Aries Venus: explosive & raw love.
Taurus Venus: sweet & simple love.
Gemini Venus: playful & crazy love.
Cancer Venus: kind & nurturing love.
Leo Venus: extravagant & generous love.
Virgo Venus: thoughtful & careful love.
Libra Venus: connected & peaceful love.
Scorpio Venus: mad & boundless love.
Sagittarius Venus: wild & free love.
Capricorn Venus: poised & guiding love.
Aquarius Venus: eccentric & experimental love.
Pisces Venus: sensitive & accepting love.

anonymous asked:

How do you get merchandise from Sho Asakawa? Especially when living in the United States? I would like to purchase some of his items too but I don't know how since I also live in the states.

It was surprisingly easy. I went to the Venus Eccentric site and put the items I wanted to purchase in my cart. When you’re ready to check out you have to fill out an order form. Make sure you input the address correctly. For example:

Name Here
1234 Street Name APT000
Sacramento, CA 00000

Shortly after I received an email in Japanese that had money transfer info to their bank account. I had do idea how I was supposed to transfer to them so I figured that I wouldn’t be able to order from them after all. However, Shinpei from PZ (who speaks English) sent me an email because he wanted to confirm my order. After emailing to each other a couple of times, we exchanged paypal information, he gave me my total with shipping included, and I transferred the funds vis paypal. When you pay with paypal, you don’t have to do the currency exchange yourself. You just need to send them the funds in USD. They shipped my things and I recieved it not that long after. They respond quickly, the shipping was really fast, and they also gave me a whole bunch of extras. Also, signed packaging is always a plus! Hope this helped. If not, just let me know!

The Aquarius sign adds a personal flair to whatever planet they occupy, pioneering the qualities of the planets with futuristic traits. Majority of their focus also goes to the masses, large amounts of people

The Sun in Aquarius deals with smaller groups of people; they may mimic those surrounding them as a form of individual expression. Their futuristic traits include creativity and development of the ego.

The Moon in Aquarius personally relates to the struggle of large groups. They may verbalize this struggle in public settings. 

Mercury in Aquarius will also verbalize the opinions of large groups. Their intellect relies on the verbal expression of others, and they may speak and think in eccentric ways.

Venus in Aquarius exhibits strong love for groups. They personally relate to cliques; they are attracted to many different groups. Physical attraction to odd looking people is common, piercings, tattoos, coloured hair.

Mars in Aquarius relates to extreme drive to represent others. They acquire energy from the issues and struggles of others, and they use that to motivate their personal drive.