venus choker

aesthetic for the venus signs
  • aries venus: roller coasters, bonfires, bloody knuckles
  • taurus venus: potted plants, cropped sweaters, soft denim
  • gemini venus: high waisted shorts, bubblegum, balloons on ceilings
  • cancer venus: hair cut just above the shoulders, knee high socks, pale blue eyes
  • leo venus: gold glitter, shiny hair, crowns
  • virgo venus: cats, antique pianos, that book smell
  • libra venus: pastel pink hair, light pink lipgloss, angel emoji
  • scorpio venus: cigarettes, tattoo chokers, lace
  • sagittarius venus: being in nature, ripped jeans, sneakers
  • capricorn venus: black and white stripes, black coffee, ink stained hands
  • aquarius venus: chunky black boots, alien emojis, laughing so hard you can't breathe
  • pisces venus: really pale skin, soft blankets, being surprisingly sassy