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Hello! Can You do a desciption, please?)) I am Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Rising, Aries Mercury, Aquarius Venus and Aries Mars.

Your very adventourus and lively. You love dreaming and thinking about the things your gonna do and places your going to visit in the future. You tend to take quick decisions without thinking them all the way through. You never really regret your choices because your pretty positive and almost always see the upside of everything.

Your almost always a steap ahead of everybody else, this is why people look to you to lead them very often, your a quick and most of the time a smart thinker (even though its very impulsive and you dont think about consiquences etc) 

Your very open-minded and laid-back.Your a very good listiner and very understanding. You like your space at time and never dwel on the past. Even though you have tough skin, your very sensitive to direct criticism…  

- A 

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Nova, Venus and Hydra! :) <3

Nova:  If your house was on fire and you had sixty seconds to leave, what would you take with you?

My laptop, my phone, my snacks, my plants. I don’t know how I would hold all of it, but I’d do it. No question.

Venus:  What is love to you?

To me Love is understanding. Maybe not entirely acceptance but a willingness to listen and to get to know another person for who they are because you care and are interested and want to find a way to coexist or be intimate. So I guess mostly a deep connection that’s not just emotional but intellectual. 

Hydra:  What do you find most beautiful in yourself?

I like this question, “in” me not like an appendage of mine. I think my way of looking at people is beautiful most of the time. I appreciate the little things and I think that’s a rare thing in this world. 

Characters/others I have kinlike feelings about:

💎Princess Cadance (MLP) strong, but it feels like cheating on Rarity, myself, to be kin with another pony
💎Duchess (the Aristocats) strong, I’ll probably add her tbh
💎Kiara (the Lion King 2) pretty strong
💎The Bride (The Corpse Bride) also pretty strong
💎Rachel and Cassie (Animorphs) the problem is I think that the two of them combined are just a perfect way of describing who I am in this life. Idk about kin.
💎Something to do with books! VERY strong!
💎Persian (Pokemon)
💎some witch from the seventies or eighties, very powerful but also really cynical and would not believe in witchcraft if not for the fact that she could do it

💎Venus (planet)
💎Grograman (The Neverending Story)

I’ll add more as they come up!

  • vous saurez le moment venu que vous avez trouvé votre voie car vous disposerez soudain de l'énergie et de l'imagination nécessaire .

Alors que j'étais partie pour aller chercher @aonekoda pour lui fêter sont anniv, j'ai dû prendre un bus bondé. Bien évidement jeune et fougueuse jeune fille que je suis je n'avais pas la priorité, puis comme j'ai pas de plâtre bah gratte toi pour t'as soirée (en vu de mon bidou j'aurais pu faire croire que j'étais enceinte de quelques mois mais j'ai eu la flemme) bref, enfin une place, je m'associe tranquillement quand je vois un vielle homme monter (ça faisait quoi, 2 putain de minutes que j'avais posé mon boul?!) mais bien élevé que je suis je lui ai laisser ma place, ce à quoi il l'a sourie en me remerciant. Le temps est passé et j'ai réussi à trouver une autre place… Mais alors que je répondais par texto à un ami, le vielle homme est venu vers moi pour me remercier de lui avoir cédé ma place et à commencer à faire un discours comme quoi c'était de plus en plus rare de voir des personnes poli et qui avait le sens des priorités… Ça m'a touché. Nan sans deconner, ça m'a fait sourire! J'étais contente de sa réaction bien que je ne m'y attende pas du tout, et de lui avoir rendu service!

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A Virgo Venus said he loved me, is it believable? He has it in the 11th house and also Gemini Mars in 8th house

Virgo Venus are shy in love &’ love is important to them. They wouldn’t play with feelings. So Yes, it’s believable :)

A cool thing to do is buy a ticket for Sad Grrrls Fest cause it had the best festival line up of the year arrive there early at 1pm so sit in my car for a bit build up some anxiety then stay in the car for three hours cause the anxiety is getting more, cry a bit then drive home mostly just cause it’s a venue I haven’t been in :) this is actually the third time I’ve traveled to the reverence with a ticket for a gig and not gone in. same thing happen with the toff years ago but after I’ve been in a venue once it’s usually fine then. I feel terrible cause I wanted to see p much every band on the line up. Just gonna lie on the couch n hug my cat now.
Sorry but I have to let this miserable crap out somewhere and I figure here is where as few ppl as possible will see it these days. Enjoy.

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Met a cancer man, libra 🌛, leo mercury, cancer venus&taurus mars... and im a aqua cusp 🌛&🌞(18feb), aqua mercury, aries venus, pisces mars, & both libra AS what do you say? He really likes me and had a crush for 2yrs on me.. my aries ex cheated..

Okay, this must be yours too then, so here goes. :) His placements make him sound like someone who would be very BALANCED and calm, stubborn, too, but overall, Cancer, Libra, and Taurus like being domestic, they like being in a relationship, no chaos or randomness for them, they like to feel settled and safe and won’t expect bells and whistles but simple things. His Leo Mercury will like being flattered and catered to… could also get violent when angry, verbally or physically. Chances are that he will like being spoiled but also likes to spoil you. One thing I would say is don’t underestimate the balance aspect here, he will like to give back exactly what he receives and receive exactly what he gives - love, attention, gifts… Think of a scale and keep it balanced, he WILL keep track. He will be… heartfelt and sometimes illogical. Don’t overthink with him, he’s really not that complicated and has simple needs. 

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Whats the personality of a Cap sun, Virgo moon, Sag Mercury, Scorpio Venus and Aqua Mars guy? Im really curious, thank you :)

This guy will be secretly touchy and exacting. He’s prone to be very hard on himself (and others), which, recognizing it in himself, can lead to 2 things. He’ll either go with his earthy aspects and become very ambitious… or give in to his more “fun” side and feel inclined to do nothing serious at all. He may also switch from #2 to #1 once he gets older and has less of a need to “be fun” and “fit in”. Chances are that with this combo, he will be social, but kind of reserved. He will like company, family, friends, but will be more on the listener than the talker side. He has a lot of nervous energy and will go through great lengths to cover up his own insecurities, of which there are lots. He will be basic, conventional, and “earthy” when it comes to sex. He’s not exactly romantic but more matter-of-factly. He will also be the type where a woman or the other person will have to take charge to move the relationship forward by making very clear what they want with him. This guy doesn’t read well between the lines. He has to be hit over the head with a hammer to get it. :D

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Pluto, Hyperion, Venus and Saturn. 👽

pluto: I love my ability to see things in a positive light even when things look bleak.
hyperion: my favourite store would have to be urban outfitters, none of the clothes fit me but I love the aesthetic of the place.
venus: my go to piece of clothing would have to be my black skinnies and a pair of black booties. with chiffon cami and a chunky cardigan. 
saturn: my aesthetic is kind smiles, chai tea, dense forests, misty mountains, cold mornings and oversized clothing. 


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Vingt ans après Chinita, les excuses des Farc

Après l’accord de paix, voici venu le temps des excuses pour les Farc. Des commandants de la guérilla colombienne sont revenus ce jeudi sur les lieux de l’un de leurs pires massacres, à Chinita. C’est là qu’en 1994, 35 personnes avaient été tuées par les Farc dans un règlement de comptes entre guerilleros.

Iván Márquez, commandant des Farc :
« Je m’excuse humblement pour toute la souffrance que nous avons pu causer cette année-là. Nous avons tous commis des erreurs dans nos vies, certaines aux conséquences plus graves que d’autres. Nous ne perdons rien en reconnaissant cela ».

Chinita, non loin de la frontière du Panama, dans une région de production de bananes, ne s’est jamais remise de cette journée noire qui a vu 35 hommes du village, dont un seul guérillero, perdre la vie sous les coups des Farc.

L’accord historique de paix signé le 26 septembre à Bogota entre la guérilla et le gouvernement colombien doit être soumis aux Colombiens ce dimanche par référendum.

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Alycia Debnam-Carey

Cancer Sun / tenacious, sympathetic, protective, sociable, emotional, intuitive

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Cancer Moon / moody, emotional, sympathetic, tenacious, possessive

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Cancer Mercury / sensitive, thoughtful, withdrawn, biased, compromising

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Gemini Venus / sociable, likes to be mentally stimulated in relationships, talkative

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(sorry not sorry, I’m a clexa shipper)

Virgo Mars / perfectionist, energetic-worker

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Libra Jupiter / philosophical, sympathetic, friendly, extravagant

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Aquarius Saturn / serious, detached, vindictive

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Water Dominant

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Capricorn, Venus


Anything that helps people. My dream job would be getting this sanctuary up and running and just make life a little bit better for as many people as I can. 

  • venus: what’s your aesthetic?

I don’t think I have one. Comfortable? Is that an aesthetic? Anything that feels like home.