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Musical taste in the birth horoscope can be seen through the eyes of Venus. When Venus makes any angle contact to another planet you can have a taste for the style affiliated with the planetary sign energy.  The angle can be a Conjunction, Inconjunction, Sextile, Trine, Square, or Opposition that causes the influence.  Venus also is influenced by the sign it’s in so you can find musical interests tied in there.  Don’t forget musical tastes change over time so the “progressed” Venus can show change in musical taste through the years.

Venus with Sun / Venus in Leo / Progressed Venus in Leo

Songs about standing out, Songs about taking center stage, Fun songs, Music and songs where you can sign karaoke, Childern songs, Romantic and love songs, Dramatically expressive songs, Musicals, Authoritative and firey music like Hard Rock, Songs that are upbeat although not necessarily meaningful, Pop Music, Songs about risk taking and taking chances, songs about being bold and authoritative

Venus with Moon / Venus in Cancer / Progressed Venus in Cancer

Musical taste tied to family traditions, Music of their own homeland (Or Area,) Emotional Musics, songs with emotional value, songs about family, songs mother or nurturing figures, Music influenced from the Mother, Songs about childhood that bring Nostalgic Value, Songs about getting older and retrospect, Oldies, Classics, Love songs

Venus with Mercury / Venus in Gemini and Virgo) / Progressed Venus in Gemini or Virgo

Songs with a lot of words, lyrics or highlight communication

(Gemini Venus), Trendy music, Music in clubs (socializing), Club Music, Dance Music, Variety, Changeable music interests,
(Virgo Venus) Music with intellectual meaning, Music that is like Poetry, Music based on Poems,  Stanza’s in Lyrics, Peaceful music, Calm music, Nature sounds in their music, Picky about musical tastes

Venus in Libra or Taurus / Progressed Venus in Taurus in Libra

Big fans of music, Natural Venusians, Appreciative of Harmony and Beats, Soul Soothing Music, Relating through music

(Libra Venus) Love Songs, Songs with Romance, Gracious songs, Songs about Peace, Wonderful Harmony, Classical Music, Slow Jams, Pop Music, Trendy songs
(Taurus Venus) Romantic Music, Personal Values, Songs about possessions, Sexual songs,  Music that brings them pleasure, Can be a fan of any Genre as it relates to their values, Relaxing Music

Venus with Mars / Venus in Aries / Progressed Venus in Aries

Aggressive Songs With fast pace/beats/tempo, Workout beats, Songs about violence, Sexual songs, Songs about spontaneity/impulses, Music that is Fiery, Hard Rock, Lyrical songs talking about war/battle/revengeful/protecting,  

Venus with Jupiter / Venus in Sagittarius / Progressed Venus in Sagittarius

Optimistic songs, Motivational music, Songs with meaning, Religious songs, Music from Foreign Cultures, Songs about morals Or lack thereof, Dogmatic/ blunt lyrics in music, Lyrics that tell it like it is, An expanded taste in music, Dance music that stimulate the legs

Venus with Saturn / Venus in Capricorn / Progressed Venus in Capricorn

Songs about reputation and standing in the community, Lyrics about facing restrictions or depression, songs about working, songs about father’s or authority figures,  Songs that build up or construct,  Structured music, Songs about being at the top, Songs about money, Songs about being a father, Timeless Musics, Classics

Venus with Uranus / Venus in Aquarius / Progressed Venus in Aquarius

Songs that are strange or unique, Techno music, Electronica, songs about
innovation, Innovative Genres,  Cross Genre’s, Industrial Genre , songs about Friends or Groups,  Music from Groups or Choirs, Alternative, Futuristic Songs, Songs with Lyrics about Hopes and Wishes, Equality lyrics

Venus with Neptune / Venus in Pisces / Progressed Venus in Pisces

Pop, Dance, Dreamy music, Spiritual music, Psychedelic music, Trance, Songs with secret messages, Songs about drugs, Songs that help you escape, Songs about escaping, Songs about being isolation or being alone, Confusing or Mysterious Genre’s, Songs about mystery, Songs about Prison/Hospitals/Asylums, Songs about the self undoing, songs about addiction, movie/video game sound tracks

Venus with Pluto / Venus in Scorpio / Progressed Venus in Pluto

Songs about transformation and change, Lyrics about struggle, Songs about the life and death struggle or process, Songs about hiding or being hidden, Songs about hiding yourself,  Songs about the unknown, songs about the occult, Songs about intimacy, Songs about loss, Deep lyrics, Complex songs, Underground beats, Underground bands, Powerful music, Electronic beats, Rhythem, R and B

Zodiac Basics #7

The signs ruling planet &’ meaning

Aries- Mars; The planet of Ambition &’ Anger

Taurus- Venus; The planet of Beauty &’ Love

Gemini- Mercury; The planet of Communication &’ Knowledge

Cancer- Moon; The planet of Sensitivity &’ Emotions

Leo- Sun; The planet of Pride &’ Confidence

Virgo- Mercury; The planet of Organizations &’ Self- expression

Libra- Venus; The planet of Balance &’ Positivity

Scorpio- Pluto; The planet of Death &’ Rebirth

Sagittarius- Jupiter; The planet of Success &’ Generosity

Capricorn- Saturn; The planet of Discipline &’ Challenges

Aquarius- Uranus; The planet of Innovation &’ Individuality

Pisces- Neptune; The planet of Dream &’ Empathy


Outback Dusk Featuring Venus, Jupiter and a Meteor - Aug 22, 2016 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken with a Canon 5D Mk III and 14-mm Digital Cinema Lens. NOTE Venus is lowest.


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