vepr 54r


Vepr 54R

Heavily modified AK / RPK hybrid variant. The Vepr’s use a thicker RPK style receiver and bulged trunnion. 7.62x54R models are somewhat of a bridge between the PSL-54 and the civilian SVD models; the Tigr and NDM-86. The custom camouflage finish however as I’ve mentioned several times in the past, will usually cripple your overall value and ability to sell it. If the owner/seller had left it all black, his potential buyer base would be much larger since not everyone likes a particular camouflage pattern. (GRH)


Vepr 54R

The shortest barrel option from the factory for the Vepr 54R is 16" compared to the 20" and 22" versions. Sometimes the wood furniture that comes with the rifles will be finished, other times its just bare unfinished wood. I assume the unfinished wood is an option for owners who want to do their own applications of wood treatment, or maybe its cheaper for the importer.

Vepr 54R

Chambered in the same caliber as the Mosin Nagant family, the SVD, PKM and numerous other Russian firearms, the Vepr 54R is a relative newcomer to the U.S market. Considered an alternative option to the Romanian PSL, they tend to have a better fit and finish. Considered to be the “Poor man’s Dragunov” since it’s just a little bit cheaper than the PSL, which previously held that nickname, even though both rifles share very little in common with the Dragunov.

Random Rounds

Basic intro for new followers, the “Random Rounds” posts are generally my whenever-I-get-to-it blocks of texts where I discuss, debate, rant, ramble, vent about things in real life and the blog, but are usually firearms related.

I think the topic for this one will be priorities. I’ve slowed down a bit on my gun purchases ever since having to start paying back my student loan. That means I haven’t been buying as much weird or obscure guns. As much as I want to buy that Yugoslavian M76 or Vepr 54R or HK P7, I sorely need to focus and finish projects I’m working on.

The AR builds have been going slowly but smoothly. Sloth might be the most bizarre one out of the 7. Unfortunately I’m at that stupid phase of “I know what upper I want but can’t decide on a lower”.

Glad its a holiday weekend though, I can have some downtime to play Phantom Pain. Relaxing and having fun…my priority for now.