venus zine


My contributions (yep, I’ve got two! ;D) to the @actuallygrimes fanzine orchestrated by @thatmusiczine / @sammyborras

You can grab a copy here (x) and amazingly at time of posting, it’s on it’s 2nd print run! <3

I had soooo much fun with this and look forward to contributing to more zines! (May or may not do this in color at some point-?) Originals in an A5ish Moleskine sketchbook and these are pretty ‘raw’ from the scans. The first illustration is based on the first artangels video that came out (flesh without blood/life in the vivid dream) and the second illustration is based on the track ‘Venus Fly’ from the artangels album

Today we’re spotlighting Helen Oyeyemi, a young British novelist who has topped several “Authors Under 30” lists.  Having studied at Cambridge, she graduated with two acclaimed plays under her belt.  In 2009, she was listed as one of the best authors under 25 in Venus Zine.  Today, she has a whopping 5 novels under her belt, one of them to be published in 2014. 

Our pick of what to read next? Mr. Fox, a novel that blends fairy tale with modern accounts of female violence, published in 2011.  

We’ll feature of more of Oyeyemi’s work in the following weeks to celebrate her work during Black History Month here at Authors of Color.