Initiating in Venus

Aries Venus
Someone with an Aries in Venus is very likely to make the first move, in fact out of all Venus positions Aries is the most likely to chase after their love interest and ask them out.  The only reason that should limit an Aries Venus is having an extremely cautious or shy sun sign or moon sign! 

Taurus Venus
Taurus in general are not known for asking their crush out or initiating a lot of dates. But with a more forward sun or moon sign a Taurus Venus is likely to be very determined and even aggressive when chasing love. The Taurus Venus is made to sustain relationships and doesn’t lose interest easily. Shy or not if they get a hint that their crush is interested they will find a way to get their message across.

Gemini Venus
The Gemini Venus isn’t one to come straight out and say they like someone but they give off hints. These hints aren’t subtle and mysterious, Gemini Venus tend to be naturally flirty, can be communicative about how they feel, and knows how to tease in a way that gets your attention!

Cancer Venus
Now you really might not know for a while if a Cancer Venus likes you or not. This can even mute more open and aggressive signs. Caring, intuitive with a partner, and all about emotional attachments this position can be picky about who they date but at the same time is a sucker for romance and emotional people. A Cancer Venus might not be super forward but they do try to take control emotionally and might actually be the one to “light the flame” sort of speak and then wait for you to sustain it.

Leo Venus
Leos in general like to be approached and admired but if they see something they like they go after it and this remains true for the Venus position. If they really like you or are in love with you then you will know if a person has a Leo Venus. But be warned Leo is associated with drama in love and a lot of times this could mean harmless drama. This Venus needs some spice in their relationships.

Virgo Venus
Someone with a Virgo Venus is not one to make all the big first moves. But Virgo in Venus is communicative and isn’t afraid to start practical conversations and loves it when things lead to flirting. Virgo in Venus can be reliable and responsive towards someone they like. They might appreciate it if their love interest makes some of the bigger moves. But Virgo in Venus can be picky, have high-standards, and may be fussy or unrealistic in love.

Libra Venus
This sign is all about reacting and responding. They have the ability to initiate a lot, especially when it comes to flirting and getting physical but Libra influences prefer to react and they can be attracted to push and pull types of dynamics. Libra in Venus is likely to “test the waters” and play cat and mouse until they are sure they like someone. Then they win over their love interest with charm and even romance. But beware of Libra’s indecisive trait influencing the Venus position. They can have a hard time figuring out what they want in love.

Scorpio Venus
This position can be very forward and aggressive when chasing a love interest but can be tempted by love games. Scorpio is faithful in this position and when they see someone they want they go after that person with full force. Scorpio Venus can like someone for a long time even without knowing how the other person feels or if that person turns down the Scorpio Venus. This position can be tempted by people who are willing to play “games” with them and they can have an obsessive side. 

Sagittarius Venus
This position is not afraid to start flirting with someone and can make any physical intentions known. They will confess physical attraction for someone but when it comes to commitment and emotional bonds they are more avoidant. Sagittarius Venus is fun and casual in relationships but still has a passionate side. For this Venus it is better for them to establish a physical and then mental connection and from there they don’t mind if someone initiates more commitment and devotion. As for confessing their love you have to wait to actually be dating this person for a while until they release their emotional passion.

Capricorn Venus
Capricorn is associated with calculated initiation and this is the same for the Venus position. This individual will make a move on someone they like but it is thought out. Also this position can be prone to over thinking their moves. What could keep a Capricorn Venus from making the big moves is having low self-esteem or being sure that their crush does not like them.

Aquarius Venus
An Aquarius Venus might not feel comfortable being sought after. They would prefer a mental connection to spark their interest and then they would move on to discover if they have chemistry with a person or not. Aquarius Venus can be unpredictable in love and this is true when it comes to going after someone they like. Aquarius Venus can be super flirty and forward but then get distracted from their crush the next day.

Pisces Venus
This position can be more shy and/or passive when it comes to dealing with love interests. Pisces Venus is very unlikely to make the first move but they can fall hard for someone. Pisces Venus is the type to daydream about their crush and likes to admire them from afar when they first discover them. When a Pisces Venus likes someone and no one makes a move eventually they find a way for their feelings to pour out.

What each planet governs
  • Rising/Ascendant:How the world perceives you, your outward appearance, first impressions
  • Moon:Emotions, expressions, intuition
  • Sun:Your inner-self, ego, consciousness
  • Venus:Love, affection, passion
  • Saturn:Responsibility, level of reality, patience
  • Jupiter:Luck, how you perceive the world, confidence
  • Mercury:Logic, creativity, social interactions
  • Mars:Execution of thoughts, aggression, power
  • Uranus:Uniqueness, sense, psychic ability
  • Neptune:Religion, spiritual thought process, imagination
  • Pluto:Growth, change, adaptability
  • Lilith:Your dark side, your flaws, bad traits
  • Descendant:Friendship
  • Midheaven:What you aim for in life
  • N. Node:What you are destined to do
  • S. Node:Your past life and memories
  • IC:What shapes us

Venus Aquarius.

You are the noisy whip sound in the wind when you roll down the windows and stick your hands out. You are the dancing at 4 am talking about your alien conspiracy theories. You are the sneaking out of your house to go visit a friend who is sad and suddenly taking a road trip.

You are compassionate, empathetic, caring, perspective, you defy the norm. You aren’t afraid to get cheesy with someone you really really like. Although it’s rare for you to actually like somebody. You put your friends/loved ones above EVERYBODY including yourself. You are more upset when your friends are upset than when you actually are. You love meeting new people, doing new things, making new friends. Although you tend to be more on the introvert side, you’re still ambitious. you’re selfless, giving, kind hearted. You couldn’t hurt anyone if you tried.
How to Attract the signs (refer to sun, moon, mars, and venus signs)
  • Aries:This sign likes to be in control, so they often look for a submissive partner. However they treasure knowledge, so high intelligence and maturity in a partner is a major turn on. They also enjoy the arts and having fun, so show them you know how to have a good time and they'll be attached at your hip.
  • Taurus:Being ruled by venus, this sign enjoys a romantic relationship, and is very receptive to playful/appreciative flirting. They like to be admired, and look for either a stable partner or someone who needs healing, for Taureans love to nurture. As the sign of possessions, they may be more attracted to someone who can offer them the possessions (physical or mental) they dream of.
  • Gemini:Geminis are quite restless and crave adventure, so anyone who can show them a haphazardly wonderful time will win their affection. They also love being able to have endless conversations about infinite topics with a partner, as the sign is ruled by Mercury (planet of communication). Overall, they dream of a mate who will travel to great lengths with them and laugh with them the whole way.
  • Cancer:Ruled by the Moon, Cancers have strong and passionate emotions, and they can be afraid to admit them, so to attract a cancer be direct and tell them how you truly feel about them. Their ideal mate is comfortable at home and sometimes traditional, unafraid of their soft side, and very nurturing and loving.
  • Leo:Leos love to be complimented, for it validates their feelings of insecurity, so if you are attracted to a Leo, don't be afraid to give them compliments every other sentence. Leos love luxury, and therefore they dream of a mate who can keep them entertained while maintaining a stable, comfortable lifestyle. Leos also love humor, so put on your best comedic face in their presence.
  • Virgo:To attract a Virgo, a good starting point is to not be overbearing. Virgos do, however, being ruled by Mercury, find themselves attracted to one with superior intelligence to their own. Always know that Virgos need their space, as they are very private people. Let them come to you when getting to know them; make them feel comfortable and welcome to share. Their high standards also account for manners and appearance, so be you best self when around a Virgo that you are attracted to.
  • Libra:Many people believe Libras are vain for having such high standards and always wanting compliments, but the truth is: they most often doubt themselves heavily, so to attract a Libra shower on the compliments. Libras simply wish to find a mate that understands their minds and needs, and is able to fulfill them. Libras are huge fans of aesthetic matters, and so they gravitate towards beautiful people, but they shut off immediately if said people are ignorant, rude, or unintelligent. They are very artistic creatures and always appreciate people who are involved in or share their views in artistic areas.
  • Scorpio:Scorpios like it when you pay deep attention to them, but it must be genuine because they can see through lies and will completely drop everything related to the situation. Their passionate nature requires an equal amount of intensity to get their attention. They often feel like a lone wolf walking an unpredictable path which causes them to feel unstable and unfulfilled, so they want a partner who can ground and fulfill them.
  • Sagittarius:Outgoing people by nature, a Sagittarian loves to talk about EVERYTHING. They love a person who can keep up with their never-ending stories of adventures or even mundane things that they make out to be adventurous. They like to be asked questions, but not questions that pry too much into their private life or deep feelings. They also love people who are willing to let them have their own freedom to do as they please, which could be anything!
  • Capricorn:Capricorns are cautious around strangers, so be friendly and amusing to open them up a bit. They often feel melancholy and need an emotional lift. They are drawn to people who are intellectually stimulating, for they usually speak about serious subjects. They hate when people disagree with them, so if you want to attract a Capricorn, you must care deeply for and agree with their opinions.
  • Aquarius:Aquarians are very unique, independent, and interesting people, but they can be elusive about this so it may take some time to truly get to know them. They are self-reliant and it takes time for them to trust someone enough to take care of them, so with an Aquarius, be friendly, caring, amusing, and open to their radical ideas. Let them be themselves and support every decision they make (obviously as long as it is a genuinely awful decision). Don't make them dwell on their mistakes.
  • Pisces:Pisceans are very interested in the arts, books, entertainment, and many other unique topics. They are interested in conversations about spirituality as well. Pisces like strong, optimistic people, so try not to mope too much; they will listen to you vent, but they get dragged down by extreme sadness and pity parties. They are impressed by people who can laugh away their troubles. They are romantics who take a while to show their true selves, but once they do they are very loving.