My fourth Kira Kira Precure fan art, this time is Cure Chocolat <3 Since first moment I saw her, I feel in love with her design, and when I saw her civil form, was even more hahaha but she was so hard to draw, cause i’m used to draw rounded eyes, but hers are different from that c: I hope you like it <3 
-aside from leaks, I used the awesome fan art that @venuscho did to reference her dress-

Gokigenyou~ Surprinsingly the second episode of Kira Kira Precure a La Mode was splendid, there’s some background scene error but well, the overall episode is great! Cure Custard is very cute and tiny, she’s bit similar with Yayoi from Smile Precure (aka Cure Peace), but IMO, Custard is way better, just in one episode I can said that she’s better from Yayoi, no offense for Yayoi’s fan(s). After watched the second episode for, umm, 3 times and more, I do believe that this season gonna be like Ojamajo Doremi, it’s fun but dark at the same time, not that dark as Heartcatch though, but I can say it’s dark. Next week gonna be Cure Gelato’s debut, I can’t waint! Let’s La Maze Maze!!