How the signs react to their first kiss

Check your venus sign!
Taurus: oh haha i wasn’t expecting that :) *was drawing attention to their lips the whole time*
Gemini: *is surprisingly embarrassed about it but pretends like everything is normal*
Cancer: omg so what does this mean? are you sure you like me?? positive??
Leo: heyyy that was pretty cool let’s do it again ;)
Virgo: so thats what a kiss is like… Huh okay
Libra: im gonna do this so much now omg
Scorpio: *kisses the person again*
Sagittarius: that was nothing like how i imagined it tbh
Capricorn: oh… Um thanks…yeah *cant look the other person in the eyes*
Aquarius: ehhh that wasn’t the best ill probably have to work on that
Pisces: *giggles and blushes*

if you don’t know your exact birth time, here is some info that might help you
  • Rising Sign:

If you know your approximate hour & minute of birth, you can use this table to try and guess your Rising Sign/Ascendant. This is not a hundred percent effective but it gives you an idea of what your Rising Sign might be. If you read about the one you think it’s yours and you relate to it a lot, chances are that is your Rising Sign. You can give it a shot. Read the text on the page before you look on the table. 

  • Moon Sign:

The moon changes sign every 2.5 days. If you know your birthday, then you most likely will know what your moon sign is. You can use this table to find out your Moon Sign.

  • Venus Sign:

You can use this table to find out your Venus Sign. 

  • Mars Sign:

You can use this table to find out your Mars Sign. 

  • Mercury Sign:

You can use this table to find out your Mercury Sign. 

  • Jupiter Sign:

You can use this table to find out your Jupiter Sign.

  • Saturn Sign:

You can use this table to find out your Saturn Sign.

  • Uranus, Neptune, Pluto Signs:

You can use this table to find out your Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Signs.

  • Asteroids

Chiron Sign Table
Ceres Sign Table
Pallas Sign Table
Juno Sign Table
Vesta Sign Table

  • North Node:

You can use this table to find out your North Node. You can read this, it explains how to read the table. 

  • Lilith Sign:

You can use this table to find out your Lilith Sign.

  • Midheaven Sign

You can use this table to find out your Midheaven Sign (MC). Read the text on the page before looking for your sign.

I hope this helps people who don’t know their birth times, either because they’re adopted, have no medical records or whatsoever. Everyone is able to enjoy astrology! 

Astrological Blends: Earth Venus + Earth Mars

Needs in a relationship: Stability, material comfort, respect, understanding
Is attracted to people who are: Hard working, practical, caring, responsible, discerning, people who know how to take care of things and get things done
Way of seduction: Sensual, physical, taking the needed time, in private
Date Idea: Traditional dinner date, in Paris, with wine and great food

Guide: Earth Signs- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
How to calculate the Venus sign:
How to calculate the Mars sign:

Venus in ____ means:

Aries: Wild love

Taurus: Gentle love

Gemini: Restless love

Cancer: Pure love

Leo: Out-of-control love

Virgo: Curious love

Libra: Unrequited love (Is this the word I’m looking for?) (Like, loving without question, what’s a word for that?)

Scorpio: Passionate love

Sagittarius: Spontaneous love

Capricorn: Reserved love

Aquarius: Selfless love

Pisces: Dream-like love

<3 <3 <3

on “the signs as”/astrology posts and what planet u should be looking @
  • in general: sun sign 
  • in dealing with first impressions/social interaction: rising sign (ascendant) 
  • in emotional/private matters: moon sign
  • in communication/friendships: sign that mercury is in
  • in love/attraction/beauty: sign that venus is in
  • in sex or confrontation: sign that mars is in
  • in career fulfillment: midheaven
  • in personal fulfillment: sign that jupiter is in

there are others, but these are the mains! check out or with your birth information (place and time as close to the exact minute as possible) to generate a natal chart and get this information! 

What it's like to kiss each sign
  • All though I have not kissed all the signs... This is what I imagine it's like.
  • Aries:passionate, intense, leaves you wanting more.
  • Taurus:Soft, Sweet, leaves you feeling woozy.
  • Gemini:Wild, unexpected, leaves you excited.
  • Cancer:Romantic, loving, sweeps you right off your feet.
  • Leo:Extreme, blissful, makes you feel confident.
  • Virgo:Careful, gentle, leaves you wanting to kiss them all over again.
  • Libra:Flirtatious, sweet, leaves you feeling warm.
  • Scorpio:Mysterious, exciting, leaves you with chills.
  • Sagittarius:Expressive, playful, makes you want to dance.
  • Capricorn:Controlling, powerful, makes you feel weak in the knees.
  • Aquarius:Unusual, pleasant, every kiss is different, leaving you excited for the next.
  • Pieces:Dreamy, enchanting, leaves you feeling like you're in a dream.
  • Use your Venus sign too!

dirtygingerale2 Leo Venus is sexi imo i have Aries Venus i love fire sign Venus my mom has Venus in sag. also i’ve only liked 2 cancers in m'life one had Aquarius moon and wonwoo who has Leo moon. but okay we will see it’s just that sometime you guys don’t understand mi and m'aloof ways 😢

Attracted to...

Venus in:

Aries: Boldness, High Energy, Confidence, Intensity, Adrenaline

Gemini: Wit, Intelligence, Play, Giggles, Knowledge

Taurus: Sensuality, Stability, Loyalty, indulgence, sexuality

Cancer: Imagination, Nurture, empathy, humor, sensitivity

Leo: Drama, adoration, affection, extravagance, admiration

Virgo: Wit, Care, practicality, intelligence, Serving

Libra: Harmony, diplomacy, intelligence, romance, fairy tails

Scorpio: mystery, transformation, secrets, intensity, possession

Sagittarius: Expansion, humor, optimism, freedom, travel

Capricorn: Support, formality, productivity, ambition, dry humor

Aquarius: Eccentricity, originality, innovation, quirks, intelligence

Pisces: Art, Spirituality, empathy, escapism, illusions

Venus Sign ♀ Seduction
  • ♈ Aries Venus:the conquerer. They actively try to win you over and pursue you.
  • ♉ Taurus Venus:is sensual and passionate.
  • ♊ Gemini Venus:seduces with words. Their seductive talk is intelligent and witty.
  • ♋ Cancer Venus:is nurturing and maternal.
  • ♌ Leo Venus:will bend over backwards to impress you and be generous and flashy.
  • ♍ Virgo Venus:is at your service and a perfectionist when it comes to love and beauty.
  • ♎ Libra Venus:creates romantic settings and uses charm to seduce you.
  • ♏ Scorpio Venus:draws you in like a siren by being mysterious and fascinating.
  • ♐ Sagittarius Venus:takes you out on adventures and shows you a whole new world like Aladdin or Tarzan.
  • ♑ Capricorn Venus:is sophisticated and knows how to play it cool.
  • ♒ Aquarius Venus:treats you like a close friend and connects with you on an intellectual level.
  • ♓ Pisces Venus:is dreamy, a hopeless romantic and seduces you with their pure and innocent love.
Water Signs (Cancer ♋, Scorpio ♏, Pisces ♓)

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characteristics -

passionate, intense, sensitive, sentimental, creative, emotional, empathetic, imaginative, intuitive, nurturing

water dominant -

personal, secretive, dreamy, empathetic, may have psychic abilities

water lacking -

difficulty expressing/interpreting emotions, lack of empathy, unstable, insecure, reserved

water rising sign -

may be shy around new people, hide their true feelings, seen as dreamy and imaginative

water sun sign -

compassionate, selfless, spirtual

water moon sign -

sensitive, good at connecting with people emotionally, moody

water mercury sign -

struggle with logic and facts, have informed opinions, have more perceptive thinking

water venus sign -

want affection in relationships, express their love emotionally, romantic, sensual and passionate 

water mars sign - 

emotional and passionate, lose control of themselves when angry, can be impulsive and unpredictable

Venus and your personal style

   Venus is an important part of finding where your interests and passions lie. Some things to know about Venus:

  • Your Moon sign expresses your Venus sign emotionally.
  • Your Mars sign expresses your Venus sign physically.
  • The House your Venus is in describes what part of life is seen as glamorous, beautiful, or enjoyable.

  Depending on the sign, house, or aspects to Venus, you may have different tastes or ideas of what is enjoyable.

  • Venus in the Fire Signs love new, bright, exciting relationships and colors. They know they’ve found the one when every time they look at their lover, they fall in love all over again. Colors: Rich, bright warm colors (Yellow, red, orange).
  • Venus in the Earth Signs love familiar, secure, sensual relationships and colors. They know they’ve found the one when things are peaceful and routine. Colors: Deep, earthly tones (green, brown, dark blues).
  • Venus in the Air Signs love intellectual, open, and light relationships and colors. They know they’ve found the one when they can act as friends or lovers. Colors: Airy pastels (white, light blue, yellow).
  • Venus in the Water Signs love deep, passionate, trusting relationships. They know they’ve found the one when they can trust their partner completely and be in harmony. Colors: Soft dark colors (blue, purple, red-pinks).
venus analogies

an aries venus is the runner

a leo venus is the roar from the crowd

a sagittarius venus is the marathon 

a taurus venus is a high security bank

a virgo venus is the reliable assistant

a capricorn venus is the CEO

a gemini venus is the charismatic tour guide

a libra venus is the upscale museum

an aquarius venus is the bizarre art collection

a cancer venus is the fairy godmother

a scorpio venus is a black knight in shining armour

a pisces venus is the damsel in distress  

Initiating in Venus

Aries Venus
Someone with an Aries in Venus is very likely to make the first move, in fact out of all Venus positions Aries is the most likely to chase after their love interest and ask them out.  The only reason that should limit an Aries Venus is having an extremely cautious or shy sun sign or moon sign! 

Taurus Venus
Taurus in general are not known for asking their crush out or initiating a lot of dates. But with a more forward sun or moon sign a Taurus Venus is likely to be very determined and even aggressive when chasing love. The Taurus Venus is made to sustain relationships and doesn’t lose interest easily. Shy or not if they get a hint that their crush is interested they will find a way to get their message across.

Gemini Venus
The Gemini Venus isn’t one to come straight out and say they like someone but they give off hints. These hints aren’t subtle and mysterious, Gemini Venus tend to be naturally flirty, can be communicative about how they feel, and knows how to tease in a way that gets your attention!

Cancer Venus
Now you really might not know for a while if a Cancer Venus likes you or not. This can even mute more open and aggressive signs. Caring, intuitive with a partner, and all about emotional attachments this position can be picky about who they date but at the same time is a sucker for romance and emotional people. A Cancer Venus might not be super forward but they do try to take control emotionally and might actually be the one to “light the flame” sort of speak and then wait for you to sustain it.

Leo Venus
Leos in general like to be approached and admired but if they see something they like they go after it and this remains true for the Venus position. If they really like you or are in love with you then you will know if a person has a Leo Venus. But be warned Leo is associated with drama in love and a lot of times this could mean harmless drama. This Venus needs some spice in their relationships.

Virgo Venus
Someone with a Virgo Venus is not one to make all the big first moves. But Virgo in Venus is communicative and isn’t afraid to start practical conversations and loves it when things lead to flirting. Virgo in Venus can be reliable and responsive towards someone they like. They might appreciate it if their love interest makes some of the bigger moves. But Virgo in Venus can be picky, have high-standards, and may be fussy or unrealistic in love.

Libra Venus
This sign is all about reacting and responding. They have the ability to initiate a lot, especially when it comes to flirting and getting physical but Libra influences prefer to react and they can be attracted to push and pull types of dynamics. Libra in Venus is likely to “test the waters” and play cat and mouse until they are sure they like someone. Then they win over their love interest with charm and even romance. But beware of Libra’s indecisive trait influencing the Venus position. They can have a hard time figuring out what they want in love.

Scorpio Venus
This position can be very forward and aggressive when chasing a love interest but can be tempted by love games. Scorpio is faithful in this position and when they see someone they want they go after that person with full force. Scorpio Venus can like someone for a long time even without knowing how the other person feels or if that person turns down the Scorpio Venus. This position can be tempted by people who are willing to play “games” with them and they can have an obsessive side. 

Sagittarius Venus
This position is not afraid to start flirting with someone and can make any physical intentions known. They will confess physical attraction for someone but when it comes to commitment and emotional bonds they are more avoidant. Sagittarius Venus is fun and casual in relationships but still has a passionate side. For this Venus it is better for them to establish a physical and then mental connection and from there they don’t mind if someone initiates more commitment and devotion. As for confessing their love you have to wait to actually be dating this person for a while until they release their emotional passion.

Capricorn Venus
Capricorn is associated with calculated initiation and this is the same for the Venus position. This individual will make a move on someone they like but it is thought out. Also this position can be prone to over thinking their moves. What could keep a Capricorn Venus from making the big moves is having low self-esteem or being sure that their crush does not like them.

Aquarius Venus
An Aquarius Venus might not feel comfortable being sought after. They would prefer a mental connection to spark their interest and then they would move on to discover if they have chemistry with a person or not. Aquarius Venus can be unpredictable in love and this is true when it comes to going after someone they like. Aquarius Venus can be super flirty and forward but then get distracted from their crush the next day.

Pisces Venus
This position can be more shy and/or passive when it comes to dealing with love interests. Pisces Venus is very unlikely to make the first move but they can fall hard for someone. Pisces Venus is the type to daydream about their crush and likes to admire them from afar when they first discover them. When a Pisces Venus likes someone and no one makes a move eventually they find a way for their feelings to pour out.