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Drop a few in my askbox, babe 💌

1. What do you like about your Sun Sign and what don’t you like?
2. What are the positive and negative aspects of your Sun Sign that you display?
3. Like about your Moon Sign and dislike?
4.Positives and negatives of your Moon Sign that you display? 
6. Do you get along with people who share your Sun Sign?
7.What are your relationships like with those with Signs opposite to you?
8. What Sign do you get along with best?
9. Worst?
10. Favorite Sign in Sun?
11. In Moon?
12. Rising?
13. Venus?
14. Are you interested/do you believe in Synastry or Astrological Compatibility?
15. What’s your Astrological OTP?
16. What pair do you think is the worst?
17. What Sign have you had the most success with romantically?
18. The least?
19. Are you attracted romantically to a certain Sign?
20. Platonically?
21. What do you like about your Venus Sign?
22. Dislike?
23. If you could have any Venus Sign what would it be?
24. Have you ever compared your chart to another’s to see if the two of you were compatible?
25. Were there any surprises for you in your birth chart?
26. If you could change any part of your charts what would it be?
27. What are the Signs of your friends? What is the dynamic like?
28. Your parents’ Signs? What is the dynamic like?
29. Your current or most recent partner’s Sign? What is the dynamic like?
30. Do you believe gender influences Astrology?
31. Are you interested in Western, Eastern, and/or Vedic Astrology?
32. What House placement has helped you the most in life?
33. Hurt you the worst?
34. Do you believe Astrology determines our destiny or that we still have free will?
35. Do you believe in Astrological Soulmates?
36. How seriously do you take Astrology?
37. Have you ever felt skeptical of Astrology?
38. Do you worry about Retrogrades?
39. Do you consider Astrology when planning for your future?
40. Do you feel like people take Astrology too seriously or not seriously enough?
41. Is Astrology a large part of your life?
42. Can you relate better to your Dominant or Sun Sign?
43. What Element is Dominant in your Chart?
44. Are you the type who always asks for other’s Signs?
45. Feelings on Ophiuchus?
46. What do you like and dislike about the tumblr Astro community?
47. Do you have a favorite Astro blog?
48. What do you think about Zodiac stereotypes?
49. What’s your Astrology forte? Relationships, careers, etc.
50. Do you believe in any other “pseudoscience”/occult practices?


Hi all! In the midst of trying to find a job, potentially pack to move, and make money for student loans, I’ve decided to sell off the rest of my dolls. All of the dolls were used for display only, except for for the last three which were given to me. All of them come from a nonsmoking home, and come with brushes and stands. All dolls come with all accessories UNLESS stated otherwise. These lovely dolls really need new homes, so any help would be appreciated. 

Shipping is $3 for 1-2 dolls and $5 for 3 or more dolls/ the playsets. United States only please. Paypal only. 

Sleep Frankie  $10
Dance Robecca   $10
Swim Venus   $10
Freaky Fusion Opperetta   $10
Original Spectra (Missing Accessories)  $5
Lagoonafire $15
Clawvenus  $15
Catastrophe   $15
GiGi Grant School   $15
Catty Noir School   $15
Sweet Screams Ghoulia   $15
Scaris Frankie   $15
13 Wishes Lagoona   $15
Scaris Rochelle   $15
Invisbilly   $15
Ever After High Cupid (1st Release)   $15
Scaris Jinafire-  $15
Viperine-  $15
Threaderella Frankie-  $15
Ghouls Rule Frankie (missing cauldron)-  $15
Ghouls Rule Abbey (missing punchbowl)-  $15
Scaris Playset  $10
Scaris Car  $10
Ghouls Alive Frankie & Spectra (need batteries, work amazing)- $20 for set
Music Festival Clawdeen, Venus and Abbey- $20 for SET
Scaris Frankie (redress with fashion pack set)- $15
Winx- $5
Ever After High Maddie in Monster High Lagoona Dress- $5

Not pictured: SloMo (in misprint box-never opened) - $10

Reita and Aoi vs haunted tour venues (Rajigaze Jan 13)

Reita: Didn’t you say you saw a ghost once?

Aoi: Definitely. I mean I don’t have proof but

Reita: But you were like freaking out and breathing all heavy

Aoi: Wait where was that?

Reita: In Hiroshima or something? At the hotel.

Aoi: AHHH yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

Reita: So was it legit

Aoi: I mean I think so. But didn’t that happen in Fukuoka too? Someone saw a ghost.

Reita: Oh yeah the staff did! It was either before or after the encore.

Aoi: I think before?

Reita: Oh yeah? And we could hear a woman announcing something like, “Thank you for coming today…”

Aoi: Yeah yeah yeah

Reita: And Kusaka-san was like, “why are they playing this now?” and he went into the dressing room, and [the person who plays the announcement] was just in there watching TV.”

(Aoi laughs)

Reita: And at the exact same time, one of the tech people in stage right saw a woman–

Aoi: Yeah, walking through a passageway backstage.

Reita: Right…but was that a venue we played at all the time?

Aoi: No, I don’t think so…probably.

(they try to remember where it is idk)

Reita: Also, remember that hall we did somewhere in Nagoya, they told us like, “whatever u do don’t go down this staircase.”

Aoi: Backstage?

Reita: Yeah, it was pitch black at the bottom, and they told us not to go down.

Aoi: Huh…….

Reita: But we were young – I mean you and I didn’t go but, Ruki and Uruha, they like that kinda stuff, you know?

Aoi: Wait was it like the passage that connects stage left and right?

Reita: Nono it was just in a hallway backstage

Aoi: Huh? I don’t remember that!

Reita: It happened!

Aoi: Huh.

Reita: Anyway those two went down there, there was nothing there tho.  

[!] PSA for those going to Diamond Edge in NEW YORK

I had someone message me who knows a lot about this venue asking me to post some info!
The venue [Terminal 5] is a smaller venue. How 13 boys are going to fit on the stage I don’t even know but the area for pit and balconies is very small so please take these into consideration!

  1. Stay hydrated - Guys listen. I absolutely cannot stress how important this is going to any concert. Emotions will be running high and in smaller spaces with larger crowds it gets hot. The more hydrated you are the better you will feel. It will cut back on dizziness, being lightheaded, headaches, feeling lethargic, etc. Take care of yourselves.
  2. DO NOT PUSH - In small spaces please be as mindful as possible of others! Pushing can cause injury and panic. We will all be very excited to see the boys but safety is a top priority! No group is worth your well being and it would be good to not worry the boys!
  3. Stay calm(ish) - Terminal 5 will not hesitate to shut down a concert if it gets too crazy. Stay respectful to others and the boys. Of course, still have fun but just be mindful! 
  4. Keep signs small - signs should not block other’s views so keep them small and light, easy to hold. Again, the space is small so don’t show up with a big poster board sign ok? Everyone paid to be there and have a right to see the show! ^^ 

Tbh these can pertain to each venue but a concerned follower wanted me to post this info to specifically inform those that are going to the NY show and haven’t been to that venue! Everyone have fun and stay safe! 

8 Earth years are roughly equal to 13 Venus years, meaning the two planets approximately trace out this pattern with 5-fold symmetry as they orbit the Sun.

Venus turns direct!!

Timetable (current events in bold):
Monday, January 30, Venus enters retrograde zone, 26:54 Pisces
Friday, February 3, Venus enters Aries
Saturday, March 4, Venus turns retrograde, 13:08 Aries
Sunday, April 2, Venus retrogrades back into Pisces

Saturday, April 15, Venus turns direct
Friday, April 28, Venus enters Aries
Thursday, May 18, Venus out of retrograde zone

(That’s Ereshkigal.)

Inanna’s journey to the Underworld is at an end. If this were a Mercury retrograde I’d ask you all, “What did you learn this time?” But is isn’t. For what’s going on now, let’s consider what happens next in the Inanna story, as (re)told by Starhawk in the book Circle Round (and condensed by me).

Contingency plans, remember? Inanna had contingency plans ready, should she fail to return. Once it became obvious that this had indeed happened, Inanna’s friend (Ninshubur) and Inanna’s father (Enki) sent two flies to the Underworld (where Inanna’s sister, Ereshkigal, reigns). Ereshkigal is feeling poorly, ailing, and the flies sympathize with her pain. In gratitude, she grants them whatever they want from her realm. At first the flies put up a convincing show of “oh golly, we couldn’t possibly” but eventually take Inanna’s remains and flee.

This part of Pisces is particularly resonant with this part of Inanna’s story. Ereshkigal is the goddess of the dead, which immediately evokes in all of us a response of “Ew, ugh, ick.” Only the two flies show any compassion. What is there, in our own lives, that we’ve buried and denied? Whatever that is, it’s more powerful than Inanna Herself, Goddess, Queen Of Heaven. And we need to come to terms with it, we have to acknowledge this innately “unloveable” part of ourselves. It’s interesting too that the entire Venus retrograde cycle takes place in the Venusian equivalent of the “dark of the Moon.” The process is an intuitive one.

Sunday, April 16, Mars/Taurus sextile Venus/Pisces, 26:57

Well, yes, sexy times. But with Chiron in the same degree as Venus (though they’ll never be exactly conjunct), and Vesta/Cancer adding support via a trine to Venus, it’s a bit more than that. There are elements of healing and whole-making included. “Hearts live by being wounded,” wrote Oscar Wilde (in A Woman of No Importance); he also wrote, in “The Ballad of Reading Gaol,” “How else but through a broken heart may Lord Christ enter in?” As much as we don’t want to admit it (and I’m as guilty of this as anyone), all-encompassing Divine Love is the only goal. (Oscar had a 2nd House Libra Sun, a Venusian double whammy; he also had Sun conjunct Juno.)

Planets/Points affected lie between 25:57 and 27:57 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Friday, April 21, Saturn Rx/Sagittarius square Venus/Pisces, 27:36

Third of three. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage” - Lao Tzu. And the appropriate Rolling Stones song is “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” No matter what happened to break our hearts, whatever unlovable “thing” we buried, this is the part where we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and carry on, “sadder but wiser.” The forlorn feelings will probably linger until Venus goes back into Aries.

Planets/Points affected lie between 26:36 and 28:36 of the mutable signs Gemini*, Virgo*, Sagittarius*, and Pisces*; and between 11:36 and 13:36 of the fixed signs Taurus*, Leo*, Scorpio*, and Aquarius*.

titanic-shoe  asked:

There's people stalking your posts about the Wendy's thing. Got a message a week or so ago trying to convince me how wrong it is to like that whole thing because the Anon felt it was sensationalizing child pornography. I had to think about that for a minute and remember, "oh yeah, this is Tumblr, they'd probably think it was CP of they ever found out the statue of Venus is of a 13-14 year old girl." Tumblr, getting dumber and dumber each year.

A person would really have to be one hell of a messed up little sociopath with NO life whatsoever to stalk a post, and contact every person that reblogs it.

Something tells me it might be the same person that claimed to be “friends” with me, accused me of being a pedophile (seriously, talk about a fucked up thing to accuse someone of), and claimed I commissioned shota in that other anon (and now the girl who published that anon no longer has an account, as I believe staff deleted it due to myself and at least one other person reporting that post).

So, if you’re the creepy little stalker accusing people of pedophilia over cartoon pinups of a clearly ADULT woman, you may wish to reconsider your actions, because if the people you accuse report you for it, your account WILL be deleted.

** Witchy Fact!**

Surprise! Friday the 13th is not actually an unlucky day!

For years people have been telling us Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. Horror movies have been named after this day and research also tells us that there is an increase of accidents on Friday the 13th. But, where did all of this come from?

Before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was considered the day of the Goddess. It was considered a day to worship the Divine Feminine that lives in us all and to honor the cycles of creation and death and rebirth.

Friday the 13th was considered a very powerful day to manifest, honor creativity and to celebrate beauty, wisdom and nourishment of the soul.

Friday is Venus Day and we all know that Venus is the epitome of feminine energy.

Her energy joins us at the end of the week to honour the days gone by and to remind us that it is important to rest, relax and play. As a society, we all look forward to Venus day, and we all naturally find ourselves unwinding and relaxing in her comforting energy.

Friday is the perfect day to embrace Venus like energy and to focus on creativity, beauty and sensuality.

Venus energy also encourages us to tune into our receptive female energy in order to stimulate our creativity and bring art, music and healing into the world.

The Number 13 also holds an extremely potent feminine energy and is considered to be the number of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood.

This is because we have 13 Moon cycles every year and the average female also experiences 13 periods per year.

So heres the gist of what I’m saying: Friday the 13th is an incredibly magickal day, especially for women. Tap into your inner femininity ( Gents too! You have femininity no matter how much you may deny it. The Goddess is part of all of us.) Use this energy, this ​positivity and this light to honor yourself, your inner and outer beauty, your creativity, your capacity love, and your absolute badass self.

I hope your day is filled with love, light, positivity and magic; and remember not to fear Friday the 13th! It’s a blessing in disguise, the universe works in mysterious ways!

The Week Ahead: April 24-30, 2017

Void of Course Moons:

Tuesday, April 25, 21:53 UT (Aries) - Wednesday, April 26, 01:56 UT (Taurus)

Friday, April 28, 01:18 (Taurus) - 01:39 UT (Gemini)

Saturday, April 29, 21:28 UT (Gemini) - Sunday, April 30, 01:48 UT (Cancer)

Lunar Phases:

Wednesday, April 26, 12:16 UT - New Moon, 6:27 Taurus

Saturday, April 29, 16:56 UT - Crescent, 24:33 Gemini


Friday, April 28, 13:13 UT - Venus enters Aries

Friday, April 28, 13:30 UT - Mean Node into Leo/Aquarius

La bella relación geométrica entre Venus y la Tierra

La órbita de Venus al rededor del Sol toma 224,7 días terrestres. Aunque suene como un número aleatorio sin ningún significado, se trata de una relación de 13:8 (Venus:Tierra), de modo que por cada ocho años de la Tierra, Venus da casi exactamente 13 vueltas al rededor del Sol.