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The Scruff

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1267

Author’s Note: So, I wrote this the other night because I saw a picture of scruffy Dylan and I melted. Here it is! I hope you enjoy! Thanks again to my lovely babe @lovelydob for proofreading this for me!!

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placements that would suggest someone who is really good at writing? or someone that has a very beautiful, poetic writing style? :) xx

writing is ruled by mercury and the 3rd house, publishing is ruled by jupiter and the 9th house, so anything that contacts these positions, esp their natural rulers, like mercury 3rd, jupiter 9th, mercury 9th, jupiter 3rd. gemini rules writing, grammar, speech, and punctuation. this is why so many geminis are journalists and bloggers. venus (art) in the 3rd house makes for a poet. hermann hesse had mars, saturn, and the moon in pisces in the 3rd house. neptune is the higher octave of venus and we spoke about the artistry of venus so this elevates with neptune, the ruler of pisces. “Writing is every time a mad, exciting business, a voyage in a tiny boat on a high sea, a solitary flight through the universe”. 

mercury in the 11th house is a great writer of dreams and vision belonging to and for the collective. pluto in the 3rd may be a great writer because a legacy could be left with their words. mercury in the 10th can become famous or make a living out of writing. neptune in the 3rd could turn words into liquid, so there is poetry about their writing, if they can actually be bothered with it, speaking with images, like mercury in pisces or in the 12th house, again the focus can be too off to actually generate anything. mercury in the 1st house is a natural writer, and mercury in the 5th could be a great creative writer. mercury in virgo or in the 6th house may focus more on analytics but have an ease of articulation. surprisingly, some of the best astrologers ive found have mercury in capricorn, its a mature and refined expression , its easy to read and full of wisdom, check check. i say this because i believe steven forrest has the greatest astrology writing style and he has this placement, among some others. moon-jupiter, moon-mercury, and mercury-neptune, moon-neptune, venus-mercury, moon in the 3rd, moon in the 9th, aspects can generate beautiful writing, these people are natural artists anyway 

there was another one i thought of but i keep forgetting? so maybe its wrong lol

hope that helped! x 


She Can’t Stop Us  (Cinderella and Four Knights! Kang Hyun Min) Pt2

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Since my favorite writer (aka you) is in a baby mood I was wondering if you could do a baby au with Hyunmin from Cinderella and the four knights? I love your writing! Keep up the good work! ~💖

Hi, are you going to make a part 2 for the kang Hyunmin scenario (she can’t stop us) ?? I reallt want a part 2. Thank you

Cinderella and four knights imagine with character Ahn jae hyun please

~Reader is still shorter! I wasn’t fully sure where to go with the plotline from part one. Sorry if it’s not too great!~

Part 1

“It’s amazing news” Hyunmin whispered as he took your hand, he sat back against the couch amazed at the thought. He grabbed your hand “you love me right?” he asked as you nodded unsure where he was going with it but soon enough he had pulled you up. It only took about 4 hours for everything in your life to change, Hyunmin being who he was had more power within the city than you thought. In two hours you had the perfect engagement ring gracing your finger. A gorgeous rose made from so many diamonds before the more simple diamond encrusted ring soon followed. In four hours time, the two of you had gotten engaged and with “persuasion” had gotten married in a court room. 

For once in his life he didn’t want to be the center of attention, he wanted the moment to be special. He wanted his best friend to know how much he loved her, how much she meant to only him. Well technically you weren’t alone as soon as your long and heavily passionate kiss ended his hands were on your stomach. The next generation was growing in you and he was ready to share the news with his grandfather the next day. 

It wasn’t like you came from a poor family, honestly your family was extremely wealthy. Worldwide fashion company your mother owned and your father was a successful hotel chain owner. Chaebol was a easy word to describe you. So merging things wouldn’t be hard either, your future baby was going to be spoiled and loved heavily by the two of you. But the catch was that you two had to have a big fancy wedding for show in the future. No one would be able to object aka Hyeji, she didn’t even have the power to talk you out of marriage now. 


Article after article began flying around now as it was a very HOT story. Mainly because you announced the pregnancy the same day your wedding was labeled ‘Shotgun’ almost instantly, ‘you two rushed into marriage before the baby was born because he was forced to marry you by your families’ was common in gossip magazines. Many called you two ‘a lovely Cinderella story’ as you guys were very much in love before the wedding, many pictures proved that as you two weren’t afraid of public affection. In general you two were super happy together no matter what people could claim about you. 


“I wanted to give them to you personally” you say to the people sitting in the living room as you smiled largely. Your belly was bulging now as Hyunmin made it clear he wanted your pregnant belly to be well developed by your wedding day. Seowoo had known you for a number of years, even had conversations that were heavily deep, and even considered you a friend was the only smiling cousin in the room, he knew you were a kind person but had a very intense attitude when provoked. You had even given one to Hawon who had only started working at the Sky House a month or so ago to reunite the cousins. 

“Do you even have female friends?” Jiwoon asked “it may be very hard for your tiny brain to comprehend but I know many many people outside of this home” you teased him. The room was tense “this is seriously a joke, that is fake and so is this” Hyeji spoke “nope all real see” you pulled your top up before turning around making sure she got a look at it all. “Hyunmin enjoys the pregnant frame well” you continued as you lowered your top. “Please come, I promise my family is gorgeous. Maybe you’ll find another rich guy to fall in love with and leave mine alone” you cooed as you gave a wink to everyone and left the home. 


You looked around the corner slightly panicked “Jiwoon” you called out again and again until the annoyed male turned to you. Your lace white dress sleeve peaked out “what?” he asked “come here” you say waving him over. He soon looked at your whole frame as you looked perfect in your dress but something is off “can you um get the back? No one has been able to” you asked shyly as you turned around. The back of your dress was opened a bit as he sighs and zipped it up. “Has she given up yet?” you asked him “why do you want to rub it in more?” he asked as it closed fully “no, I just want her to know he’s not going to love her. She was kind to me until I said I was good friends with Hyunmin. I want her to get over it, that’s all I want. Just like you” you tell him as he scoffs “you’re a bitch you know” he said “aw words every girl on her wedding day wants to hear” you say smiling. “I want the petty-” you were cut off by a harsh kick in your stomach, you took a deep breath “I want it to be ov-” you let out a heavy breath “over” you finished yourself finally. 

“Are you alright?” he asked you “my water broke this morning” you say rather casually as his eyes widened. “Why aren’t you at the hospital?” he asked you “I have time” you say as you leaned against the wall “I mean at least I should” you say “were those contractions?” he asked “probably” you finish as you hunched over a bit in pain “I want to get this over with before I give birth” you tell him as he shook his head “that doesn’t seem like it’s happening” he says as he looks around “come on” he says as he pulls out his phone handing it to you “call him” he spoke “your number is blocked” you inform as he sighed “hang on then” he told you as he rushed off and in moments you had Yoonsung and Seowoo by your side. 

“Why didn’t you call it off?” Seowoo asked “it’s a pretty big day” you remind him before grabbing his sleeve bringing the much taller male to your level “get the priest and the camera men” you hissed as he looked a bit scared but nodded. “Babe!” Hyunmin called as he rushed over, his eyes were panicked as he looked you over. “Come on we’ll get to the hospital-” “Hyunmin I’m getting this over with now” you tell him as he shook his head “you’re being crazy” he said as you grabbed his collar “I know” you said. He began tugging at you before Seowoo returned with the priest and the camera giving a live feed to everyone in the venue, “No way” Jiwoon spoke “I need the most fast paced speech you can give me” you told the priest who nodded. 

Hyunmin looked at you like you were crazy before realizing how determined you were to really get all of this over with. He leaned you against the wall as he took your hands. “Friends, family we’re gathered here tod-” Hyunmin sent him a look “speed it up” Seowoo mumbled from behind him. “Ow ow ow” Hyunmin spoke as his hands were harshly squeezed as another wave crashed onto you. “Do you Kang Hyunmin take Y/N L/N to be your wife?” the priest quickly asked “I do” he responded in a higher tone as he began feeling his hands again. “And you?” he looked at you “I do” your voice cracked slightly before Hyunmin scooped you up and rushed you out of the building. “They’re man and wife” the priest awkwardly spoke to the camera as the ceremony was nothing like planned. 


You guys didn’t get to attend your own wedding really, you had only been there 10 minutes into when it started before you were rushed off. And 3 hours later you were delivering a child. A sweet little boy named Kang Hyuntae was born. perfect little boy. One born with a great story included. You were so happy about that. Your drama filled lovelife was now cut off by the beauty of your son. 

Hyunmin had been curled into you since you two had been handed the cleaned newborn. “He’s so much better than a fancy honeymoon” he hummed as he placed a loving kiss onto your lips. “We were gonna look for apartments for you buddy” Hyunmin cooed to Hyuntae as his little eyes opened before closed them again. The door soon opened as you bonding moment was ruined by the rest of Sky House entered with gifts from the hospital gift shop. You smiled happily that the room filled with people.

The 100 | Series Re-Write

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Venus Gray (OFC)

Author: sleepywinchester

Summary: Just as the hundred, Venus was born in space, 2126; same year as Bellamy Blake. They were born on the same day, grew up together, and were inseparable until a drop ship to Earth was launched and destiny separated them.


Note: Hi! Remember me?! Lol. I know this is not my usual writing scene but I’m into a rabbit home with this show. I’m obsessed. Hope y’all give it a opportunity. 

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“You can’t do this, Bell.” Venus retorted, her voice full of concern. “They’ll float you.”

“Not if I float myself first,” Bellamy told Venus in a serious tone.

The seriousness of Bellamy’s tone and semblance scared Venus. She hopelessly waited for the thin line his lips formed to turn into a curve. She hoped to see a smirk on his lips, hoping for the smallest feature of humor, but it didn’t appear and it terrified her even more.


Bellamy cut her words with one of the strongest hugs he’s even given her. Deep down, Venus knew this would be their last hug, and she didn’t want to let go. Bellamy cut the hug slowly, looking deeply into her eyes, taking a deep breath in and slowly letting it out.

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Request 14~
come on (y/n) this is nothing compared to before I thought to myself, preparing to knock on the large red double doors infront of me.
 Knock, knock, knock.
“3 minutes until meet and greets” I stammered through the door, just loud enough to be audible on the other side. I heard the two British voices reply with okay and thanks from the otherside and left to check with all the people attending the meet and greet.

After an hour of teenage girls hugging them and crying, Dan and Phil had finished all the meet and greets with time to spare.
“Is there any staff who want a signature” the brown haired boy joked. I took him up on the offer and bounced over to them; my (y/c/h) swaying in a ponytail behind me.
“Hi!” I exclaimed, looking up at the two men who were giants compared to me. “I love your videos so much” I mentioned as they signed my phone case.
“Are you watching the show?” Phil asked, a smile plastered across his face.
“Uh yeah I’m helping with the props so I’ll just be backstage or in the wings watching” I told him before realising the time. “Uh you two should really be getting ready for stage” I smiled as I pointed at the clock on the wall.
“Oh shit” Dan whispered under his breath before they said there good byes and head off in the direction of the stage.

I enjoyed the show so much. The screams when they played the internet is here were immense; and seeing all the teenagers crying took me back to seeing MCR in 2006. Every now and then, I got to hand something to Dan or Phil, both boys smiling and filled with pride.

Another hour passed and the show was over. Everything was packed up and most of the girls had left. I watched as Dan and Phil got back on their tour bus and waved as they pulled away.

Whilst I was clearing out the room they had been preparing in, I found a shirt on the chest of drawers which I immediately recognized to be Dans weed shirt.

time skip 

Knocking on the door of the hotel the boys were staying at, I prepared for what I was going to say.

Moments later the door swung open to reveal a paniced Dan.
“Um hi it’s me from earlier, you left something at the venue” I spoke, surprisingly confident. His eyes flickered down to the dark material in my hand and his shoulders immediately relaxed.
“Oh my God, thank you so much” he sighed as I passed him the shirt.

The Next Day

“Tell the people where we’re going today the Philip” I heard the familiar voice from behind me. I spun round to be met with the two dark haired giants from yesterday holding a phone pretty much above my head, clearly making a day in the life video.
“Oh hi! It's  (y/n)” Dan said after nearly walking into me.
“Guys this is (y/n) she helped with the props yesterday” Phil said, walking to be behind me so I could be on camera.

I saw my face had turned bright red on the screen of the phone.
“Um, (y/n) since we don’t know where we’re going do you want to come round with us?” The other boy asked.

The three of us became inseparable as we walked around the streets.

“So this is the great barrier reef?” Dan asked, a confused look in his hazel eyes.
“Uh yeah”
“Why isn’t it as colourful as the pictures” he asked, still showing signs of confusion.
“Well the people who look after the reef, I think they’re scientists or marine biologist, have said it could be pronounced dead in the autumn” I explained
Both of the 6ft boys had a solemn look on their faces after.

After visiting the reef, we decided to head back to their hotel.

They had been vlogging most of the day and I knew I would appear in the video at some point.
“(Y/n) you do know if we mention any of your social media links you’ll get tons if messages like ’ I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GOT TO SPEND THE DAY WITH THEM’” Dan joked.

“I know Dan, I’ve seen the phandom” I laughed, getting off Dans bed to make a drink.

“Anyway…. Mr Philip” Dan laughed, vlogging again. “What are we watching?” He questioned, legitimately not knowing what was on.
“Are you serious?” Phil joked in response “it’s quite clearly the Olympics” he finsished as I walked back into the room. Dan saw me and took it as an opportunity to joke around.

“Look who is still here” He turned the camera to face me as I sat to the left of Phil. “It’s like 10 at night and she’s still here. Third wheel much”
“Guys pleaae remember that was a joke and there is no need to attack (y/n)’s social media with comments like ‘leave them alone’ and that sort of thing” Phil chimed in, slightly more seriously.

“I do need to go soon though guys” I moaned acknowledging that I’d have to leave the boys
“Just stay here,” Dan suggested patting the space next to him on the bed.
“You do realise what the phandoms reaction is going to be after that” I laughed, sitting in the place I had previously been.

Looking back on the events of the past two days I realised how lucky I had been in meeting and bonding with Dan and Phil. The two men who most people wanted to know. The two men with 2007 hair and who wear nothing but black jeans.

Coolest thing ever from the Dallas show last night; A girl a few people over from me had flown all the way from VENEZUELA just to see Harry perform. In fact, the venue staff actually spoke to her because she had brought a flag decorated with words explaining what I just told you, and they tried everything they could do to get her from where we were (Section 300, Row K) to the very first row in order for Harry to see her sign. Unfortunately the staff couldn’t get an understanding with the security and so the show went on, but she was still such a ball of sunshine during the entire concert.

Perpetuam Stellae dum iungit Ianthida vati
Laeta Venus, dixit ‘Plus dare non potui.’
Haec coram domina; sed nequius illud in aurem:
‘Tu ne quid pecces, exitiose, vide.
Saepe ego lascivum Martem furibunda cecidi,
Legitimos esset cum vagus ante toros.
Sed postquam meus est, nulla me paelice laesit:
Tam frugi Iuno vellet habere virum.’
Dixit, et arcano percussit pectora loro.
Plaga iuvat: sed tu iam, dea, caede duos.

“Joyful Venus, while joining Ianthis to the poet Stella in marriage forever, she said, ‘I could not give you more.’ This she said in the presence of the mistress; but in his ear more mischievously she said, ‘See to it, destructive one, that you do not stray. Often have I beat lustful Mars in a rage when he would wander before our lawful marriage; but after he became mine, he never wounded me with a mistress. Juno would like to have so honest a husband.’ Venus spoke, and struck his breast with an unseen whip*. The blow helps: but you, goddess, now strike both of them!”

– Martial 6.21

*This striking of the breast by Venus is supposed to instill passion so that the husband will not stray from his wife. But as the next line shows, the wife needs a blow as well!

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I would LOVE to hear your SilMil headcanons

I got this for ask a drunk Doc, which I’m still combing through. 

I don’t really have them written down well, the best I’ve got is part of this SilMil fic I’m writing (Which may or may not ever be finished, but contains Ft’s favorite crackship, so I know he’ll be pleased if it does) I have a really bad tendency to just fic out my headcanons rather than be like “My thoughts on x are y” so unfortunately this scrap from the fic is the best I’ve got for you!

Pluto always had mixed emotions on these days. Escorting the new recruits was one of the rare times she was permitted to leave the Time Gate, to see her beloved Serenity, to hope that she would give her even the smallest audience, the kindness of a nod, or the hope of a smile.

But still, she was fully cognizant of the fact that she was removing these girls to a destiny they never asked for—they were alike, in that way. Since the Moon had brought each planet to heel, they had been required to send a noble daughter to serve in defense of the royal family. To remind them that even the Queens of each kingdom obeyed the Kingdom of the Moon.

The army of Neptune all saluted their princess as she boarded the shuttle, head held high, weapons securely fastened to her and her luggage, hours of training having gone into each. She only glanced at Pluto once, and then gazed out the window, wordlessly, hands folded in her lap, legs crossed.

Neptunians were assassins, and Venus was pleased that Neptune was sending a daughter. The Inner planets had been required to send first, of course—Venus had needed to train them, she couldn’t manage such with an entire force of greenhorns. But Neptune, she had said to Pluto, would need no training, and could only be an asset. She was looking forward to sparring with her.

Venus’ smile unnerved her.

Uranus was a different planet completely, and it was often said in the Sol System that Uranians were “entirely the kind of people you’d expect from a planet that lolls about on its side.” The Uranians had braided flowers into their princess’ hair,  and kissed her and embraced her and wept as she prepared to board, her luggage weighted down with books and sketchpads and a quilt lovingly worn.

The Uranian Queen stroked her daughter’s hair. “My girl, the palace will be very different from your home here. Keep heart, and know that we love you so.” She embraced her tightly. “I pray I will see you again, one day.”

The green-haired girl looked down at her fingernails. “Do we not have a schedule to keep, or did we allot time for this maudlin nonsense?”


Pluto watched them both as the shuttle headed back to the Moon, There could be no mistaking their planets, they were almost built to a standard: The Neptunian princess was small, and you’d be forgiven for thinking her delicate if you didn’t know any better. Her green hair waved down her back, the front pulled into a gold ribbon to join it with the rest of the stream. Her face was expressionless and unreadable, gazing out the porthole to the galaxy.

The other princess was tall, and broad of shoulder, likely just as strong and fast as most Uranians. Venus always called Uranians a waste: They were built for combat, but lacked the heart for it, a nation of gentle giants. Her hair was short but shaggy, as if she couldn’t quite decide what she was going to do with it, and no one was going to press her. Venus would make her clean it up, or grow it out. She had no patience for wavering.


Venus appraised them both, standing in front of her as Pluto took the bags off the shuttle and set them both behind their respective princesses.

She looked over at Pluto. “Saturn didn’t send a daughter?”

Pluto nearly stood at attention when Venus spoke to her. “The Queen of Saturn repeats her vow: On the day we send a daughter to you, your kingdom will fall.”

“I don’t know why Serenity doesn’t press on that entire planet of lazy mystics.” She looked back at her two fresh victims. “I am Commander Venus. You may call me three things: Ma’am, sir, or Commander.” She counted them off on her hand. “Anything else, and well, you’ll find out.”

She smiled slyly and walked over toward the girls, indicating to one with a shake of her finger. “You. Neptune. I’ve been waiting for you. You’re an asset to the regiment.”

“Yes, ma’am, I’m sure I am.”

“Cocky, too. Good, I like that. You’ll meet me later in the sparring arena. And you.” She wheeled around, “Uranus.”

She smiled and leaned forward, dipping her shoulders to make herself closer to Venus’ size. “No, you see,” She chuckled, “I think there’s been a mistake. You all keep calling me Uranus, but I’m FROM Uranus, my name is T-“

She was stopped suddenly by a blow to her stomach, and the pain of being flattened against the shuttle. Venus grabbed her by the hair and growled into her ear. “I don’t care what your name was before you got here. I don’t care WHO you were before you got here. You belong to me now, your name is Uranus, you’re a soldier, and you are, whatever I tell you you are.” She released her and strode toward the doorway to the palace. “Do we understand?”

Uranus shook softly as she raised herself back to her feet. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Goddamn Uranians are only good as cannon fodder. Jupiter, Mercury! Take these two up to their rooms.”


The people of Earth would change the saying later, but in those times, “All is fair on Venus and Mars,” reigned. The Queen had pitted the two planets against in each other in a great gladiatorial combat, to decide who would be the leader of the Moon’s forces. All of the people of the Moon had attended to watch the daughters of Mars and the daughters of Venus outwit, outmaneuver, and kill.

Venus had triumphed that day. One of the victors had ripped the skirt from her fallen enemy, and tied up her hair with it. Now every Venusian kept a red bow as part of their uniform, that Mars might never forget who came first.