baltigo asked:

i'm curious about your opinion on the oberyn martell casting news! what do you think about the actor they chose?

His appearance doesn’t fit the Oberyn image I had in mind (I had imagined someone darker and more Middle-Eastern looking), but I don’t want to give a certain opinion without seeing his performance.

I mean, Peter Dinklage is far more handsome than book!Tyrion, Gwendoline Christie is much prettier than book!Brienne, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau doesn’t have the ambiguous facial features the books describes (since it’s said Jaime and Cersei look very alike) and so on… I’m sure I can think of several other examples if I think about it. But they’ve all done a fantastic job. I think Game of Thrones casting is brilliant, the only person I’m not entirely happy about is Joe Dempsie as Gendry.

So I’ll hold judgement about this new casting decision until I’ve seen Pedro Pascal’s acting.

anonymous asked:

If you had to choose 5 of the best gif makers on tumblr to enter a gif making competition with you, who would you choose?

Let me see… The 5 best? I would loose against them XD

In my opinion the best gif makers I follow (who make gifs for One Piece) are, for exemple,  furanky, theshittyrestaurant, heart-nakama, lunaluca, venusviola, thunderboltempo,…