venus bathing

It has been requested, so here is how I made my Aphrodite Bath!

  • Fake flowers, hung from the shower rod with white yarn
  • Small dollar store dishes with gold jewelry
  • Tea candles with Love Salt* sprinkled on them
  • Pink, white and gold candles (I found the shell candle at the dollar store)
  • A perfume I like (Beyonce’s Heat Wild Orchid)
  • A seashell holding Love Salt* and a gold ring
  • Seashell candles sitting on a bed of pearl bracelets (These are on the shelf but are hidden behind a flower)
  • A pink bath bomb from Lush (I don’t know which one)
  • Red rose petals

*Love Salt: ground coarse sea salt and dried red rose petals

Sun + Venus Aesthetics


Aries sun / Aries Venus: scraped knees, red lipstick, ripped fishnet tights

Aries sun / Taurus Venus: floor tickets at a concert, dark chocolate, combat boots

Aries sun / Cancer Venus: cuddling next to the fireplace, camping, woven blankets

Aries sun / Aquarius Venus: breathless conversations, red sunsets, cacti and succulents

Aries sun / Pisces Venus: getting lost in an unfamiliar city, driving in the rain, tired eyes


Taurus sun / Aries Venus: classic rock, red long-stem roses, nose rings 

Taurus sun / Taurus Venus: bubble baths, daffodils, classic dark wash jeans

Taurus sun / Gemini Venus: bubblegum, crinkled-up laughing eyes, champagne

Taurus sun / Cancer Venus: pastel balloons, the moon reflecting on a lake, acoustic guitars

Taurus sun / Pisces Venus: bluebirds, getting caught in the rain, high waisted shorts


Gemini sun / Aries Venus: lightning, laughing in the middle of a fight, stiletto heels

Gemini sun / Taurus Venus: mountain air, a perfect smile, wildflowers

Gemini sun / Gemini Venus: going out dancing, slapstick comedy, maraschino cherries

Gemini sun / Cancer Venus: pastel yellow sundresses, a worn out denim jacket, daisies

Gemini sun / Leo Venus: gold eye shadow, margaritas, long manicured nails


Cancer sun / Taurus Venus: first kisses, baby pictures, vintage dresses

Cancer sun / Gemini Venus: strawberry milkshakes, blowing bubbles, old convertible Volkswagen bugs

Cancer sun / Cancer Venus: clover flowers, silver lockets, sunshowers

Cancer sun / Leo Venus: piano music, sunflowers, promise rings

Cancer sun / Virgo Venus: polaroid pictures, forehead kisses, silvery moonlight


Leo sun / Gemini Venus: golden retriever puppies, braided hair, orange cream popsicles

Leo sun / Cancer Venus: red wine, engagement rings, Valentine’s Day chocolate

Leo sun / Leo Venus: perfect winged eyeliner, gold jewelry, crushed velvet

Leo sun / Virgo Venus: cashmere sweaters, caramel popcorn, high heeled boots

Leo sun / Libra Venus: aviator sunglasses, palm trees, 80′s cult movies


Virgo sun / Cancer Venus: freshly cut grass, crescent moons, flannel shirts

Virgo sun / Leo Venus: black coffee, thigh high socks, short bodycon dresses

Virgo sun / Virgo Venus: oversized sweaters, black framed glasses, old newspapers

Virgo sun / Libra Venus: windswept hair, coffee shops, lace stockings

Virgo sun / Scorpio Venus: black cats, crop tops, vinyl records


Libra sun / Leo Venus: lemonade, charm bracelets, gold tiaras

Libra sun / Virgo Venus: fairy lights, sparrows, a seedling just poking out of the soil

Libra sun / Libra Venus: cupcakes with pink frosting, designer brands, first dates

Libra sun / Scorpio Venus: converse high tops, smirks, amethyst 

Libra sun / Sagittarius Venus: private jets, tequila shots, seashells


Scorpio sun / Virgo Venus: Doc Martens, obsidian, stargazing on the roof

Scorpio sun / Libra Venus: strawberries, angel wings, sly smiles

Scorpio sun / Scorpio Venus: acid wash denim, vintage concert posters, things said in the heat of the moment

Scorpio sun / Sagittarius Venus: broken glass, chipped nail polish, beach bonfires

Scorpio sun / Capricorn Venus: werewolves, vanilla candles, smiling through tears


Sagittarius sun / Libra Venus: bioluminescent beaches, quick kisses, flirting with a perfect stranger

Sagittarius sun / Scorpio Venus: crunchy leaves, wild eyes, losing baby teeth

Sagittarius sun / Sagittarius Venus: making people laugh, sneaking out, music festivals

Sagittarius sun / Capricorn Venus: the smell of smoke, old maps, iced tea

Sagittarius sun / Aquarius Venus: sunburns, the feeling of wind in your hair, sand between your toes


Capricorn sun / Scorpio Venus: thunderstorms, first love, the satisfaction of getting your way

Capricorn sun / Sagittarius Venus: sarcastic remarks, septum piercings, the “bad boy”

Capricorn sun / Capricorn Venus: crooked smiles, classic cars, cinnamon whiskey

Capricorn sun / Aquarius Venus: postcards, walking through grass barefoot, staying up until sunrise

Capricorn sun / Pisces Venus: foggy mornings, herbal tea, shooting stars


Aquarius sun / Aries Venus: exploring abandoned places, debates, laughing so hard you cry

Aquarius sun / Sagittarius Venus: spontaneous midnight road trips, borrowed sweatshirts, beanies

Aquarius sun / Capricorn Venus: ghost stories, fireflies, skateboarding

Aquarius sun / Aquarius Venus: hawks, ripped jeans, the irresistible urge to do something reckless

Aquarius sun / Pisces Venus: pastel hair, fairy tales, constellations


Pisces sun / Aries Venus: black pearls, burned out matches, ferris wheels

Pisces sun / Taurus Venus: tide pools, the smell before rain, cotton candy

Pisces sun / Capricorn Venus: meteor showers, crystal-covered caves, daydreaming

Pisces sun / Aquarius Venus: crystal balls, watercolor paintings, Greek mythology

Pisces sun / Pisces Venus: hypnotic eyes, unconditional love, wild hair

Turn on's for the Signs (look at your venus)
  • Aries: being direct and winning arguments
  • Taurus: money and perfume
  • Gemini: conversations and change
  • Cancer: sensitivity and cuddles
  • Leo: jewelry and constant validation
  • Virgo: orderliness and good hygiene
  • Libra: champagne and rose petals
  • Scorpio: leather and honesty
  • Sagittarius: the chase and happiness
  • Aquarius: poetry and individuality
  • Pisces: dreams and bubble baths
Sailor Senshi as Witches 🔮

…including the types of magick & divination they might perform.

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  • Sailor Moon - Lunar & Healing Magick; Crystal Ball Scrying 
  • Sailor Mercury - Water & Literary Magick; Bibliomancy
  • Sailor Venus - Glamour & Bath Magick; Palmistry 
  • Sailor Mars - Spirit Work & Protective Magick; Pyromancy
  • Sailor Jupiter - Kitchen & Storm Magick; Ceraunomancy  
  • Sailor Saturn - Baneful & Defensive Magick; Cartomancy 
  • Sailor Uranus - Tech Magick; Shufflemancy 
  • Sailor Neptune - Sea Magick; Sea & Mirror Scrying 
  • Sailor Pluto - Death & Hedge Magick; Bone Scrying


anonymous asked:

Do you have any ideas on offerings to give to Venus? This retrograde is causing me issues

  • crystals - emerald, jade, rose quartz, celestite, turquoise, peridot, malachite, sodalite, coral
  • burn a blend of herbs - apple, bergamot, cashew, daffodil, daisy, damiana, geranium, goldenrod, hibiscus, larkspur, lavender, lemon verbena, lilac, passion flower, peach, plantain, primrose, raspberry, rose, spearmint, strawberry, tansy, thyme, vanilla, violet, yarrow, ylang ylang
  • burn a candle or incense made from of one of the herbs listed above
  • actions - do something nice for someone
  • other - set out some pretty flowers, trinkets, or jewelry; make an altar and dedicate it to venus; draw a picture of venus and set it on the aformentioned altar; dedicate your bath to venus
“Bathe me in Love” spell

A bath spell that takes the love that’s all around you and pours it out for you to soak up.

To be done on a Friday

Into a paper coffee filter, place the following:



rose leaves

dried lemon peel

Tie the bundle off with pink embroidery floss, knotting it nine times. Anoint the bundle with an oil that contains at least one of the following:  rose, yarrow, cardamom, strawberry, saffron, sandalwood, vanilla (I used BPAL’s Jezebel). Dedicate it to a love deity/spirit of your choice, or to the greatest good of the universe (if you don’t work with spirits or deities).

Get the water running in the tub, and add some lavender oil and a little splash of vanilla extract. Place the bundle in the tub. You can add some pink, green or blue food coloring to the bath as well, for extra Venus energy.

Enjoy your bath, and observe how the love feels. Let it in, and let it wash away your pain and darkness. You are so loved.

I was more than ever enraptured when I saw her again. Elizabeth was sitting at breakfast, whilst her hair-dresser arranged her hair. She was too beautiful for words, at least I thought so, and indeed the Empress, then in the height of her beauty, was a lovely picture. A négligee of exquisite lace enveloped her slender figure, and her wonderful hair, which I saw for the first time unbound, flowed around her in heavy chestnut waves. Her inscrutable eyes were of a deep amber flecked with gold, and the searching daylight discovered no flaw in her. Elizabeth seemed a daughter of sun and fire as she sat there in the golden glow which intensified her loveliness and her strange ethereal look.
—  Sisi as described by Marie Larisch in her autobiography “My Past”.