn’t want anything to do with him.
  • Maybe it was foolish hoping she would change her mind, but Greg didn’t do it just the hope that she would change her mind. Of course, he did hope she would, but a larger part of him just wanted her to be happy. Sounds cliché, he knew, but he really thought that.
  • Things continued like that for a few years. Greg brought Pansy food from the kitchen when she’d stayed at the Hospital Wing with Draco for too long and missed dinner after the Buckbeak incident. He listened to Pansy complained about how Daphne got more valentine gifts than she did. He awkwardly patted Pansy on the arm to comfort her when she was crying about Draco ignoring her.
  • And he thought, that maybe this was enough. They would probably never be as close as they’d been in childhood again, but at least they were still friends. Maybe he he should be content with it.
  • At the same time, he found, slightly to his horror, that he was falling in love with her despite that it was probably impossible that she returned his feelings. He tried to ignore his feelings, to suppress it, because he didn’t want to force or pressure her.
  • Fast forward to after the war, Pansy started going out with random guys from different houses after Draco officially got together with Potter.
  • What little hope Greg once had, that Pansy would finally see him one day if she’d ever move on from Draco, was squashed. Apparently Pansy would rather date other people than considering him.
  • Well, it wasn’t like it was surprising, Greg thought. She was way too smarter than him anyway.
  • None of those romances seemed to last long, though, Greg noticed. Pansy seemed to move on every few weeks.
  • Greg didn’t really understand why Pansy’s romances were all so short-lived, until one day, during their eighth year, he accidentally heard a conversation between Blaise and Pansy when he and Theo were walking back to their dorms. (In retrospect, it probably wasn’t an accident, especially considering how sly Blaise and Theo could be.)
  • “Trust me, Pansy,” Blaise folded his arm across his shoulders. “Greg likes you.  Loves you. Could you just – look, you’ve admitted to loving him too, couldn’t you just let him know that?”
  • “Well, he hasn’t try to do anything in all the times I’ve been with the others, has he?” Pansy retorted angrily. “He’s never tried to chase after me or anything, how could you know that he really loves me back?”
  • Greg stopped, completely shocked at this revelation. He couldn’t believe it … was Pansy dating the other guys to make him jealous? That idea alone sounded preposterous once put into words.
  • Blaise made a face, “Greg, is a gentleman. Rather unlike myself. Despite appearances might be misleading.”
  • “Never thought I’d live to see the day when Blaise Zabini admits that he isn’t a gentleman,” Pansy sniffed, a bit haughtily.
  • “Oh, trust me, I’m definitely not a gentleman. Especially when in bed – just ask Theo,” Blaise smirked, and then turned to where Theo and Greg were standing, “right, love?”
  • Pansy also turned, probably expecting to only see Theo, and her jaw dropped when she saw Greg was also standing there, staring at her in shock.
  • Greg just continued to freeze in move, and Theo gave him an encouraging nudge forward in Pansy’s direction and said softly, “Go. You heard them.”
  • “Pansy, if you ruin this for yourself, I’m going to freely give away all your high heels,” Blaise drawled.
  • Pansy ignored Blaise, and continued to stare at Greg, and Greg felt like his world had turned upside down, because it was so hard to imagine a world where Pansy would love him back, that his love wasn’t one-sided.
  • Then Pansy moved forward, took a deep breath as if steadying herself, and said, in a slightly shaking voice, “Gregory Goyle, I think I’m in love with you.”
  • And Greg felt like his world suddenly lit up tenfolds, as he smiled shyly and told her, “Me too.”

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Kao što je Džordž Harison rekao, to je nešto. Neuhvatljivo osećanje koje ne poznaje ni rimu, ni razum. Nema pravila. Nema granica. Drugačija je za svakoga, ali je isto tako za svakoga ista. Ne možete da je objasnite. Kao vera, ili nada..
Ili Čarolija..
—  Detektiv za ljubav; Aleksandra Poter