@agingphangirl tagged me (and then @cleandress-dirtymouth tagged me again!) to create a mood board using only photos in my phone, featuring a random assortment of things about me without actually seeing my face. I’ve never made a moodboard before, so this looks very clunky and not very moody to me, but it was fun to look through pics I’d taken (including the one I took of the back of my own head). (These are all pics I took.)

Edited to add stuff, because I want to actually share what these pics are: Poipu Beach on Kaua’i (the beach we visit most often when we’re there), a random stencil sign I found in some bushes outside a church, the most beautiful salad I’ve ever eaten (at Mission Heirloom, a “paleo” restaurant in Berkeley), the water lily room at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, our cat Lucy in our dining room window, some graffiti I saw in the bathroom at the Parkway Theater in Oakland, afternoon tea at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, my hair about 6 months ago, and our cat Callisto.

I tag @inkyhowlter, @myaani, @campingphan@myreputationandmygoodintent@kiwicheekychica, and @capriciouscrab, though my tagging is, as always, an invitation rather than an obligation. :)


Multi-Bean Wrap by Tony Worrall Photography
Via Flickr:
© 2017 Tony Worrall