There’s Nothing I Hate more then Images like this, stop acting like white people need to save Africans as if we are lost through the life experience awaiting a white angel or white Jesus.. Go and attack your governments and systematic development that’s designed to starve the world so white supremacy can thrive! That would be much more effective, Africans were doing fine until Europeans came, taught supremacy to Africans and stripped us from our resources.. How are we poor and we export what sustains the World!!?

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Mommy’s teaching !!! Thank you and thank you again!! 


Son, it’s hard starting promos in this hot weather right? But don’t forget the unchanging love and support from your fans. I pray you’re thankful and always do your best. Son, nevertheless, don’t ever forget the words ‘let’s be thankful’.

Son, you’ll be successful, let’s fighting (yongjunna)


You were at a Meet&Greet, and you were excited as hell. You finally got to see your sunshines, your saviors. You wanted to make this time really unforgettable, and you grabbed the chance of your idols knowing who you are: you made little cards for all the boys with quotes and pictures on them. As far as Calum was the love of your life, you wanted to please im with something special. You bought a little gift that was so about your country and attached it to the card you wrote him. You also wrote your phone number on the card because what do you have to lose with it?! The m&g went well, you didn’t hysterically attack the boys with your kisses (thank God). You couldn’t believe you met them. You noticed how the boys couldn’t take their eyes off you, but hey?! That’s what a m&g is all about?! - you thought. As soon as you got home from the m&g you got a text from an unknown number…. long Calum imagine :) // if you want a personalised one with your name in it, just message me or kik me. my kik is laughlikelin (place a name in the ________)


Introducing the newest Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Ghost! As his name implies, this Kamen Rider will use the ghosts of great men throughout history. Using the Ghost Driver and the Ore (Self) Ghost Eyecon (designated G) to transform, Kamen Rider Ghost will fight against the Ganma. His main weapon, the GanGan Sabre, can transform into four different modes: Sword mode, Dual Wield mode, Gun mode, and Naginata mode.

The Ghost Eyecons will let Kamen Rider Ghost transform (Ghost Change) into different forms called Souls (officially Damashii). Each Ghost Eyecon’s iris can display a variety of different symbols. The black iris is its inactive state, once active the Ghost Eyecon will display that particular Eyecon’s designated letter or number. When placed into the Ghost Driver, the symbol will switch to the pattern that represents the Eyecon’s Soul. Finally, the last pattern represents that “final attack” for that particular Soul.

The Musashi Ghost Eyecon, designated 01, transforms Kamen Rider Ghost into Musashi Soul. This dual wielding, Japanese swordsman form uses the power of Miyamoto Musashi. The Edison Ghost Eyecon, designated 02, transforms Ghost into Edison Soul, which uses American inventor Thomas Edison’s power. The Newton Ghost Eyecon, designated 04, transforms Ghost into Newton Soul, which uses the power of English physicist Isaac Newton.


In a shocking turn of events, Professor Banno will show his true colours by transforming into the evil warrior Kamen Rider Gold Drive! Using a Roidmude body and a Drive Driver copy, Banno now possesses the same power as a Roidmude’s Ultimate Evolved State. Banno, Heart, a newly revived Brain, and Medic (who will gain her Ultimate Evolution) will work together in order to bring about the Promised Number

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Metro P.D. have constructed their own Mass-Produced Mach armour that will allow police officers to fight against the Roidmudes. The final battle is fast approaching!


Things are about to get spooky! The Three Great Western Yokai are summoned from America and Europe by Ariake no Kata. The Three Great Western Yokai consist of the super-fast Werewolf, the intelligent Dracula, and the powerful Franken

Both hailing from America, it seems that Werewolf and Kinji share some history! It also looks like StarNinja will use the Chouzetsu Shoubu Changer to transform into StarNinja Transcendence