Around July 2013, a good friend of mine showed me a picture of a pacticular looking guy. He wasn’t out from the regular ones I tend to see given the kind of music I like, and he looked like another musician I like (Ryutaro from Plastic Tree), but for some reason, the picture caught my attention.

Later on, pictures of him popped every now and then in my Tumblr feed, from fashion related blogs, and my friend then told me he owned an accesories brand called Venus Eccentric. That was all it took for me to start digging into Sho Asakawa’s world.

It hit me hard for some reason, I found myself really liking his style, designs and later on, his music. I loved his haircut too, so much I ended up getting something similar (how freaky am I from 1 to 10?).

I have been listening to his band PLASTICZOOMS ever since then and following his carreer. However, I never truly imagined I’d ever get the chance to see him, because naturally, I never thought I’d go to Japan so soon.

Life is something very interesting though, and sooner than expected I was given the news that I’d be starting a long process journey of preparing my very first trip to the land of the rising sun in 2014.

First thing I did was look up for concert dates of all my favorite Japanese bands. Funny though, the only one with a date available for me to go was actually PLASTICZOOMS. Without thinking twice, I booked my ticket to the concert with the help of a Japanese friend.

A couple of weeks later, there I found myself in Shibuya, under a very annoying cold and rain, waiting around 2 hours prior to the concert because of course, I wanted to get a spot in front row and had no idea 1. Where the concert place truly was. 2. How many people were going to attend because 3 bands were playing that night.

So, Last night I sat in a cafe in front of the concert place, until it was open, and I ended up being the third person in line and got the spot on the very middle of front row, right in front of the Microphone stand. I couldn’t have been happier.

The first band to play was FRUITSEXPLOSION, and I have to say they were actually pretty cool, the vocalist had a great voice and was friends with a new friend of mine (who I met in line at the concert). Their sound was like pop-rock in case you want to give them a go, they are good.

PLASTICZOOMS was up next, and I was so so so excited, because I really like their music, and I specially like Sho, I admire him and find him so cool, that I couldn’t bring myself to look at him ar all from up so close for the entire first song, it was embarrasing so I only watched their shoes. They opened the concert with my favorite song too (B U G).

During the entire performance, they were very energetic, even on the slower songs, but most of the set was filled with cool danceable songs (including some I had never heard before), and two of my other favorite songs were played too (RAVEN and CRACK). During the entire setlist Sho was very encouraging of people, trying to get them to clap and dance, also he himself danced a lot. It was so cool to see, really. The rest of the band members were also very good on stage, so collected yet into the music, it was very pleasing to see. There was not a single song that I didn’t like to listen, they were all carefully picked to make a great environment. Sadly not many people knew the band, so only about 5 people really were rocking to them, but i’m sure the rest of the people attending will now look into their music, after the live.

After the live, Eri (my friend) asked FRUITSEXPLOTION’s vocalist if he could hand Sho a gift from me. The guy said we should just wait because probably PZ’s members would go out into the crowd later. We waited ( I not so patiently), and a while later, the door of the backstage (which was to a side of the club) and Sho was standing there, so he looked at us, smiled and bowed. However, he didn’t go out. We kept waiting then.

Some minutes later, he finally walked out and so we went to talk to him. Eri told him I was from South America, etc, to which he replied “Oh no, I know, I know” and turned to me to say “Thank you so so much for coming”. (All in english, which let me say is a very understandable but cute english pronunciation). We started talking about the live then, I thanked him for doing such a good job, and stuff. We also talked a little bit about his makeup, and then I handed him the gift I had brought for him (chocolate and a postcard), he kept asking “for me? Really? Really for me?” Haha, it was cute. Then, Eri told him that we have the same haircut. So, he turned to look at me and said “but you are cute!”(embarrassingggggg djsjahahahahajdnaha =///=) I told her to shush and then told him “No, you are cute” and he just laughed and said “oh? No. Thank you, thank you”. After that, we took pictures with him, and then talked a bit about the upcoming band on stage (a german band called tocotronic). He explained to us what kind of music it was, and that we should listen cuz it was good. He stayed with us during their first song, and then he excused himself and went backstage. When he left i just felt so…. Yes, it is going to sound fangirly, but I seriously felt sooooo soooo happy. I really admire him, and I love his style. It was so cool to meet him, plus he truly was so nice and sweet, not scary or stuck up at all.

After checking the pictures, I realized they were too dark (ofc the live house was dark), so I decided to stay a while and see if I could retake the pictures with him. Sometime during Tocotronic’s set, he walked out again, so I approached and asked him if we could retake the pictures because of the lighting. He kindly agreed and told us to follow him. He took us outside the live house, to the hallway where it was way lighter, so we retook the pictures (embarrasing again), and after thanking him for the bother, we all went our separate ways again.

When Tocotronic’s live was over, it was the cue for the night’s end at that live house. It was my time to leave now, but now that the lights were on and Sho was at the merchandise booth, I walked up there with Eri. He immediately walked out of the booth and went to shake our hands and bow to us, thanking us for coming (several times, which was cute and funny), he asked me when I was returning to america, and after telling him, he wished me a safe trip back home. And that was it, after that, we went home.

I… Don’t even know what to say anymore. This very small concert has been one of the best i’ve been to, on a personal level, it’s on my top 3 for sure. It just was so nice, and I feel so happy to have gone and been able to talk to Sho. It’s silly… But it is just the truth. Amazing night! I’m so happy my eyes are teary, I swear.

Thank you for reading if you did. I’m sorry for all the spazz, but I seriously am still spazzing. Want to jump all around my room, lol. Okay, bye!

PS: please listen to PLASTICZOOMS!


中村益久 ft.Sho Asakawa 雪花石膏の部屋で安らかに

Sho’s cute talking in the background

anonymous asked:

How do you get merchandise from Sho Asakawa? Especially when living in the United States? I would like to purchase some of his items too but I don't know how since I also live in the states.

It was surprisingly easy. I went to the Venus Eccentric site and put the items I wanted to purchase in my cart. When you’re ready to check out you have to fill out an order form. Make sure you input the address correctly. For example:

Name Here
1234 Street Name APT000
Sacramento, CA 00000

Shortly after I received an email in Japanese that had money transfer info to their bank account. I had do idea how I was supposed to transfer to them so I figured that I wouldn’t be able to order from them after all. However, Shinpei from PZ (who speaks English) sent me an email because he wanted to confirm my order. After emailing to each other a couple of times, we exchanged paypal information, he gave me my total with shipping included, and I transferred the funds vis paypal. When you pay with paypal, you don’t have to do the currency exchange yourself. You just need to send them the funds in USD. They shipped my things and I recieved it not that long after. They respond quickly, the shipping was really fast, and they also gave me a whole bunch of extras. Also, signed packaging is always a plus! Hope this helped. If not, just let me know!