Wednesday, February 10th: Verizon Theatre (Dallas, TX)

Friday, February 12th: Thunderbird Arena (Vancouver, Canada)

Sunday, February 14th: Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena (L.A., California)

Friday, February 19th: Rosemont Theatre (Chicago, IL)

Sunday, February 21st: Prudential Center (Newark, NJ)

NOTE: The alleged “ New York” stop is in fact not in New York State or New York City, but Newark, New Jersey. Stay tuned for updates to see if this is an error on SM’s part.


Luis Guzmán (@loueyfromthehood) be hosting the 28th Loisaida Festival this year in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan (Avenue C Corridor, between 6th & 12th St.) It’s gonna be a great line up:
1. Calma Carmona
2. Papote Jimenez y su Orquesta
3. Herencia de Plena
4. Chicano Batman
And overall a great atmosphere of Latino Cultura! ———————————
Video Credit: @tatobrujo ———————————
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ladydrow asked:

Afternoon, I have a question I would like to ask I just finished reading your post about your visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery. I am part of the museum community (as a student and recent graduate) and I was wondering if it would be ok if I shared this with the people within the museum community? This is something that is discussed, but we never have the voice of the people who this effects and I think its important for them to see this. If not, I understand. Thank you.

Hello! Thank you for getting in touch. Please do share!! I am so happy to hear that my post is useful in this way.

This also goes for anyone else reading this, I am more than happy for this to be shared in any venue to help bring this kind of issue to light and give a personal perspective.

Thanks to everyone for the support and feedback on that post, it’s a big deal and a big part of why I write about these experiences.

COUNTDOWN: Vince and Jordy's Top 6 Philly-Area Venues Of The Moment

Pictured: Joyce Manor @ Union Transfer, all rights reserved.

It’s no secret that Philadelphia has one of the best local/D.I.Y. music scenes in the country. Everyone’s hands have touched a microphone, everyone’s bodies have been flung onto or off of a stage (be it of their own accord or at the will of others), everyone makes music, or art, or takes photos, or promotes, or books. Everyone knows everyone.

So, rather than a big reveal, this is an appreciation piece for the places where fan becomes friend, where crowd becomes pit, where stranger becomes family. Vince and I would like to present you with our agreed top six Philly-area venues of the moment.


6. THE NEST - Vince

Uber and Diamond, Philadelphia, PA

The Nest is like a second home to Temple’s Owls. Its close proximity to the university and willingness to book any artist in need of a show makes The Nest one of the coolest spots to hit up in Philly. Show goers can expect a no-bullshit, drama free environment, an interesting night of music, and the friendliest and most amicable hosts. Those who’ve found themselves a bit too intoxicated can also find a place to crash at The Nest rather than having to find their way home in an inebriated state.


25 East State Street, Doylestown, PA 18901

Siren Records is (duh) a record store. But, move a few crates and shelves and place a stage, and you’ve got yourself an intimate and home-y venue. With some smaller, more local acts, like Doylestown-native band Tanks, Holland favorites Weatherhead, and indie-esque Mark’s Pound, to bigger acts, like John Galm, Anthony Green, and Dogs on Acid, Siren blends local with reach, and creates a fusion that encourages and garners the familial aspect of the local music scene. The sound is decent, and you can browse records between sets. Entry is typically low; $5-$10 in most cases, and worth every penny.



2125 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

The Church holds a lot of fond memories to a lot of people — having hosted everyone from Brand New to Perfect Pussy, the Church was also a stepping stone for local bands looking to move beyond the house show circuit. Because R5 Productions, orchestrators and promoters of the Church since its inception, have had such success with other venues Union Transfer and Boot & Saddle, the future of Church shows is currently unknown, but we have been told to expect a significant decline.


Philadelphia, PA

The Golden Tea House is the house venue in Philly. To play there is a stamp of approval on any up and coming band, local and nationwide. With its own built-in crowd and a popular location, Golden Tea is a definite goal for any up-and-comers in the Philly scene.


1026 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA

The point of R5 Production’s expansion into Union Transfer has been stated as “bridging the gap”, so to speak, between D.I.Y. bands and bands who have graduated past that point, but aren’t quite packing Wells Fargo (or, even close).  However, because the venue isn’t as pretentious or mammoth as an arena,  there’s still an air of intimacy in the room, a uniquely designed space with an equally uniquely constructed calendar of shows, reminiscent of other, smaller venues, just…bigger. Though not as streamlined, genre-wise, as some of the other venues on our list, cool shows happen here, most notably for me, Circa Survive, Basement, and Joyce Manor. The sound in the venue is pretty nice, depending on where you stand, and so is the crowd, again, depending on where you stand. If you’re up front, prepare to be dived on top of and pitted to a pulp. If you’re on the balcony, the side “decks”, or in the back, by the sound booth, you’ll be smooth sailing. Two side notes- the bathrooms are really cool and pretty clean, and you can see no matter where you’re standing. Cool concept, great execution.


1. THE BARBARY - Jordy

951 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 

The Barbary is just about the best it gets. It’s a hole in the wall; if you’ve never been there, and aren’t looking for the sign out front, you’ll pass it at least five times. Not that I did, or anything. Every time I’ve been to The Barbary, I’ve seen at least five people I know. If you can maybe cast aside your judgment in regards to things like “Goth Night” at the Barbarella, the attached but separate part of the venue, you’ll have the time of your life. Bands load in from the parking lot or street; the mystery of bigger venues like the TLA and Wells Fargo Center is entirely absent. There’s something very special about this place. Be it the way that bands who play there are typically found talking to fans or smoking outside between sets or the intimacy within its walls, The Barbary is something else, and it’s highly, highly representative and symbolic of the nature of Philadelphia’s D.I.Y. music scene. I’ve seen tons of shows here, most notably the Gates/Pentimento/Have Mercy tour, and every time, I walk out entranced and just a little, tiny bit deaf, considering the room is probably the size of a large classroom. But, fuck it. I’d go deaf fifty times over just to make it to a Barbary show. The Barbary is my happy place, and thus I deem it my absolute favorite Philadelphia-area venue.


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