planets in sagittarius never seem to want to be defined. ruled by jupiter, an ever-expanding house of knowledge, belief, and applications of those, sagittarius planets seem to reflect that always-growing, always-changing aspect. those planets in your chart just want to learn so much and experience so much they don’t have time to think about themselves. venus in sagittarius doesn’t care to involve themselves too deeply in love, they want to observe everything about romance beforehand. sagittarius moon doesn’t want to deal with their emotions when there’s other individuals to listen to.

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This week’s entry: Planetary Rain

The Signs Turn Ons & Turn Offs

Check your Venus sign because Venus helps determines what a person finds appealing and show their desires. Below are five turn ons and five turn offs that are the most common (but not limited) for each Venus placement. You can always check your sun sign and/or Mars sign as well. 

Aries: TURN ONS: Someone who is adventurous, honest, passionate, sociable and confident.
TURN OFFS: Someone who is controlling, unenthusiastic, easily jealous, indolent and offensive.

Taurus: TURN ONS: Someone who is reliable, fancy, affectionate, committed and successful. 
TURN OFFS: Someone who is unpredictable, frivolous, dramatic, distant and overly-aggressive.

Gemini: TURN ONS: Someone who is spontaneous, a good conversationist, witty, creative and original. 
TURN OFFS: Someone who is dull, quiet, traditional, slow-going and too serious.

Cancer: TURN ONS: Someone who is family-oriented, sensitive, persistent, compassionate and patient.
TURN OFFS: Someone who is unemotional, arrogant, aloof, flashy and inconsiderate.

Leo: TURN ONS: Someone who is courageous, loyal, attentive, sincere, outgoing and optimistic. 
TURN OFFS: Someone who is domineering, negative, selfish, unoriginal and patronizing. 

Virgo: TURN ONS: Someone who is sentimental, organized, inspired, thoughtful and detail-oriented. 
TURN OFFS: Someone who is flaky, loud, ostentatious, ignorant and unmotivated.

Libra: TURN ONS: Someone who is romantic, peaceful, fair, hygienic and convivial. 
TURN OFFS: Someone who is confrontational, unflirty, unethical, disrespectful and conceited. 

Scorpio: TURN ONS: Someone who is devoted, magnetic, fervent, lively and sensual.   
TURN OFFS: Someone who is stagnant, unfaithful, attention-seeker, apathetic and dishonest. 

Sagittarius: TURN ONS: Someone who is free-spirited, candid, positive, wise and jovial. 
TURN OFFS: Someone who is needy, lazy, tedious, overly-critical and deceiving. 

Capricorn: TURN ONS: Someone who is ambitious, witty, resourceful, collected and intriguing. 
TURN OFFS: Someone who is irresponsible, controlling, ditzy, obnoxious and showy.

Aquarius: TURN ONS: Someone who is independent, observant, stimulating, eccentric and friendly.
TURN OFFs: someone who is demeaning, clingy, boring, nosey and bossy.

Pisces: TURN ONS: Someone who is imaginative, assertive, nurturing, empathetic and spiritual. 
TURN OFF: Someone who is temperamental, detach, hostile, close-minded and indifferent. 


Your Personal Fashion Style / Venus in The Signs

The Venus Sign is especially noticeable in women because they tend to project an aura of it. It colors their feminine style and how they present themselves as a women. Each one of the celebrities listed has their venus on the respective signs they were put on. Ex.: Rihanna has a Venus in Aries. You might relate to their styles, so check this post with your Venus Sign! 

[Find your Venus Sign]

signs as lovers

aries / the lover who’s love is fire. aries are deeply caring people and are a bit intense in love. they will do little things for you all the time like holding open a door for you. they make sure you feel like you’re their one and only and love deeply. arguements are heated as they need to be right, but they can get over it pretty quickly.  the arguments may cause the relationship to break as their righteousness seems immature or they feel like you don’t listen

taurus / the lover who is loyal and true. taurus loves deeply and subtly. they’ll love you with every inch of your heart and will show you it through how they listen and talk to you. they’ll spoil you and may not express on their face how much they love u but will definitely show it through other ways. yet, they’re stubborn so arguments would go on for forever depending on who you are.

gemini / the lover who taught you new things. geminis have a natural charm that’ll pull you in like magnet. once you’re there to stay, they’ll stay loyal to you through thick and thin. they need freedom and independence, so you can’t be too clingy and take this the wrong way. however, they still need lots of love and attention. they’ll feel like your best friend and the relationship will be casual and not very passionate, but still deeply loving. the relationship may end due to gemini’s charm drawing others towards them thus making jealousy arise. geminis are intellectuals and if you can’t stimulate their mind then they’ll most likely grow bored and things will die out.

cancer / the lover who is trustworthy and isn’t afraid to express their feelings. cancers are so easy to open up to and may be your best friend and partner. they will tell you how much they love you all the time and love you passionately. they’re often quick to fall in love or think they’re in love though and despite not having trouble saying how they love you they may have trouble SHOWING it.

leo / the lover who you can never get enough of. leos are beautiful and will make your heart race just by looking at you. they’re passionate and will love you with all their heart, and they have huge hearts. leos are often insecure despite this and hide it behind an ego, you have to see through this ego and remind them they’re all you want. the leo may leave the relationship due to feeling like you can’t meet their standards or needs, and you might feel overwhelmed by them.

virgo / the lover who helps you through everything. virgos are loyal and have a natural thing for helping others so you can guarantee your virgo will always be there to help. virgos aren’t very emotional on the outside, but on the inside are quite the opposite and sensitive. they will buy u simple little things u like to show they care. virgos however keep things inside but need to eventually let them out so they may seem to get mad out of nowhere sometimes.

libra / the lover who tries the hardest to keep you. libras will analyze you and what makes you happy and try to do them. they try hard to please you and definitely aren’t afraid to show affection so often you should feel kike you’re showered in love. if you make a bad bad mistake like cheating or ect they will drop you and act like they don’t need you when deep down they want to fix things, all it takes is for you to be willing to fix things too. libras however get jealous easily (and usually don’t admit it)  which may cause tension or you may feel like they could easily find someone else ( which they most likely can easily but will stay loyal to you)

scorpio / the lover who sweeps you off your feet. scorpios will win you over with their natural yet subtle charm. they’re intriguing people, always giving a little but not too much to leave you wanting more. they’ll be up for dates and show their affection through tight hugs and the looks in their eyes. but eventually things may either die out or their flaws will show, and they may be too much for some to handle. they’ll either break your heart or you’ll break their’s.

sagittarius / the lover who makes your relationship feel like a fun adventure. sagittarius makes you feel light hearted and warm. they won’t be afraid to show their affection and no matter what you do, you’ll have fun with them. but they also have a intellectual side and love to have deep conversations. despite all this and the vibe they give off, don’t mess with them. they’ll drop you in a second. things may end due to them getting bored or you feeling like they won’t settle down and be loyal.

capricorn / the lover who’s love is simple and honest. capricorns aren’t hard to please, just give them a nice, loving, and true relationship and theyre yours. they’ll provide for you and make sure you’re always comfortable and happy. they’re sweethearts and are actually quite weird people, but in a good way, never making you bored. however, their closed off nature may cause you to feel they’re distant and they may end the relationship because of their insecurities.

aquarius / the lover who you have the best memories with. aquarius are cute and quirky people, they’ll open your mind up to a lot of new things and never leave you uninterested. they act like your best friend and lover in one and you’ll feel you can trust them with all your heart. they’ll make your heart skip a beat with the cute little quirks they do and hug you tight. the relationship may die because of their independence making you feel like they don’t need you.

pisces / the lover who you never forget. pisces are pros at romance and know how to make you feel like you’re their world, because you are. they’re selfless and would give you anything to see you smile. they may daydream about you and fantasize and you’ll never realize how much in love with you they might be. they’ll tell you their true feelings and make sure you never doubt them. they’re sexy, lovable, and generous people. although if you’re not emotional and romantic enough, they’ll drop you like it’s nothing. they’ll cry for a day then get over it so don’t expect them to crawl back. you may feel like they’re too immature or unfocused leading to tension in the relationship.

*check your venus

Pros + Cons of Your Venus Sign
  • Venus in Aries:Playful, flirtatious, honest, love to lead the relationship,affectionate, encouraging // Impulsive, can get bored easily by others, impatient, intolerant, dramatic, might not know what kind of partner they really want
  • Venus in Taurus:Loyal, devoted, very tactile (like holding hands, hugging etc--this establishes their bond), enjoys the little things in life, intimate, easygoing, takes their time getting into relationships// Resists change, can become dependent on others, Overcompensate when they feel jealous of their partner
  • Venus in Gemini:Witty, fun-loving, accommodating, seeks intellectually stimulating relationships, sentimental, excellent conversationalists// May have commitment issues, prone to lying or fabricating, skims over pressing issues in relationships, hard to keep up with
  • Venus in Cancer:Protective, loving, sensitive to their partner's emotions, caring, are unafraid of emotional confrontations, observant, good listeners// Suffer greatly when they are hurt, hard to establish trust with, fears rejection, can get hung up on little things
  • Venus in Leo:Will treat their partners like royalty, take great pride in their relationship, expressive, loves to make their partner feel special (which makes them feel special in return)// Can seek admiration for the wrong qualities, melodramatic, attention-seeking, can expect too much from their partner
  • Venus in Virgo:Quiet devotion, Simplistic when it comes to romance (even more so than taurus), kind, easy to please, good listener// Nagging, critical, prone to loneliness due to their quest to find the "perfect" partner, may be unconfident in their relationship, hard to understand
  • Venus in Libra:Altruistic, charming, the best at making their partner feel like they are the most important person on earth, puts effort into their appearance, fair, loves love // Door mat, extremely passive aggressive, falls in love too easily, clingy, manipulative
  • Venus in Scorpio:Passionate, intense, forms amazing emotional bonds with their partner, fearless, gives their partner their complete attention // Possessive, has a hard time forgiving, trouble expressing their emotions
  • Venus in Sagittarius:Grows with their partner, open to new experiences, most likely to travel the world with their partners, seeks intellectual connections, optimistic // Too casual, not exactly romantic, exaggerates
  • Venus in Capricorn:Seeks out relationships for life, really cares about their partner, trustworthy, patient, loves unconditionally // May get involved in a relationship for status or wealth, shy, can be perceived as "boring", melancholic, hard to read
  • Venus in Aquarius:Open, unique lover, bases romantic relationships off of friendship, looks for unique companions // Detached, falls in and out of love quickly, struggles with understanding their partners needs, aloof
  • Venus in Pisces:Softhearted, sympathetic, passionate, dreamy, flirty, adaptable // Overly sensitive, too forgiving, bouts of rage

As I am working on publishing the book for this series, I finally finished working on the introduction to the our favorite heavenly bodies! It’s character profiles in the form of story telling! Enjoy!

The Venus Signs in Love in Detail (requested)
  • Aries Venus:extremely passionate, very voracious way of expressing their love, very straightfoward and direct way of showing affection, seductive, bold and confident lover. They're impatient with their partners, can have a short temper and can engage in fighting, but that's their way of showing they care and that's a way of creating excitement and action, routine is painful for them. It's also a way of showing passion. They're very extreme and "crazy in love".
  • Taurus Venus:romantic and sensual, very touchy feely and cuddly. They're trustworthy, stable and endearing lovers who take things slowly. They're posessive and protective, they want safety in a relationship and want to provide material security and comfort for their significant other. They're intense and express love through physical contact and gifts. They need consistency and plenty of affection. They're usually obsessed with the people they love.
  • Gemini Venus:fun loving, mental and somewhat changable lover, because they need constant stimulation and variety, otherwise they can become bored. They're flirty and their relationships are always full of humor and long intellectual conversations. Communication is number 1 priority in relationships. They might be afraid of committment and are usually light hearted. They keep things casual even when their love is deep. They express love by talking with their partner about everything and showing an insatiable curiosity and interest towards the other person.
  • Cancer Venus:very maternal, caring and loving partner, they express their love with protection and plenty of emotion. Their affection is obvious and they're usually romantic. They want to listen to and take care/nurture their significant other. They're very committed and want to create a future together, marrying and having kids is what they want, "growing old side by side" is a very attractive concept for these people. They're sensitive to everything their partner does/says and can become moody. They don’t usually forget the people with whom they fall in love with. They're deep, sentimental, jealous and they want safety.
  • Leo Venus:they need plenty of reassurance, although they usually are warm, confident and strong lovers. They're dominant and expressive, they're very flamboyant lovers who like to show off their significant others, they're proud of the people they love. They’re usually romantic and very daring and attached. They're one of the most loyal partners but can become demanding and self centered and feel unnappreaciated when their needs are not being properly satisfied: they want to be treated like kings/queens and they requeira attention and true love.
  • Virgo Venus:they're selfless, devoted and quiet partners, they're modest and usually insecure. They express their affection in a shy but helpful way by doing little things and favours that often go unnoticed. They wait till they're sure the other person feels the same but they don't usually take the initiative. They want to "save" their partners and improve them, they can become critical because of that. They're practical and observant lovers, they're likely to remember insignificant things about you, it's their way of showing they care. They might feel unworthy of love.
  • Libra Venus:they're very moderate, balanced and romantic lovers, they're physical and require fairness in love. They're extremely kind and affectionate, they're in love with love but might get too caught up with their idea of a perfect affair. They're very subtle and gentle in their way of seducing and provoking, they're usually flirty, gracious and charming lovers. They treat their partners like equals and beauty is important to them. Conflict is very hard for them to deal with in a relationship.
  • Scorpio Venus:brooding, intense, deep, magnetic, controlling, jealous and somewhat manipulative lovers. Their way of showing affection is mainly sexual, and sex is probably a way of getting more intimate and connect more effectively. Very loyal and quite mysterious, they tend to demand knowing all about you and tell very little about themselves. They want to get to know all of you and want complete delivery of their lovers to the relationship, otherwise they don't feel secure. They're usually quite a handful and require emotional closeness and understanding. They're intuitive and know their partner's needs before they do.
  • Sagittarius Venus:wild, creative, adventurous and bold lovers, they remain youthful and playful in love. They're not the most attached nor the neediest, but they're exciting and fun, wanting to explore the world with their lovers by their side. They're free spirits and they require independence. They want to share their experiences and life with their partner. But they usually are too idealistic and can think the grass is greener somewhere else. They want to expand horizons and learn through relationships. They're confident and spontaneous in their way of showing affection.
  • Capricorn Venus:composed, controlled and hardworking lovers, they're dedicated and predictable. They have a practical approach to affection but they can be romantic if the situation calls for it. They're usually down to earth and realistic partners, they're not blinded by love but they're committed and take relationships very seriously, being usually focused in making them work. They can be timid when showing love, but they're usually strong and steady partners, a good support system you can always count on. Enjoys providing and offering.
  • Aquarius Venus:unsual, independent and creative partners, they're hard to pin down. They value friendship above all, it's important to be best friends and lovers. Mental connection is priority in their love life and they're slow to admit they have feelings, love is confusing for them. They're usually distant in relationships because they need their space and time to think about things, they protect their individuality in relationships, they fear restriction and are a little afraid of attachment. Not usually jealous, romantic or affectionate but they show their love by sharing ideas and exchanging their deepest thoughts, but they fear telling their partners their feelings. They usually prefer their own terms in relationships.
  • Pisces:dreamy, tender, poetic and deep lovers, they want their love to be meaningful and soulful, they usually want to have a spiritual connection with their significant others, they want a soulmate. They're usually quite sensitive and selfless in relationships, their love is pure and unconditional. They become completely obsessed, as in, can't think of anything or anyone else and the "honeymoon phase" might last long. They want to "save" their partners and they might become slippery when things don't seem very well, because they idealize love. They're usually forgiving and understanding and they require emotional intimacy.