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I thought (and it is sort of in the movie) that she was the encapsulation of his love/hate of humanity.


Oh, he absolutely did (love Elizabeth). In many ways, not all of them healthy. She encapsulated humanity for him in the end, even more than Weyland I think. Look at the religious adoration even as he eviscerated her. Hence the iconography!


Matt Hatton, concept artist

(This is the opinion of one of the concept artists who did David’s drawings about David’s love for Elizabeth)


William Etty (1787-1849), Sabrina and Her Nymphs (1841) Photo credit: Leicester Arts and Museums Service &

Anatomical Venus, Elizabeth Shaw Concept Art by Matt Hatton for Alien: Covenant

This image bears similarity to William Etty’s Sabrina and Her Nymphs; the reason for David to draw Shaw in this style is because of the sort of character she is, strong, independent and a figure sympathetic to those victim to a system that undervalues them e.g: David the Android. 

She is seen to be keenly aware of this situation of David’s during the speech given by Peter Weyland as he addresses the crew of the Prometheus. 

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From that moment on she displays a lot of sympathy towards him, and tried to show him that she appreciated him and his efforts to assist them in their mission. But there is also a dark double meaning to this depiction of her, she is also subject to the same patriarchal plight of women. Made to be a vessel for the paedomorphosis of the xenomorph. 

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These images are meant to be ambiguous in nature but if you understand their artistic meaning and what it meant for David to create her in this way you will have a better understanding of how really messed up David is since his head was reattached, or perhaps from even earlier than that.

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There’s also relevance in the fact Milton, the author of Paradise Lost and the prime story which Alien: Covenant is based upon; had written on this Goddess Sabrina. For David, the use of Shaw’s body guarantees him freedom of creation. From the perceived and actual indentured slavery from which he suffers.In the end she also only saw him as a robot and probably couldn’t reciprocate his feelings. So with no use for her as his Eve she was to be a ‘rib’ in the making of the perfect organism.

Milton writes of Sabrina in Comus, in which the water-nymph is conjured and rescues the Lady from her plight because she is pure of heart. As agent of freedom, then, Sabrina is seen as powerful, mystical, and sympathetic to women who fall victim to a patriarchal system which undervalues and confines them. Milton’s description of Sabrina is worth quoting here:

There is a gentle Nymph not farr from hence,
That with moist curb sways the smooth Severn stream,
Sabrina is her name, a Virgin pure,
Whilom she was the daughter of Locrine,
That had the Scepter from his father Brute.
The guiltless damsell flying the mad pursuit
Sabrina at Croome
Of her enraged stepdam Guendolen,
Commended her innocence to the flood
That stay’d her flight with his cross-flowing course,
The water Nymphs that in the bottom plaid,
Held up their pearled wrists and took her in,

And underwent a quick immortal change
Made Goddess of the River; still she retains
Her maid’n gentlenes, and oft at Eeve
Visits the herds along the twilight meadows,

The clasping charm, and thaw the numming spell,
If she be right invok’t in warbled Song,
For maid’nhood she loves, and will be swift
To aid a Virgin, such as was her self
In hard besetting need, this will I try
And adde the power of som adjuring verse.

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Brine – What the Water Gave Me – Florence + the Machine

The world’s a beast of a burden
You’ve been holding on a long time
And the ships are left to rust
That’s what the water gave us

Sprocket – Resistance – Muse

If we live our life in fear, I’ll wait a thousand years
Just to see you smile again
Quell your prayers for love and peace, you’ll wake the thought police
We can hide the truth inside

Melly –  Mad World – Gary Jules

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere

Halcyon – Live to Rise - Soundgarden

What if the one thing I missed,
was everything I need to pass the test?
And if I fail what happens then?
Can I still count on you as a friend?

Lark – Letters from the Sky – Civil Twilight

One day soon I’ll hold you like the sun holds the moon
And we will hear those planes overhead
And we won’t have to be scared
‘Cause we won’t have to be scared

Maize – Tears of an Angel – RyanDan

Stop every clock, the stars are in shock
The river won’t run to the sea
I wont let you fly, I wont say goodbye
I wont let you slip away from me

Skylar – Just a Game – Birdy

Pleading eyes that break my heart
So homesick and confused
But I know I must play my part
My tears I must conceal

Langdon – Disparate Youth - Santigold

Don’t look ahead there’s stormy weather
Another road block in our way
But if we go, we go together
Our hands are tied here if we stay

Darling – Kingdom Come – The Civil Wars

Run, run, run and hide
Somewhere no one else can find
Tall trees bend and lean pointing where to go
Where you will still be all alone

Venus – Tighten Up – The Black Keys

When I was young and moving fast
Nothing slowed me down,
Oh slowed me down
Now I let the others pass

Minka – Heart Shaped Box – Nirvana

She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak
I’ve been locked inside your Heart-Shaped box for a week
I’ve been drawn into your magnet tar-pit trap
I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn back