==> Grackle

This is the first time you decide to go out and actually enjoy yourself. You pry yourself away from the birds all around you, chirping something back at them that you have to go, and you bite back your lip for a moment as they urge you to try to use your wings to fly instead of walking with your crutches.

That’s something you’ll try another day.

You instead reach for the crutches, step over towards the transportalizer. On the way you look at your glowing yellow eyes in the mirror, clearing your throat and fixing the feathers around your neck (clearing some stray ones from your blue jacket), and finally making your way onto the platform.

As you input the coordinates and you show up, you bite at your lip again. You hope to fuck this is just one of those times where you can enjoy yourself, and you double-hope you can somehow get close to Dirk again through this.

“Hey fucknut, I am here and ready to caw in your face!”