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15 Kdrama watching habits
  1. Watching a drama only because your Kpop bias is in it
  2. “Just one more episode and then I’ll go to sleep.”
  3. Saying “Aigoo”, “Aish”, “YAH” or other Korean words and phrases
  4. Craving Korean food
  5. Bowing when greeting people, apologizing or thanking someone, even though it’s not your custom
  6. Downloading the OST
  7. Reading/writing fanfiction
  8. Shipping the bromance over the romance
  9. Singing (”insert song”) at norebang because (”insert character”) in (”insert drama”) did
  10. Attempting to watching your favorite actor’s entire filmography
  11. Pausing an episode in order to process all the feels (this might just be me)
  12. Giving up half-way through a series, reading recaps of the next several episodes and then watching the finale (may also just be me)
  13. PFWS (Post Finale Withdrawal Syndrome)
  14. Being behind in your never ending list of dramas-to-watch
  15. [ENG SUB] and chill 
Feed me, Krelborn, feed me now! (A guide to feeding a fly trap)

It sounds daft but I never realised I’d have to feed my fly trap, I just kinda assumed it would catch what it needed, but living on my windowsill I figured I’d give the little guy a hand.

So first you need to find something to feed it. I found some dead moths on the windowsill and figured they’d work lovely.

Next you want to place the insect into a trap, the insect wants to be about ¾ the size of the trap and no bigger! *Hint* Put the insect on a trigger hair, it’ll be useful later!

You now need to activate the trigger hairs. Naturally the insect would do this by moving in the trap but as it can’t you’ll have to do this artificially. I find using a long pin is good. Find a hair and just poke and flick the hairs quickly, this will cause the trap to snap closed. This process here is called the initial snap.

Next is the tightening phase, this takes about 30 minutes. Inside the trap the insect would naturally continue to move and struggle, this would allow the trigger hairs to continue being stimulated. This signals the trap to keep tightening. So to simulate this use your thumb and index finger to gently press the trap together, if you followed the hint earlier pay particular attention to where the insect is as this will activate the trigger hair you put it on. Do this up and down the trap for a minute or two. While the plant is tightening any smaller insects not worth digesting can escape, this is so the plant doesn’t waste energy on a small meal.

The trap has now successfully captured it’s dinner that has not escaped during the tightening phase. The fly trap can now enter the sealing phase. During this phase the teeth of the trap start bending upwards so that they are no longer interlocked. The edge of the lobes just under the teeth are now tightly pushed together, there is sometimes a bump around where you insect is. (I don’t know about you but I find that quite cool to look at) Now the trap has sealed this is when the enzymes are released and drown the insect beginning digestion. 

The plant can take 5 to 12 days to eat the insect. Mine took about 8 days until it began to reopen, however this all depends on the size of the insect, age of the trap and temperature etc. While the trap is digesting it will continue to release the enzyme to dissolve the soft tissue, the enzyme will also kill any bacteria accidentally sealed in when the trap shut.

Next is the reopening phase. Once the trap has finished eating it will reabsorb the digestive fluid, this tells the plant to reopen the trap. What should be left is the exoskeleton, in an outdoor environment rain and wind would remove it, however it can be used to lure in other insects such as ants and spiders thus creating another meal for the plant. 

Sade Songs for the Venus Signs

Because who doesn’t love this Cap sun/Aries moon queen?

Aries•Cherish the Day
“You’re ruling the way that I move,And I breathe your air, You only can rescue me, This is my prayer”

Taurus•Nothing can come between us
“I always hope that you remember,What we have is strong and tender, the middle of the madness, Hold on”

Gemini•Smooth Operator
“Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, western male, Across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale,Face to face, each classic case, We shadow box and double cross,Yet need the chase”

Cancer•Is it a crime
“He takes her love, but it doesn’t feel like mine, He tastes her kiss, her kisses are not wine, they’re not mine, He takes, but surely she can’t give what I’m feeling now”

“I’d give the world if it was mine, Feels like You’re mine, I’m Yours, So fine, Like Paradise, I’d wash the sand off the shore, Give you the world if it was mine, Blow you right to my door”

Virgo•The Sweetest Taboo
“There’s a quiet storm, And it never felt this hot before, Giving me something that’s taboo, Sometimes I think you’re just too good for me”

“You can see it in her pride And the raven in her eyes, Try show her a better way, She’ll say you don’t know what you’ve been missing, And by the time she blinks you know she won’t be listening”

Scorpio•Hang onto your love
“In heaven’s name why do you play these games, Hang on to your love, Be brave when the journey is rough, It’s not easy when you’re in love, Don’t be ashamed when the going gets tough, It’s not easy don’t give up”

Sagittarius•Never as Good as the First Time
“Good times they come and they go, Never going to know, What fate is going to blow, You’re way just hope it feels right, Sometimes it comes and it goes, You take it ever so slow”

Capricorn•Your love is King
“Your love is king, Crown you with my heart, Your love is king, Never need to part, Your kisses ring, Round and round and round my head, Touching the very part of me,It’s making my soul sing”

Aqua•Love is stronger than pride
“I won’t pretend that I intend to stop living, I won’t pretend I’m good at forgiving, But I can’t hate you, Although I have tried, Mmmmm, I still really really love you, Love is stronger than pride”

Pisces•No Ordinary Love
“I gave you all the love I got, I gave you more than I could give, I gave you love, I gave you all that I have inside, And you took my love, You took my love, I keep crying, I keep trying for you,There’s nothing like you and I baby”

Yoongi invited to a Latin American wedding

You haven’t been able to hide your excitement since the day your favorite cousin/almost brother invited you to his wedding. The day has finally come and you (after a lot of thought) have decided to bring your boyfriend along, so he can finally meet your family. Things go a little bit like this:

You guys arrive to the religious ceremony super late because Yoongi fell asleep and waking him up took you forever. You silently sneak into the church and sit with your solterona tía, who not so subtly slides glares at you and your boyfriend whenever she has the chance.

Yoongi whines constantly during the ceremony claiming that it’s too long and too boring. Not to mention that he’s majorly confused when you tell him that once the ceremony is over, you’ll have to move to the reception venue. “If we ever get married, we’re not getting a Latin American wedding, Y/N”

Once the ceremony ends, all the guests gather outside the church to wait for the newlyweds. You take advantage to the informality to introduce Yoongi to some of your relatives, but he’s super distracted once everybody starts tossing rice to your cousin and his bride. “Why are they throwing uncooked rice to them, jagi? Doesn’t that hurt?” Of course you just roll eyes “It’s a tradition, Yoongi”.

You think you’ll finally get the time to introduce Yoongi to your family at the reception venue, but your mom drags your boyfriend to greet la abuela and some other according to Yoongi, strict-looking elders (who happen to be your uncles and aunts) before you can even stop her. He’s super weirded out by the stuff he’s seen so far and he’s a little bit flustered, but he manages to greet them with the basic Spanish phrases he’s learned while on tour, then he politely bows to them and says “hasta luego” before sneaking skillfully back to you.

Of course la abuela is dissatisfied with such short exchange so later on you she’ll make sure to have a proper conversation with the two of you, on which she’ll definitely point out how pale Yoongi is and she’ll suggest that you take him to take sunbaths whenever you can. “Look at him, Y/N! He’s as pale as a ghost!! Your aunt thought he was sick!”  You assure her that you will and then run from her as soon as you get the chance.

Fortunately, by the time he’s introduced to your cousin and his bride, Yoongi is already pass the initial culture shock so he’s much more relaxed. That’s why he almost suffers a heart attack when your cousin quietly and jokingly ofc  gives him the “hurt her and I’ll kill you” standard lecture when you’re distracted.

As always some member of the family has the duty of showing/sharing old embarrassing pictures, videos, stories, etc. of you. In this case your sister shows Yoongi a video of you trying to impersonate August D. You quickly shut her up by handing her a mojito, but it’s too late and you’re not surprised by the fact every member of your family gets a glimpse of that goddamned video.

That also means that your father will ask Yoongi to show the guests how the real thing is supposed to sound like and in the process he’ll give your bf a new name “Why don’t you show us the real version, Agustín?”

Yoongi won’t be forced to rap because you’ll come to his rescue and drag him to the dance floor; but unfortunately afterwards no one will ever be able to make your family understand that your boyfriend’s name is not Agustin. Yoongi will complain about it the rest of the day, but you find it hilarious.

 Yoongi’s dance moves aren’t as bad as you thought they’d be, but your relatives ask if his joints are hurting anyhow. You laugh out loud and when Yoongi asks why are you laughing, you bluntly lie to him “They told me a joke about you”.

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Although Yoongi is dying to sit down and probably sleep, he dances with you because a) he’s afraid that one of your relatives will talk to him if he’s sitting alone and b) he has noticed that one of the bride’s primos has been checking you out for a while.

Protective Yoongi will hold onto you tightly throughout the whole dancing session, pulling you close even when a reggaeton song comes out. You roll eyes, but you can’t deny he is cute when he gets jealous.

Your teenage cousin will join you two as the third wheel just because she wants to talk about Jimin with Yoongi. “Jimin oppa is so handsome. Jimin oppa has such a good body. Jimin is a great dancer… Jimin this, Jimin that… Jimin, Jimin, Jimin”. Of course Yoongi will give her some savage line and then he’ll turn to you: “Y/N, I think your cousin should get her eyes checked!”

At some point of the wedding (probably when old, classic Latin jams start playing) Yoongi will have to spare a dance for your mom. At first he’s as stiff as a statue, so you eye him worriedly from afar, but after a moment they seem to get along and they even laugh together.

While Yoongi is entertaining your mother and aunts you join your female cousins in the chisme… before you can even notice you’re taking tequila shots as though you are competing for a Record Guinness.

Slightly drunk, you all end up dancing to classics like el Asereje o el Meneaito and since you’re such an intercultural family, Ai Se Eu Te Pego, Danza Kuduro, Rain over me and even 피 땀 눈물. The rest of the family joins and Yoongi is once again dragged along. He probably is planning your death in his head, but he smiles or at least tries to and dances, taking the lead when his song starts playing.

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He might have a few drinks with your dad, but he doesn’t get drunk (not even tipsy) and he’s more than ready to leave by the time the clock hits 23:00 pm.

Just when you’re trying to sneak from the party by Yoongi’s hand, your cousin bride’s throws the bouquet up in the air and it lands right at your feet. Yoongi and you exchange confused glances, but after hesitating for a moment, he picks it from the floor and hands it to you before thunderous clapping resounds through the room.

 “Does this mean I have to propose soon?” Yoongi asks with a smirk.

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The party is quite eventful, so by the end of the night Yoongi is majorly tired and super glad the party is over. By the time you get home, he’s still humming Daddy Yankee’s Sigueme y te sigo and he’s unsure whether he loves your family or finds it exhausting to keep it up with all of you or both. On the other hand, your family has officially named Yoongi, Agustin (some of your relatives are super convinced that’s his name), they think he’s an ok boy (though he’s too white and too stiff for their liking) and they’ve already started distributing tasks for a wedding they claim will take place the next year…

I hope this is ok, my lovelies. Hopefully i’ll finish this series soon, but in the meantime, keep sending in your requests!!

I think my 10th House placements actually say something about both of my parents. Like I have Venus in the 10th House and my mom is extremely Venusian; she’s a Libra Sun/Libra Mercury/Libra Venus and she is very drawn to artistic stuff. She does her own arts & crafts, she is obsessed with architecture, she is into interior design (our house is suuuuper minimalist and clean, with cool items and a nice style), and she also likes fashion overall, though she favors more of a monochromatic style, like she wears gray/white/black things with boots and leather jackets sometimes, and she is sooo concerned with being trendy lol, she color-codes her Instagram profile too.

Then I have Mars in the 10th House, and my dad is a Scorpio Sun (Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars). He’s way more fond of outdoor activities, like fishing and hanging out with friends, and he’s pretty much on the aggressive side (though he’s harmless) - just the way he comes across is straightforward and stuff. And my dad really loves sports, but I think that goes for most fathers anyway. Still, I find it interesting???

My fly trap is flowering! So conflicted about what to do. Most websites say to chop it off because if the amount of energy they use to flower but I’m tempted to let it flower just once just so I can see!

Requested imagine . 20 Alex

Hiii! Can I please request an Alex imagine? Maybe where he was best friends with the reader and likes them, but Justin likes the reader too and Alex just acted strangely because he was jealous and stuff.  At the end. the reader chooses Alex.  Thank you

“What’s up pretty lady?” Justin flirted with you sitting across from you and Alex, you rolled your eyes and laughed it off as Alex rolled his eyes and groaned, “I have to go” Alex mumbled grabbing his bag and walking off “where are you going? I thought we were going to hang out after school?” you called after him but he ignored you and kept walking.  Slouching in your seat you couldn’t help but feel disappointed “Wanna hang out instead?” Justin asked smiling at you, you nodded deciding it was better than sitting at home alone.  

Standing up you both slung your bags over your shoulders and left to go to your house, you both agreed it was a better hang out venue than his moms house.  To your surprise you had a great time with Justin, you just ordered pizza and watched a movie, did some funny snapchat filters together and just talked for hours.  You woke up, looking at your phone the time read 02:34, groaning at yourself for waking up at such a ridiculous time, after waking up a little you realised Justin was also asleep beside you, before you could wake him up your phone buzzed, you had 18 texts from Alex and endless snapchats.  Opening them was just texts like “where are you?” “i thought you were coming over?” “wow thanks” “I’ll just hang out on my own tonight then, have fun with Justin”.  Rolling your eyes you threw your phone down and shook Justin awake, slowly opening his eyes he smiled at you “hey beautiful” he mumbled sitting up “you should probably go” you said putting on the light “oh, did I do something wrong?” he asked you, feeling your heart drop you felt guilty “no of course you haven’t, Justin.  I just messed up with Alex” you confessed sitting on your bed “Sure I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then” he mumbled walking out.

“hey are you awake? x” you text Alex, laying back down it felt like an eternity for a reply “I am indeed xx” he replied finally “I know it’s like 3am but can we talk? x” you text back, instantly he started facetiming you, “hello” you whispered laying on your side “what’s up?” he said in a croaky voice, you knew straight away he’d been sleeping and you’d probably woken him up, even if he decided to lie about it “are you annoyed with me for hanging out with Justin?” you asked him in a slightly teasing voice “no, why would i be?” he protested making you laugh a little, you could see a tiny smile on his face “then why did you send me over 20 messages?” you teased further and he facepalmed “I wanted to hang out tonight” he pouted “yeah but you walked out at school and ignored me, I just assumed you didn’t want to hang out” you replied and he sighed “I’m sorry, I just hate the way Justin speaks to you, and looks at you, and just generally hangs around you” he moaned making you laugh a little louder than you should have, “look its late, I gotta sleep” you said and he nodded “sweet dreams, princess” he whispered as you hit the end call button.

Standing at your locker you felt a presence behind you “I had a great time last night” Justin said, spinning round you sighed “look Justin, I don’t mean to hurt any feelings or anything but we hung out as friends and we fell asleep, thats all that happened” you told him watching his face fall slightly “sure, no problem” he said walking to his locker “wow what a heart breaker” Alex said from beside you, you turned round to see him smirking “i am not a heart breaker! i can’t help it if I don’t like him as much” you said looking at your hands “as much as what?” he asked you, you shrugged shyly “as much as I like you?” he asked you again, you looked up shocked “what?” you asked him and smirked “I can’t help it, y/n! you’re my best friend but i want you to be more” he confessed making your stomach knot “actually, i can’t help it if I don’t like Justin as much as I like you, Alex” you answered him and his face turned into a big grin then he instantly crashed his lips to yours, kissing him back he softly ran his thumbs on your face before you both pulled away “you wanna be mine, heart breaker?” he asked jokingly.  All you did was laugh at bury your head on his chest to answer him.

I hope this was okay!? For some reason I struggled to put together the story.

The Proposal Part 7

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The Proposal Masterlist


Contains: Angst

(only 2 more parts- technically 1 if you don’t count the epilogue)



Anonymous: Holy heck! Spencer no!!!! Gosh we need part 7 of the proposal asap!


Awkward was one way to put your relationship with Spencer. Other words to fill that category was weird, lonely and depressing. You longed for him to just talked to you or…something.

Spencer was barely acknowledging your presence, and you were lucky that he was even sticking around. Why? You weren’t really sure. Maybe he was still guilty about your father.

It seemed his presence was hurting you more then helping you. Your heart ached every time he walked past you, heart still fluttering whenever he accidentally touched you. At least at work he was behind the doors and you could serve without worrying that you were going to bump into him.

Your lovesick disease only seemed to get worse when Spencer announced he was going to be spending nights with /her/ and sneaking in early in case your mother came back around. Apparently you repulsed him to the core so much that he couldn’t even sleep in the same area as you.

At the moment, you were staring out the window of the living room, hating yourself. More so for the fact that you looked like Bella Swan from the second twilight movie. Well, it was a close second.

“Why are you moping about? Haven’t you heard I’m back?” A familiar voice made you jump, wrapping your arms around your sister’s frame. “That’s more like it Y/n!” She laughed, her arms sliding around to meet your back.

“I totally forgot that you were coming back this week!  I’ve just had so much on my mind lately!” You tried explaining.

“I bet! Wedding aren’t easy to plan you know! Take it from me, I just had one… So, how are you and your fiancée?” She made her way through the house, seeming to inspect it for something.

“Uh, yeah, about that…” You started, trying to figure out how to tell her about everything without seeming like a jerk that was lying to your father and stealing your sisters spotlight.

“Let’s not talk about this in here, c'mon, let’s do something fun….like shopping, or drinking.” She waggled her brows, shooing you to grab your purse. You forgot how eccentric your sister was. You weren’t sure how much you missed that certain feature.

After what your sister like to call “Treat yourself- bride edition”, she made you wear one of the outfits out of the store and wear it out. You had no idea what game she was trying to play, but you knew she was up to something. Especially when she brought you to a bar. Sure, she enjoyed a glass of wine every now and then but had said multiple times that he was not an avid enthusiast for bars. More so now then ever because she was married and guys would be trying to hit on her all night.

“Alright, answer some of my questions. How is Spencer? How are you?” She asked when the both of you were situated with your drinks. You spun your stirrer straw slowly, stumbling around on trying to form a sentence.

“Do you remember Mattie Noel?” You asked, and she nodded, eyes squinting with suspicion. “She's…tried latching her hooks onto him.” You put it out there as best as you could, watching as she moved her hand in a dismissive way. “Spencer only has eyes for you, trust me. Don’t worry about that bitch.” You almost laughed at how ironic that sentence was, taking a large gulp of your drink. After some more minutes of conversation, someone’s phone started to ring loudly.

“Oh shoot, I think that’s me.” Your sister set her drink down, digging through her purse, stopping and wincing. “Y/n, I think I left my phone at your house when I came to pick you up!” Your sister slapped her face, zipping back up her purse. “What if it’s (h/h/n)? It’s it okay if we head back to the guest house?”

“Oh yeah, of course.” You placed done your drink, standing up and pretending to dust yourself off. You weren’t really feeling the scene anyways, bars never really being your thing.

The drive was filled with your sister filling you in on her honeymoon, literally, /everything// about her honeymoon, talking about future plans and trying to ask about you and Spencer. You tried avoiding most of the questions, and it seemed to work.

“Alright, let’s go.” You stated once you pulled up to the driveway in front of the guest house. You thought you saw a light turn off and you shook your head, thinking you must be finally losing it.

“Um. I’m not exactly sure where you left it but feel free to- AH!” You fell back into the wall as you opened the door and flipped the light switch only to be met with about 15 pairs of eyes. “What the- W-what the…” Your own orbs were wide and brows furrowed. Your sister laughed, patting your shoulder reassuringly.

“Surprise! It’s your bridal shower!” She bounced excitedly, leading you over to a chair. You started to recognize your friends from back home, your mother, your sister and a few friends from the restaurant.

“This really wasn’t necessary…” You mumbled, stumbling a bit. “Really. I don’t deserve your gifts.” You waved your friends off, cheeks pinking. If they only knew how much you really didn’t deserve this.

“Here, open mine first!” Your sister thrusted a bright pink box into your lap, and you almost rolled your eyes at the obnoxious color but opened it nonetheless. Through the hours, you opened all the gifts (some more appropriate then others), drank some wine, and failed to notice your mother’s quietness.

“There’s still one more gift! It’s from mom!” Your sister cried, bringing out the last wrapped box. Your mother’s face seemed to pale and she opened her mouth to say something when your sister interrupted her. “I saw it hidden in the closet and figured you must have forgot about where you put it. It was no problem really. Now, c'mon y/n, open it up.”

After taking off the bright paper and the Macy’s box that your mother used for every holiday box, you were met with a book, a picture of Spencer on one knee at your sister’s wedding, when you forced him to propose to you on the top. “What’s this?” You softly asked, fingers rubbing Spencer’s frame over the plastic covering.

“It’s not that big of a deal, I was just digging through the basement and some old pictures came up. Add those with the ones I’ve been taking of the two of you and….” Her sentence faded out as you started flipping through the pages.

Pictures of you and Spencer as toddlers, chubby limbs wrapped up in each other. As little kids, reading or “cooking”. Spencer trying to teach you how to play chess when you were 12, always losing because you believed the pawns were more important then any other piece. Rare visits to Caltech when you were both 14, both awkward and gangly. Pictures of you at Spencer’s graduation and vice-versa. The pictures didn’t pick back up until the wedding, a few candid shots, pictures of you both working at the restaurant and sitting on the couch when you were watching Star Wars. Lastly, the proposal once more, zoomed in on both your faces. Even though you had just shoved him on the ground exactly 2 seconds earlier, Spencer looked focused, and your fake smile looked genuine.

“I cant do this anymore.” You whispered, shocking yourself when a tear landed on the scrapbook page. “I’m so sorry. You guys…” You got up, rushing out of the room, the cold air kissing your face once you escaped through the front door.

“Hon! Honey! Come back!” Your mother called after you, following you outside. “Y/n, baby, I know.” You looked up at her, tears pricking the edge of your eyes.

“You know? You know that this whole thing was fake?” You asked, throwing up your arms in the air. If your mother could see it, then everyone else probably knew too. God, this whole thing was so stupid. Why did the idea even pop into her head?

“I saw him making out with another girl while I was trying to book a wedding venue.” Your mom explained, hand coming up to cup your cheek. Your own hand came to pinch the bridge of your nose.

“No mom, I have to be honest with you, this whole marriage was a sham. I forced Spencer to propose to me.” She stepped back, head cocking to the side and brows raising. “Dad said he wished he could have two daughters married….” You explained, and your mother seemed to understand.

“Darling, he didn’t mean it in this way..” She engulfed you in a hug, kissing the top of your head. “You’re still in love with him aren’t you? You have been since before you knew what love was.” She asked and you nodded, cries beginning, thankful that they were slightly muffled.

“It’s okay honey, let it all out.”


(3rd Person POV)

Overtime, your comments really started to bug Spencer. Your tone, your bitter words, kept repeating in his mind and for the millionth time he wished that he didn’t have an eidetic memory. He couldn’t believe you had spoken to him that way. You had never expressed that type of rage before.

He had known you for practically his entire life and you had never steered him wrong, always being the person to try and draw him out of his shell. Always his defender, his best friend until you two had started drifting apart after you graduated and he joined the FBI. Even then, you would try to call once every month, trying to keep updated with him, his life, job, mother, etc.

Spencer usually had a good intuition about people, and Mattie seemed lovely enough, so why would Y/n tell him all those awful things about the woman he had start to care for?

“You know, Y/n told me that you used to know each other in high school. What was that like? Were you guys friends?” He tried to subtly press the subject. Mattie laughed, taking a sip of her drink and leaning her head on her hand, eyes slightly glossing over in a nostalgic manner.

“Well, I used to pick on her.” She shrugged, taking a bite of her food like what she had just said was nothing. “I mean, she deserved right?” Spencer was in the middle of picking up his glass to take a sip when he stopped at her remark.

“What do you mean by that?” Mattie seemed confused that she was even asked a question like that but out of the corner of her mind, she remembered that someone like him didn’t attend their high school.

“She was like a blister, ugly to look at, you know. She always had to let everyone know how she was smarter then everyone else. She didn’t let me cheat or anything and… well, just annoying really. She hasn’t changed much since high school.” Spencer seemed to stare at her for what felt like an eternity.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah.” Mattie’s brows raised. “I mean, you’ve known her for a little while right? Isn’t she just…annoying? I mean, she asked you to marry her because she’s too pathetic to find herself an actual fiancé.” Spencer couldn’t believe the words he was hearing, and had to stop his jaw from dropping. It all made sense now, everything you said!

“Oh my- I actually defended you against her! I’m so stupid, I should have known Y/n would never lie to me! She never has before!” Spencer stood up, running his hands over his face angrily. “You…I can’t even come up with any words to describe a snake like you!” He stormed off, already trying to work on how to fix everything he did.

“Does this mean we’re breaking up?” She screeched, and Spencer ignored her, running outside to hail a cab. He quickly dialed your number and the call ended up going straight to voicemail. A second and third time, voicemail. Either something was wrong or you were still pissed off. Yo had every right to be. Oh god, why didn’t he listen to you?!

After yelling your address to the cab driver, he dialed Morgan, quickly explaining everything that had developed recently. Being Spencer’s friend, Morgan tried not to judge too harshly, but couldn’t help the exasperated sigh that escaped his mouth as he said, “Sounds like she’s in love with you, you idiot. You don’t even have to be a profiler to figure that one out buddy.”

“Well- I- I- Uh-” Spencer stumbled a bit, his brain fried. “Spencer,’ his friend scolded through the phone speaker. How do you feel about Y/n?” Morgan was met with silence and he sighed. “What I mean is…. can you be yourself around Y/n? Do you think about her when she isn’t in the room? How would you feel if she had asked someone else to be in your shoes hm?” Spencer stayed quiet for another moment.

If I’m honest, I’m more comfortable with her then anyone, even you guys. I think about her a lot, although recent thoughts weren’t exactly….romantic. If she had asked someone else,’ Spencer whistled lowly. “I wouldn’t have…I… I don’t like that question. She asked me, that’s that.” He answered, brows furrowing when he heard his friends laughter on the other end of the line.

“Then she’s the one. Simple as that. ”

“I…have to go. I’ll talk to you later.” He hung up when he saw your house approaching in the window of the cab, exiting the vehicle and throwing a random wad of cash at the driver, bolting for the guest house. He fumbled with the keys before finally opening the door.

“Y/n! Y/n!” He yelled throughout the guest house, realizing you were gone. He ran over to the main house, which was locked, and looked through all the windows like a mad man. He dialed your number 2 more times and grunted loudly when your automated voice message met his ears instead of your voice. His phone rang just before he was able to dial your number again, and he immediately answered it. “Y/n?”

“Her mother.” An unamused voice greeted his ears. “Listen, before you say another word, Y/n’s father is at the hospital, not that you seem to care. Hopefully I haven’t interrupted your making out sessions hm? Anyways, just figured I’d let you know since you seemed so eager to be a part of this family…” Your mother snapped, hanging up.

The hospital?

“Oh no..” He mumbled dialing for a cab, only thinking of you.

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(also check your Venus)

Aries: TiO // “Push me up against the wall, don’t take it easy, you like it hard like me, it’s what you need”

Taurus: iT’s YoU // “I’ll let ‘em bleed so my silence won't be mistaken for peace”

Gemini: LIKE I WOULD // “Know it’s late but I’m so wired, saw your face and got inspired”

Cancer: fOoL fOr YoU // “This love is tainted, I need you and I hate it, you’re caught between a dream and a movie scene”

Leo: BRIGHT // “Turn out the fucking lights
I wanna see you bright”

Virgo: BeFoUr // “If there’s something I want
I’ll take all the right wrongs”

Libra: sHe // Bright lights, but she’s fading
Feels right, she’s crazy”

Scorpio: dRuNk // “Right now I can’t see straight, intoxicated it’s true when I’m with you”

Sagittarius: SHE DON’T LOVE ME // “I think I know she don’t love me, that’s why I fuck her right”

Capricorn:  rEaR vIeW // Please don’t wait, I’m not coming home tonight, I wanna love you but I can't”

Aquarius:  wRoNg // “You’re looking in the wrong place for my love, don’t think because you’re with me this is real”

Pisces: BLUE // “She plays with my heart and emotion, I give her my love and devotion”