Solar System Symbols.

The symbols for the planets, dwarf planet Pluto, Moon and Sun (along with the symbols for the zodiac constellations) were developed for use in both astronomy and astrology.

The astronomical symbol for the Sun is a shield with a circle inside. Some believe this inner circle, or “boss” represents a central sun spot.

The symbol for Mercury represents the head and winged cap of Mercury, god of commerce and communication, surmounting his caduceus (staff).

The symbol for Venus is designated as the female symbol, thought to be the stylized representation of the hand mirror of this goddess of love.

The symbol for Earth shows a globe bisected by meridian lines into four quarters.

The symbol for the Moon is a crescent.

The symbol for Mars represents the shield and spear of the god of war, Mars; it is also the male or masculine symbol.

The symbol for Jupiter is said to represent a hieroglyph of the eagle, Jove’s bird, or to be the initial letter of Zeus with a line drawn through it to indicate its abbreviation.

The symbol for Saturn is thought to be an ancient scythe or sickel, as Saturn was the god of seed-sowing and also of time.

The symbol for Uranus is represented by combined devices indicating the Sun plus the spear of Mars, as Uranus was the personification of heaven in Greek mythology, dominated by the light of the Sun and the power of Mars.

The symbol for Neptune is the trident (long three-pronged fork or weapon) of Neptune, god of the sea.

The symbol for dwarf planet Pluto is a monogram made up of P and L in Pluto (and also the initials of Percival Lowell, who predicted its discovery).
Tonight (June 30): Venus & Jupiter to Pair in Spectacular ‘Star of Bethlehem’ Conjunction

The two brightest planets Venus and Jupiter are to appear so close in the sky in the upcoming nights that they will be seen like a single super bright star, which some astronomy-lovers say resembles the biblical ‘Star of Bethlehem’.

“Throughout the month of June 2015, the two brightest planets in the night sky, Venus and Jupiter, are going to converge for a close jaw-dropping encounter,” said NASA in a news release.

Jupiter and Venus Alignment

Will the alignment of Jupiter and Venus, making the star of Bethlehem, have any energetic effect upon us?

i’m not for certain but it definitely feels like an intense heart shift is occurring. Venus connecting to relationships, pleasure, heart energy, and empathy, then we have the wise Jupiter, which is more philosophical and intellectual. For instance: 

Venus represents teacher of Demons, love, pleasure of life, relationships, comfort, convenience of luxurious items like a car, air conditioning, clothing, jewelry, wealth, and beauty inside the home. Since Venus signifies pleasure, it can be any kind of pleasure sex, art, entertainment, interior decoration, anything related to having fun represents by Venus. anything which give happiness and pleasure is Venus.

      Jupiter is a teacher of Gods, hope, guru, wisdom, teacher, expansion of thing, belief, knowledge Jupiter also represents a husband in a female’s chart. It also represents fortune, wealth, luck, higher education, family, children, devotion, morality wisdom, compassion, spirituality and connection with the universe. All the good events occur because of blessings of Jupiter.

This was written in 2012 but i feel it has great value because tonight it is less than half a degree apart so put that into perspective: 
“The zodiac is comprised of an arc of 360 degrees.  In Vedic astrology or Jyotish, we analyze how nine planets occupy this arc. Each planet has its own unique characteristics and enjoys having the room to do so. Venus and Jupiter will be within one degree of each other starting tonight about 6:30 PM  PST.  This is known as a graha yuddha or a planetary war in Vedic astrology. We have two planets vying for the same space.  Venus is the planet of beauty, love, romance, luxury, passion, and the arts. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, knowledge, teaching, higher education, discernment and spirituality.  Venus and Jupiter are considered the great “natural benefics” in Vedic Astrology, or those planets which usually deliver favorable experiences (all other factors being equal). While a war between two benefics is favorable than one between two malefics, as my Vedic astrology teacher says, “Both parties in a war are bloodied.”  In terms of significators of people, Venus represents the spouse or romantic partner and Jupiter is the significator for children.” 

In laymans terms it feels like because they are trying to occupy the same space, there is this strange friction in the air between the heart and the mind which is centering around relationships in particular. 

Any more info on this would be greatly appreciated :)