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Sexy, stubborn, dangerous and independent, this man eating femme is a blazing type of soul with a touch of macho in her personality. They feel bored with routine, desiring some adventure in life, a cause, something to fight for in the world.  Her femininity is fuelled by her courage and passion to live. The Aries femme is the heroine; fearless and intelligent - she knows how to stand out from the crowd. Just like the light, she can illuminate. The Mars-Ruled femme fatale always want things to go the way she desires. These femmes cast their love spell with an unmatched heart and eyes that say “I dare you”, she will leave behind anyone who doesn’t take her up on that challenge. She will make love until she can’t anymore, dance until she can’t anymore and be passionate until her last breath. 


In ancient times, the Lion (Leo) was held in total awe and admiration and given deep respect for its power and authority. Being close to the Leo femme is like reliving a sunshine day. She is like the golden days of summer that make the sea sparkle like jewels warming and lighting the world up. She shows off a goddess-given authority and powerful inner spirituality. She makes a cult of beauty - her own. The ultimate sex symbol - an enchantress with much more sexual power than she herself can manage, the zodiac’s Helen of Troy. 


Dangerous to bore, Sagittarius women are every bit the zodiacs wild vixen. This femme can put any man on edge with her reckless wild side. She is hard to keep track of: first she’s here, then she’s there - full of bounce and good cheer, the Saggitarian femme has a sunny disposition capable of putting a smile on even the most miserable of souls. The Femme Fatale of the Jupiter-ruled are savage, lustful and unrestrained, but also possessing a mysterious wisdom, perception and understanding of life, far greater than the ordinary man.