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Venus and Neptune

Venus and Neptune are quite similar in more than a few ways, but they are also vastly different. Likely the first thing you think of when correlating these two planets is love. They both dictate love in certain ways. But the kind of love they influence is entirely different. Venus is how you act in love and the kind of casual dating you like. It’s when you’ve loved someone for maybe a year or a few, but Neptune? Neptune is long lasting, unconditional love. I almost want to say that it is true love. Now, I don’t want to put it as Venusian love is more trivial than Neptunian love, but it is more common than Neptunian love. You know you are feeling Neptunian love when you know you can’t possibly fall out of it. Of course, Neptunian love may sometimes be worse, it can make you co-dependent or not really see your partner for all they truly are and all their flaws. 

Another thing you may think of when correlating these two is art. Though the difference between these two planet’s influence when it comes to art is more clear than when it comes to love. Venusian influence over art is that of what kinds of art you find beautiful, what art attracts you. But Neptunian influence over art is the kind of art you create, your imagination, it’s what you use art for. To put it simply, Venusian art is the kind you like experiencing while Neptunian art is art of your own creation. 

Then, what people might graze over when it comes to these two is desire. Venusian desire is the kind of desire as to things you want or experiences you want. Things you are passionate about that you desperately need to have. But Neptunian desire is the kind of “perfect world” you want. It is your idealized version of everything. You may find that achieving something of Venusian desire has much more of a short-term gratification than achieving something of Neptunian desire. 

Finally there is the correlation between these two planets and kindness. Venusian kindness isn’t really pure genuine kindness. It is one of charm, a natural charisma. But that’s all it is, a personality trait. Neptunian kindness on the other hand is one of self-sacrifice for the betterment of someone else. It is going out of one’s way to help another. It is giving their all to show genuine kindness from the bottom of their heart. While both are pleasant to experience and very true, Neptunian kindness seems to be a more evolved version of Venusian kindness. Although of course Neptunian kindness could end negatively with a martyr-complex.

Having any aspects between these two planets (especially major aspects) can make it so the the lines between these different types are blurred. For example aspects between Venus and Neptune could result in someone idealizing their partner and may up constantly daydreaming about them when they should be focusing on other things, even if they have only been dating for a relatively short amount of time. They’d also likely show a very Neptunian kind of kindness around their partner. It could also make for a person who has good artistic tastes and is very in-touch with their own aesthetic. They’d likely either be described as sweet or charming, but also a bit delusional. They may have unrealistic expectations for their life and may incorrectly feel as if getting those Venusian desires will be equivalent to those Neptunian desires.

Jin’s Natal Chart Analysis

So, I’ve decided to analyze Jin’s chart and its quite hard to know if this is, in fact, accurate information bc we are not certain of exact birth time so we are unsure of his rising, midheaven etc. What we do know for the most part is his major planetary placements. Jin is a Sagittarius Sun + Aries Moon. He is quite an optimistic character, he may even be a loud mouth. His moon is in 4 degrees aries so his lunar placement is drenched in fiery martian energy. Aries moons can be quite impulsive, as we all know and they lack the sufficient judgement + emotional intellect to fully understand their emotions. Thus, they may act before they think, they may act out in violence or angry outbursts. Because his moon is near the first decan, jin can be a short fuse and act out when emotionally distressed. His mercury is in scorpio and this can typically explain some degree of mysteriousness to his character. Scorpio mercuries are rather secretive people and during conversation, they try to find more information about who they are speaking with rather than the other way around. They are not very approachable but they do tend to be expressive with their eyes. Venus is in capricorn and bc capricorn is ruled by saturn, there is a stoic and seriousness that cap venus approaches love. He may not be the most romantic person, actually quite far from that but he can be splurgy and buy you things. Capricorn venuses are known to be sugar daddies just bc as an earth sign they are connected to wealth and luxury. Capricorn venus may flirt rather sardonically, by teasing or straight up crude behavior so they definitely give a cold vibe to alot of people; however, cap venus can open up and show more vulnerability. His mars in cancer makes him a rather volatile person as cancer ruled by the moon is inconsistent so when its in mars, their actions vary. They are most aggressive when family is targeted or if their is a break in nurturing. As for sex, cancer mars need emotional depth, closeness and vulnerability. His mars is also in retrograde so he may struggle to assert himself or take action. There could be a discomfort or shyness when showing his martian energy. 

As for aspects, Jin has a moon opposite jupiter. This can illustrate an over-nurturing mother. Due to this indulgence, Jin may have difficulty trying to distinguish people with bad intentions bc he wants to see the best in others. Also, moon is comfort and jupiter can represent gluttony; therefore, this aspect could also pertain to laziness especially within adulthood. They may also be overprotective.

Venus opposite Mars can indicate a need for passion through relationships. Due to this harsh aspect as well as mars retrograde, Jin struggles with relationships. This could also be in part with his moon opposite jupiter reinforcing the need to trust others despite the fact it might attract toxic people. He may have certain expectations of a relationship that is not being mirrored or does not have the drive to sought anyone out. These individuals can possibly turn to creative venusian outlets such as art, poetry and music to express difficulty of relationship. 

Sun square Lilith can indicate a person of strong will power and trouble maker tendencies. Lilith is our dark energy so when its in a harsh aspect with the sun, it can create individuals that show these energies publicly. He can be conniving, publicly vocal about his disdain toward certain things. They may test people’s patience, indulge in criminality bc to these individuals, the law is in their own hands. By far is his most darkest/dangerous placement. 

Mercury conjunct Pluto is very concentrated and pays attention to details that are not always visible. This placement can indicate jin as a great detective or a person that is able to get into the deep parts of ppl through conversation. He may also be interested in dark details, conspiracy theories etc. His power is through communication and curiosity. 

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Musicbycd, text re-written by my pals and me. Singers in order of appearance: RedyyChuu,Lufia4,Tibertius1, me and Kyojimbo. Listen and hear us slowly descend into madness.

EDIT: Because of tumblr bots I had to remove all possible references to who made the original song, so I have deleted the lyrics as well as the title. Send me a fanmail if you want the lyrics.

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12 proposing to clara?

i feel like you people send the most straight-ahead trope prompts just to see how badly i can fuck them up

Twelve/Clara, ~1.9k words, angsty fluff: Language is a map of our failures.

“Santa was mine, I suppose.” Clara’s curled up on an armchair, wrapped up in blankets, cradling a cup of tea.

“Not necessarily,” the Doctor says. In his own armchair, fewer blankets, holding a glass of apple juice.

Above them, all of time and space, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof. Nebulae, dust swarming. The inexorable expansion of everything, the pulling-apart.

“But you don’t. I mean, I’m not self-centered enough to think the rest of the universe follows the same religion as me. I can’t imagine you celebrate Christmas. So why would you dream about Santa Claus?”

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