venus and mars united by love

7th House Partner
  • sun in the 7th: Wants to embody and radiate vibrant love in their relationships. wants someone to make them feel whole. Attracts/attracted to loyalty and fun-loving charisma and confidence, people with big hearts.
  • moon in the 7th: Wants emotional connection in their relationships. to love and be loved. unconsciously seeks motherly, nurturing figures. Attracts/attracted to psychic connection and a sentimental, tender character.
  • mercury in the 7th: Wants cerebral completion from their relationships, for their partner's mind to work at the same frequency. Attracts/attracted to clever, witty, humorous intellectuals, people who provide equal communication.
  • venus in the 7th: Wants beautiful love that exemplifies equitable relationship, two parts of the scales uniting into one. Attracts/attracted to inviting charm, sophisticated, and pleasant, sweet company.
  • mars in the 7th: Wants vivid and intensely adrenalized relationships, for someone to light the flame inside them. Attracts/attracted to sparkling, energetic motivation and exciting, sexual types.
  • Jupiter in the 7th: Wants a lively and spirited relationships, for someone to help them discover their soul's roadmaps. Attracts/attracted to big-hearted, friendly, philanthropic and knowledgeable individuals.
  • Saturn in the 7th: Wants a relationship that will bring structural comfort, a partner who will respect them and help them find their wisdom and sense of Order. Unconsciously seeks fatherly, mature, sustaining figures. Attracts/attracted to prestigious, refined, disciplined and reliable individuals.
  • Uranus in the 7th: Wants a relationship that will defibrillate the heart, for someone to excite and liberate them (or to be liberated from relationship). Attracts/attracted to unusual, eccentric, intelligent and universally understating individuals.
  • Neptune in the 7th: Wants redemption in a relationship, to save and be saved, an emotionally divine union. Attracts/attracted to sensitive, devoting, imaginative and universally empathatic types.
  • Pluto in the 7th: Wants a relationship that will empower them, a powerfully psychic and emotionally intertwined connection that will renew the heart. Attracts/attracted to compelling, mysterious, focused and sultry figures.
An astrological case study on the U.S consumerist and addict culture of perfection.

In the U.S.A we have an unhealthy almost debilitating fixation on perfection, and unrealistic ideals. A country founded on religious extremism, the concept of “freedom”, The European invention of racism, slavery and genocide is seen with a chart that reflects it’s sentiments. Though the time of the signing of the declaration is argued and deeply debated, it is a general consensus that the U.S has a Sagittarius rising, and since it’s the most agreed upon chart for the U.S it is the one I will be using.

The chart ruler of this natal (Jupiter) is in the seventh house in cancer, it is conjunct Venus, and the Sun, were Venus one degree closer, it would be a cancer stellium. What that sais’ about the way the U.S handles and navigates the world negatively, is that it utilizes grandiosity, false charm, and you guessed it, money to entice others into cooperating, because it’s all about power, and covert knowledge under the shadow of sweetness, the ruler of the seventh house is in the eighth, relationships are not only transformative, they are based in power struggles, secrets and control, changing the people the U.S calls friends into what it deems to be a perfect ideal, which is when we visit the tenth house in Virgo (MC in Virgo) the ruler of the tenth is in the eighth for this as well, the perfect ideal does not exist, the public (tenth house) tries to become what the country forces them to become. 

Since this is all about values, lets start at the second house. Capricorn is in the second. right away, we see that the self value and worth is based upon usefulness, status and power, people only have value if they are being useful in some way or being used. The ruler of the second is in the tenth in libra, money is directly linked to the status of the public and how we present ourselves socially and topically. The physical appearance of the public is also linked to value of people, and economic resources. The materialism of the people feeds the economy. Now what we have here is a toxic potpourri of self delusion and sickness. Neptune is conjunct the MC on it’s shadow side, it is forcing unrealistic unreliable world views, spiritual beliefs, and self realizations onto the tenth house, which is innately analytical, perfectionist, and intensely introspective and transformative due to the energy from the eighth house. This idealistic unreal, surreal dream that is fed to the demographic of the U.S.A generates immense amounts of stress, as the populace strives for a perfection that doesn’t exist, physically, through fitness, Photoshop and filters. Spiritually the united states has some of the worst religious extremism in the world, which neptune encourages this, as neptune is square mars in the seventh. Emotionally, the U.S has it’s moon in the the third house in aquarius trine venus, we expect everyone to be light, and happy. Free and love themselves, when that in of itself is unrealistic and perverted. 

All of this leads to addiction because the people take all of the stress, all of the pain and the expecations into the fourth house, which is pisces. Pisces in the fourth is nebulous and light. The foundation of america is literally built on dreams, faith and servitude.  The people go back from the harshness of reality that is forced upon them, into their fourth which is illusory and dreamy, and they loose themselves in their unattainable fantasies.

Moon Healing🌙

::: The moon is a powerful part of me and I resonate deeply with her. She rules my ascendant, has rulership over my sun sign, and aspects all of my planets from her own residence in the 4th house. She pulsates through me, I understand her burden. And so, I also understand how to reason with her :::

Moon-Sun contacts 🌟 Finding healing, passageway and assurance of emotions through creative self-expression. Consciously remind yourself it is your birthright to present your identity through what you feel. Follow your intuition as to genuinely experience the vibrancies around you.

Moon-Mercury contacts 💬 Stimulate your cerebral centers with all forms of literature, media, amusing entertainment, and communicative exchange that cultivate the mind. Vent verbally to yourself or a journal. You are so concerned with getting other people to listen to you, but maybe for once you should listen to yourself.

Moon-Venus Contacts 💕 Reconcile the loving attitude you have towards yourself and how you feel about yourself; unite them as to birth self-love. Access your aesthetic awareness and pleasure yourself through artistic expression, listening to your favorite music, and appreciating the comforts and sentiments in life. Satisfy your social urges by interacting with people you’re affectionate about, or if not socially inclined, regenerate yourself and indulge in sweet solitude. 

Moon-Mars Contacts 🔥 Access your fighting spirit & express your emotional storms; it is therapeutic to release anger, yell and cry tears of frustration. Physical activity revitalizes soul wounds, take a walk  or stretch every now and then. Interact with your passions. Consciously confront your inner war and strife. If sexually inclined, engage in sexual activity even if its with yourself; feed your desires and aggressive urges as to clear up pent-up irritability.

Moon-Jupiter Contacts 💫  Find hope, light and optimism in the midst of despair. Adventurous daydreams, big teary thunder laughs, and imaginative storytelling are medicinal, making life experiences more vibrant and lively. Indulge in Jupiter dreams; relax, eat your favorite meal and sit outdoors in nature’s breeze when the weather is nice. Access higher consciousness from literature & learning something new. Open your higher mind and critically question facets of your life as to find enlightenment and wisdom through discovery. 

Moon-Saturn Contacts ⌛ Contemplate heavily on what is worrying you. This is to discover the roots of your qualms as to resolve them; you will find that they all derive from your own irrational fears and insecurities. Structure yourself by performing small physical tasks as to prevent lethargy and mindlessness, where at the end of the day you could take pride in yourself for completing them. Start small, and work your way up; specks of wisdom, dignity and growth are found through even the smallest of personal achievements.

⚠ Emotional mastery does not come from suppression of emotion from which you disguise as “control of emotions.” Contrarily, suppression of emotion originates from fear of facing them, therefore it is fear that controls you. emotional proficiency comes from conscious addressment and evaluation–emotions shouldn’t have authority over you, it’s supposed to be the other way around; have sovereignty over what you feel. “This is how I am feeling, and this is how I will handle it.” tell it to yourself straight, cowardice is not the way of Saturn ⚠

Moon-Uranus Contacts ⚡️ Color emotional upsets with humor and face them with healthy, collected objectivity. Embrace change and access your individualistic spirit, birthing bright, original concepts and unusual inspiration for yourself. Access cosmic consciousness and keen intuition by involving yourself with the world, such as communities and friends you affiliate with, whether it be online (Uranus rules technology) or off (Uranus rules any group, society&community-all facets of the collective).

Moon-Neptune Contacts 💦 Daydreaming and sleeping to settle sorrows and unexplained psychic pains. Losing yourself to meditation and other spiritual, artistic and musical journeys. Avoid feeling the harmful vibrations of others for awhile and to get in tuned with your own vibes & emotions through healthy isolation.

Moon-Pluto Contacts 🔮Find comfort in loneliness and give yourself plenty of private time as to evaluate and expel emotional disturbances and self-destructive tendencies. Listen to your psychic sense and consciously access your fears, utilize your inner psychologist. Interest yourself in mystical and esoteric studies.

For anyone with emotional aches

may i just say that my adoration for venus in 11th knows no bounds tbh. i’ve talked about them before in asks but i need a post specifically geared towards them lol. my older brother, *cough* favorite brother, has this placement and my mom consistently talks about how he was always the kid who would befriend the outsiders. one of the stories being about one child in sunday school named clayton with a curly fro and webbed fingers who stayed alone on the outskirts. my brother would go over to him, engage in some activity with him, and take him by the hand to group activities. the first time he noticed his hands was while the class encompassed the room and they were to unite by hand. my brother looked at clayton’s hands, then his own, shrugged it off and smiled as his hand engulfed clayton’s. my brother is very much the glue to my family…the way he expresses love is resemblant to us all. although i have moon and mars in 11th, caring deeply and passionately for others, it can be in a way that is almost domineering; moon in 11th wants to act as a maternal figure to others while my mars in 11th wants to be a leader amongst others. venus in 11th just wants to extend the support through love to others, they want others to know they are loved for who they are.

Mars Aspects
  • Mars/Sun: Strong will and energy and unless mars is in detriment, prominent vital force. Competitive, impulsive and combative nature. If harmonious, action and willpower are working together and the animal nature of mars is tamed. Needs activity otherwise lethargy makes them ill. Quick, alert and wants to be seen as independent and individualistic. Desire, bravery and ambitions are strong here. If sexually inclined, sexual-nature is apt to be potent. Easily angered, passionate, dominating and opinionated. If afflicted, anger must be kept from becoming destructive and violent, should be used effectively. With the square and opposition there is inner conflict of the identity against the warrior that needs overcoming.
  • Mars/Moon: Strong vitality and resilient inner being. Energetic and alert, possesses recuperative abilities. Subtle competitive nature, opinionated and apt to defend those in need. Can be impulsive, moody, hot tempered and easily offended. Subconscious feelings and energy working together if harmonious; the animal nature of mars is tamed and used constructively. Good for leadership roles and gives natural androgynous personality traits, making it easy for friendly but assertive relationships with others if harmonious. The square and opposition bring inner conflict where the needs are concerned; the soul against the warrior. Can get aggressive, selfish and become antagonists to themselves if afflicted. If not grasped healthily, there is bound to be trouble as far as relationships are concerned, especially with the mother or feminine figures.
  • Mars/Mercury: The mind is alert, clever, witty and restless. An active kind of person who enjoys debates. Activity is important, otherwise boredom causes the nerves to exasperate from agitation. Skillful in literature and/or mathematics. Comical and humorous nature, good dexterity and coordination, and tough mental capability. Reason working with action if harmonious; the warrior has a useful and valuable mind filled with tactics. Easily offended, more so if intelligence is tested or insulted. A biting tongue with snappy sarcasm, more dishonest, belligerent and untasteful if afflicted. With the square and opposition, the mind is animalistic and needs steadying, otherwise can aggravate the muscles and nerves as well as cause frustration with others.
  • Mars/Venus: The hardiness and vigor of mars united with the gentleness, sentiments and values of Venus; here lies the adventurous romantic. Much energy is put into creative interests and in surrounding themselves with beauty. Their principles and ideals are important to them, apt to fight for love or to passionately maintain peace. Makes for talents surrounding creativity such as singing, art, music and acting/theatre. Sensual and magnetic personality. If sexually inclined, sexual nature is ardent and the native appreciates both a loving and sexual relationship. Strongly concerned with money. If harmonious, tends to be sociable and friendly; the anima and animus are congruent. With the conjunction the two energies can be challenging to manage, there is fluctuation between the harshness of mars and softness of Venus. Androgynous characteristics are present due to the natural balancing of the powers of masculinity and femininity in the personality, more so if harmonious. If afflicted, such as with the square or opposition, sociable nature is troubled and romantic and/or social relationships with others proves to be difficult.
  • Mars/Jupiter: Sincere, straightforward, openly opinionated and holds deep-seated beliefs. Beliefs are usually spiritual, religious or political. Strong sense of justice, fights for it. The square or opposition can be so devoted to justice that they may foolhardily take it into their own hands. A friendly, generous, charitable, confident and approachable kind of person. The harmonious contacts prove to be natural teachers. Strong faith in inner truths and in others, but their greatest enemies can be idealism of the world and doubtfulness in themselves. Can over-exert themselves and get carried away in things they’re passionate about. If sexually inclined, appreciates a fleeting, sexual and adventurous kind of romance. With the square or oppositions and sometimes the conjunction, these people are apt to forcefully put their opinions on others. Arrogance in beliefs and unwise judgment with the harsh aspects. Can attack others for not believing in what they believe in, or hold bias more so if found in fixed signs. With any Jupiter aspect indulgence can become a problem.
  • Mars/Saturn: If harmonious, the animal is tamed by the discipline of Saturn. If disharmonious, the warrior battles with authority. Control and structure are important to these people. Likely to follow and/or enforce the rules. With the conjunction, square and oppositions, Saturn restricts Mars and there is fear of asserting oneself, perhaps a fear of authority figures. Can be extremely self-willed and controlling towards others. Very enduring. With the sextile and trine, are more reliable, responsible and constructive with clear judgment and common sense; more willing to work hard for what they strongly desire. Puts much effort into controlling temper, so much that those with Mars/Saturn aspects can suffer internal and confined rage that has no proper outlet. If sexually inclined, the sexual nature is vigorous, concerned with dominating. With the hard contacts, there could be fear of sexual activity. Can be remarkably courageous, successful, ambitious and directing if fear of failure is defeated. Good for those pursuing business. Easily makes enemies, more so in the fixed signs or if Venus is weak in the chart. Soft contacts tend to be active and structured, while the hard contacts may experience lethargy and disorientation. With the square or opposition, impulse and action need controlling; there is struggle between mars who rushes head first and Saturn who demands caution and patience.
  • Mars/Uranus: Erratic stamina, accident prone; can experience sudden physical injuries. If sexually inclined, there is an energetic, “strange" and unconventional sexual nature. Boredom irritates the nerves. Individualistic in nature, excellent problem solving skills and inspirational to others. The personality is magnetic, a sociable person. Apt to take up battles that aren’t theirs, to fight for humanity and the underdog. With the sextile or trine there is an exceptional ability to take immediate action and handle difficult ordeals in life. Independent nature from an early age with powerful intuitions. With any Uranus aspect, there is an inner genius if used properly. A Universal kind of person, can tolerate anything or anyone, excluding boredom. Puts energy into fighting for what is right, a talented debater. Can be good with technology and scientific matters. Soft contacts do not conform to rules unless the rules add up, hard aspects may recklessly rebel against rules with no cause. Violent temper, poor judgment, impatience, willfulness and recklessness need controlling when it comes to the conjunction, square or opposition. The hard aspects can experience challenging and sudden endings of important matters in the life, depending on the houses and signs involved.
  • Mars/Neptune: With the hard contacts, the warrior is dissolved and the person is apt to not be a fighter. Resorts to passive aggression. With the sextile or trine, mars triumphs; cannot be fooled by deception especially of hidden enemies, has a compassionate and honest nature, a practical idealist and has the energy to go for their dreams. With the hard aspects, one is predisposed to be the victim, a complex to be a martyr or to be saved. With the soft aspects, is inclined to be the hero, a complex to save others. A good actor, charismatic personality and sensual nature. May put energies into artistic, spiritual, and creative endeavors. Intuitive, emotional, sensitive, psychic and empathetic spirit. If sexually inclined, seeks a deep, romantic and spiritual connection. Can have sexual fantasies and hold what are considered strange sexual interests, more so with the hard contacts. If afflicted, there are self-delusions and fantasies of winning, competing and being strong. Hard contacts can potentially become self-destructive, obsessive, confused and restless. The harsh aspects can be deceiving or easily deceived (or both) and need to learn to acquire a sense of responsibility, integrity and understand what it means to sacrifice. With any Neptune/mars contact, must be careful where addictions are concerned.
  • Mars/Pluto: Knowledgeable of sexual matters from an early age and if sexually inclined, the sexual nature is formidably great and raw, sexual intimacy is preferred. Sexual nature can be suppressed out of fear with the square or opposition, but if not addressed can surface compulsively. Abundance of ambition and drive. The animal self is doubled and needs restraint and cultivating if afflicted. With the hard contacts, cruelty, ruthlessness, power-struggles and self-destruction need monitoring. With the trine or sextile there is self-confidence, healthy ambition, courage and dynamic energy put to good use. Mars/Pluto contacts makes for powerful emotions and an interest in the occult, taboos and spiritual matters. Psychic, dominating, magnetic, competitive, probing and charismatic presence and personality. Control and assertion of power are important to these people. Extremely private. Not one to trust or to be deceived easily. Physical activity is needed to manage the forces of mars and Pluto, more so with the opposition or square. Can be beneficially fearless and brave if buried rage and power-complex are managed. With the hard aspects, a fighting-for-survival mentality is present and there is a distrust of oneself and of masculinity that needs attending.
My Fair Warrior: Part 16

Setting: Watertown, Fort Drum, Wilmington, and Indian Falls, New York, USA, 2022

Summary: Feyre pitches Vitality to a Lieutenant Colonel with the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, NY. Afterward, Rhys takes her hiking, and she encounters some people she didn’t expect to run into.

Ship: Feysand

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,490

A/N: Part 16 of my Modern AU. As before, some lines come directly from ACOMAF and belong to Sarah J. Maas. Also, I grew up in New York State and I’ve been to the Adirondacks a few times … I really loved writing these scenes there. It was kind of like going home. <3

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Venus Retrograde July 25th, 2015 - September 6th, 2015

“Re"flect, “Re"think, “Re"plan

They say old friends and lovers return during Venus retrograde. It does make it worthwhile to look back at previous Venus retrograde dates and see where it was in your chart and try to recall how it affected you. Personal monies can be easily drained and even difficult to accumulate at this time. When you look at what Venus rules, like personal money, relationships, luxuries, spending money - it is wise to begin things in these areas AFTER Venus stations direct. New relationship? Wait. Old relationships are worth acknowledging though, but tread carefully. Down payment on a house? Wait. Thrift shopping and buying things that you see as valuable but others see as junk are okay to venture into. You are advised to be cautious when buying big ticket, luxury items and entering into new relationships because you may end up paying more than you expected. The temptations are there, Venus is a temptress, but it is important to notice them and resist them for the greater good. You will be rewarded for the sacrifices you make.
Internally, we are often contemplating a re-direction of our values and spend much time reflecting on relationships. What house Venus is in during this time will denote where you may want to refocus your energy. Sometimes we often retreat from the social scene and practice more self-love. With this retrograde in Leo we are challenging the very foundation of power and disempowerment. We may look at our roles and want to shed them to gain a new perspective from being on a different side. It’s a lot about love and war. Leo is the lion so we can often feel a heightened sense of pride for all Venusian related matters. People will be wresting with their image of the feminine. Some may even reckon with their own inner Queen. Nick Dagan Best has demonstrated the Venus Leo retrogrades to critical moments of race relations in the United States. It’s worth researching.

Dates when it is more likely that someone will show up from the past: August 31 - September 1 when Venus conjuncts Mars in Leo. Re-think it and do not jump back in to quickly.

On October 9th, Venus exits the shadow period of her retrograde cycle. The week leading up to actual stations are quite dramatic.

Aries Ascendant - Do not block your own light. Venus will be moving backward through your 5th house. There is new energy being put towards creativity, children, fun, love, and humor. There is much introspection in this area for you, perhaps you are having issues here and need this time to figure out a new way of going about things. To invite love from others think about the love you give. As an Aries Ascendant, you have no reservations when it comes to jumping into things head-on, just make sure it doesn’t concern spending money to feed the ego. Your artistic nature is where the real driving focus should be, for it is abounding! You will also question your expenditures of energy and your connection to the source of it.

Taurus Ascendant - Be honest with who you are. Venus will be moving backward through your  4th house. This is the area of home, family, roots and the past.  You’re more inclined to reflect on your emotional self and private life, how to replenish yourself and restore your spirit. Perhaps your family and home are being uprooted in some way and you seek new ways of putting forth energy here. It may be a time when you are planning to live in a new home or residence. As a Taurus Ascendant, you will want to ground yourself in sensuality, be nourished by touch, and feel the security of material things at this time. Take stock in what you have instead of what you don’t. Acknowledge your need to be recognized for who you are.

Gemini Ascendant - Make room for who you are. Venus will be moving backward through your 3rd house, which is your familiar territory. This is the area of communication, commerce, intellect, siblings, thought, writing and language as well as short trips. It is here you are asked to be more flexible and versatile when it comes to your values. Prioritize. In order to adopt or adapt it is advised that you improve in the way of communication. It is not so much about what you learn but that you learn. A Gemini Ascendant already has great familiarity with the 3rd house, but with Venus retrograde here, you are asked to contemplate and closely examine the changing contours of your environment. This includes people and social interactions in particular. Make room for who you are in your everyday life.

Cancer Ascendant - What are you really worth? Venus will be moving backward through your 2nd house. This is already Venusian territory and is the area of possessions, personal money, material worth. It will be tough for you to tame the yearning for more money because you will feel as though you fall short of what you truly need. Your value is not measured by your valuables. You must ask yourself what it is you truly desire and if you are somehow filling this void with material possessions. Lucrative times will find you when you find your true worth outside of money. Your own self estimation does not have a number attached to it. Do not measure yourself that way for you are much more than that.

Leo Ascendant - Managing your passions and relationships. Venus will be moving backward through your first house. The house of self, potential, ego, physical body. There is much thought being put into how to reshape your image because you want to make the most of your present opportunities. How you value yourself and project that to the world is going to be on your mind and probably even refocused. You seek admiration, and being a Leo Ascendant, you will go about garnering this with much heart and fiery determination. It helps that Jupiter is here too! Reversals of roles and how you adapt to these abrupt and dramatic changes are due to occur. Take care of your heart in both senses.

Virgo Ascendant - Take pride in who you’ve become. Venus will be moving backward through your 12th house. This is the house of self undoing, imagination, daydreams, subconscious, mental health, affairs, escapism. Gee, you may not even know what is going on right now because your mind is busied with your past. It is important to take time for yourself and reflect on what it is you want. Do not speak in absolutes for it is best to not cement any of your decisions at this time. Wait until this period is over. You may feel very rushed right now - rushed to do and to be and to act - but you must realize that you have the right to take all the time you need to work things out for yourself and your best interest. You will receive the credit that you are owed.

Libra Ascendant - Who are you to people? Venus is moving backward through your 11th house. This is Uranus territory so it has much to do with erratic behavior, society, friendships, fame and social interaction. Although you may feel overwhelmed by your friends right now, it is important to focus on them and see their true value. It’s a really personal time when you will be reflecting on the love you receive and how you receive it. You may feel it is not enough. It is worth examining if you are the culprit here - perhaps you aren’t giving enough. Don’t take those you have and objectify them to the point where you push them aside as if they’re just leftovers. Go back to the roots and you will rediscover the true intent of your friendships and what kind of friend you are.

Scorpio Ascendant - The importance of professional relationships. Venus is moving backward through your 10th house. This is the area of public persona, career, goals, the future. How you want others to see you plays a significant role right now in your mind. If you are uncertain about who you are in the eyes of others then that will be reflected back at you. You want admiration in your community, and you want to be loved widely, but it all happens when you truly know yourself well enough to show people just that. Wear who you are for all the world to see. Further introspection and values surround where you are going and what you truly want out of life. Success comes when you project your genuine self.

Sagittarius Ascendant - Re-discover your fundamental passions. Venus is moving back through your home territory of the 9th house. This, as you know, is the area of higher learning and education, long distance travel, culture, foreign lands, publishing and writings of intrinsic value, experiential learning. Values concerning the cultivation of beliefs play a major role. More importantly, you may feel you are biting off more than you can chew right now. Sorting out what you truly care about in the now is what must be focused on. You are spending entirely too much time trying to keep up with what no longer inspires you. The horse is dead - stop beating it. You are not letting anyone down by changing gears but you are dragging yourself down by carrying around what no longer serves you. Use all of your senses in the most delicious ways in order to reinvigorate yourself. Yoke the wild horses within.

Capricorn Ascendant - A knot that needs to be unwound. Venus is moving backward through your 8th house. This is the house of transformation, sex, rebirth, shared resources, hermitic tendencies. Your thinking is deeper now and your mind is filled with thoughts of finding truth. It’s a pretty heavy area. However, your focus is partly on acquiring new things, spending money together for new things and experiences - perhaps with a partner. The trouble here is that you should be focusing on what you already have that is of value. It is a time when Venus urges you to reflect on the unused “junk” you may have left out in the cold. Pick it up, re-shine it, remember why it made you happy when it was new. This will fill a void in you, it will serve as a reminder to cherish what is, and will open you up to a well of emotional energy. This may even be a time when you find something at a yard sale worth a lot of money. Ca-ching!

Aquarius Ascendant - The dynamics of personal truths. Venus will be moving backward through your 7th house. This is another one of the homes of Venus and has to do with partnerships, marriage, your shared self. Oh, the drama. It’s a good thing you know how to detach. You’re focusing too much on what you don’t want from your partner at this time. The thing is that you are manifesting what you don’t want by highlighting it. Instead, you must clearly communicate what it is you WANT in order to jump start this relationship and get it out of the rut it’s in. Find out what it is you truly want by being honest with yourself and honest with your partner. There are, after all, three people in a relationship: you, them, and the partnership itself. All three need to be addressed and free-flowing in order for you to begin anew.

Pisces Ascendant - Heath and daily work habits. Venus is moving backward through your 6th house. Virgo’s terrain. This is the area of service to others, physical health and wellbeing, routines to do with daily life and work. The tiniest necessities and attention to self are the focal point. You need to address how and why certain habits work or don’t work for you. Habits that affect the emotional life of your partnerships are being brought to light. You also need to prioritize and take one step at a time to get to the finish line. Your hard work will pay off if you don’t get in your own way. Look at the habits of others and see what they do and try to adopt some of them if you think it’ll work. Sometimes old routines become stale. Take time to pamper yourself and exercise, go to the doctor for a routine check-up, take vitamins. Take heed of your health and finances. Do whatever you need to do for yourself so you can put your best foot forward when being of service to others.

Does any of you read The Lunar Chronicles?

I’ve recently read all three books out so far (Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress) and I’m deeply in love with them. As a Sailor Moon fan girl even more so, because the author, Marissa Meyer, is a popular Sailor Moon fan fiction writer in before she wrote her own novel. Influences of Sailor Moon is all over the series, which is by the way about a bunch of fairy tale princesses being absolutely awesome at kicking butts who gather together to save the world (sound familiar already?)

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it! Especially if you love both Sailor Moon and fairy tale princesses. The story is refreshingly great, especially for YA, and sci-fi (which I typically don’t care for). The characters all are different and rounded and you can’t help but love all of them fiercely and hate the antagonists with a passion you’re supposed to feel (normally when I read YA I either hate the heroine or root for the villains/wrong side of the ship).

Here is an excerpt from the author’s FAQ page which I found incredibly amusing:

Why did you choose to set Cinder in futuristic Asia?
The easy answer: it just popped into my head that way. It probably had something to do with my first inspiration for Cinder’s character being Japanese actress Mew Azama, who played Sailor Jupiter in the live-action Sailor Moon show.


That said, it’s actually quite fitting, as some scholars believe that the earliest Cinderella tale came from 9th-century China. Additionally, some believe that the iconic glass slipper (which was gold in the original Grimm version) came to us from China’s tradition of foot-binding and a culture in which women were praised for tiny feet. So having Cinder set in China kind of has a symbolic, cyclical quality to it.

(But really… it was mostly because of Sailor Jupiter.)

The more I look at the story, the more I realize how many parallels there are to Sailor Moon. Here are the connections and influences I have noticed! 

SPOILER ALERT: Do not click “Read More” unless you have read the books and/or don’t mind being spoiled for important plot points.

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Signs As Planets
  • Aries: -Mars- Represents willpower, the energy possessed by the ego that enables people to go after, gain, and accomplish what they want.
  • Taurus: -Venus- Known as the planet of love, affection, values and sensuality. The love and beauty of Venus have the power to both unite and heal.
  • Gemini: -Mercury- The modern associations of the planet bearing the same name include all forms of communications, such as writing implements, books, telephones, sign language, body language,facial expressions, and code,
  • Cancer: -Moon- The way in which the Moon seems to change size and shape, along with the moons effect on the constantly shifting ocean tides, resembles Cancer's ever-changing moods; however, the Moons changes are a lot more predictable.
  • Leo: -Sun- The Sun symbolizes us in the center of our personal "solar system" of friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. The Sun gives life and light to our world. It symbolizes the ego.
  • Virgo: -Mercury- Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, rules the sign of Virgo, so those born under the sign are mentally quick, incisive, and sharp.
  • Libra: -Venus- The love and beauty that Venus represents have the power to both unite and heal, and a more desirable and powerful combination is difficult to imagine. Accomplishing goals by only attracting only whats wanted and rejects the rest.
  • Scorpio: -Pluto- Is the planet of power and transformation. It symbolizes the part of people that wants to get and use power of every kind. Associated with the mysteries of life, magic, sex, and the ultimate transformation, death.
  • Sagittarius: -Jupiter- Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system, rules expansion, growth, the big picture, thinking big, being jovial, and being fortunate. Jupiter rules plain luck, but also the fortune that is the result of expanding one's mind through learning and being open to new ideas.
  • Capricorn: -Saturn- Saturn is the planet of structure, time, boundaries, restriction, and discipline. It helps people delay pleasure so that they can do what needs to be done in the time allotted.
  • Aquarius: -Uranus- Uranus is the planet of eccentricity, genius, rebellion, revolution, and invention. It represents the forces in life that wants to keep things new, exciting, and on the edge.
  • Pisces: -Neptune- Neptune is the planet of transcendent beauty and inspiration. It rules theories about dimensions beyond this one, faith, and the belief in things that cannot be seen, the power of prayer, and the after life.