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  • Venus in Aries: Finds human interaction fascinating
  • Venus in Taurus: Finds something to love in everybody
  • Venus in Gemini: Social butterfly
  • Venus in Cancer: Mothers friends
  • Venus in Leo: Shares the spotlight
  • Venus in Virgo: Identifies talents in everybody, associates people by interests
  • Venus in Libra: Goodness in the world
  • Venus in Scorpio: Only wants to know your soul
  • Venus in Sagittarius: Everybody is a teacher
  • Venus in Capricorn: Is inspired by your success and triumphs
  • Venus in Aquarius: Respects your individual path
  • Venus in Pisces: Takes you away

Venus Williams is on to the Wimbledon Finals!!!!

Venus played her first Wimbledon twenty years ago and three of the last four women she faced in this year’s tournament weren’t even born when she turned pro. She just won her semi-final match and now has more Wimbledon match wins than any other active player (having previously been tied with Serena) and will go on to play her NINTH Wimbledon final on Saturday.

Serena casts a huge shadow on the sport, but with her out on pregnancy/maternity leave, it’s really great to see Venus reclaiming the spotlight. At 37 years old in a career that most of us thought was over six years ago when she dropped out of the top 100, Venus has played an Australian Open final this year (lost against Serena) and if she wins Saturday, she’ll be four years older than Martina Navratilova was when she became the oldest woman to win Wimbledon back in 1990.

(And, she’s been mowing down the competition in this tournament under a cloud of negativity stemming from an improperly investigated car crash that all but proclaimed her a murderer before further video evidence came out earlier this week.)

Wimbledon is Venus’ best tournament and I can’t tell you how badly I want her to win Saturday. Y'all put out some good energy for Miss V!

Competition - Ashton Irwin [smut]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “can you do smut where you’re a famous American Pop singer and you sit next to 5sos (specifically Ashton) at an awards show and he has a celeb crush on you and he gets turned on by your performance and you guys fuck backstage?¿”

Word Count - 1297

It’s no secret that drummer of world famous band, 5 seconds of summer, Ashton Irwin, has a crush on you, it’s brought up in pretty much every interview he ever has, and god knows you’ve heard it enough. It’s now turned into a running gag and he’s not even ashamed of it anymore, he just admits it, you however have hid your opinion on the matter but, by this point, you are in the same boat. Celebrity crushes are something to tread lightly around, last time you even let slip a little bit about your love interest it took nearly a full year to shake it off, not to mention the fact that you are yet to meet Ashton.

However that is all to change, since the two of you are due to be attending and performing at the American Music Awards, no doubt the press will make sure that you two meet each other. You are the final performer of the show, the show closer, and 5sos are the show openers, meaning they will be walking the red carpet before you, so you don’t get to meet then but you’re anxious none the less. Dressed in your nicest designer dress with your hair and make up professionally done you make your way up the red carpet, greeting the press and your fans, before entering the venue. One of the many members of staff on hand guides you to your seat, sat next to a few people from your management team and 4 empty seats with ‘reserved’ signs hung over the back. You don’t have time to ponder who they belong to as the lights dim and the all too familiar beginning guitar riff of the 5sos song 'Good Girls’ rings throughout the venue. A spotlight raises on the flame haired boy Michael, then Calum, then Luke and finally Ashton.

“What’s up AMAs?” he chants into the mic. “Hope you’re good, this is Good Girls”

You enjoy the performance and you find your eyes glued to the screen when Ashton’s solo comes around and you’re applause is more than enthusiastic when the song is finished, you even give them a standing ovation, but the show continues.

15 minutes later and you see 4 figures moving down the isle, it doesn’t bother you, though, you’re too intrigued by the award show, that is until you see your management crew stand and tap your shoulder. You turn your head to see 5 seconds of summer shuffling past and you gulp standing too.

“Nice to meet you,” Luke grins shaking your hand.

“You too,” you reply going down the line as they move past you, then you get to Ashton, “And I’ve heard a lot about you”

“Well than can’t be good,” he blushes.

“All good things,” you smile, giving him a small hug as he sits down next to him

He glances at you every now and then during the show and you glance back, you know that there’s a camera stationed that captures the two of you perfectly so you decide to be subtle.

“Now for the last award,” the presenter says when the show is drawing to a close. “Best live act of the year”

You smile knowing that this is the award you’re up for.

“And the nominees are…” they list a few celebrities, all well deserving of the award and then they say, “[Y/N] and 5 seconds of summer”

The camera flicks to you, focusing in and you and Ashton as you exchange a 'game on’ glance.

“There’s some competition going on there,” the presenter continues. “Anyway, the winner is…”

Your name is called and you’re shocked, you stand, hug your management team and shake the hands of 5sos before hugging Ashton, something that you’re sure will send the press crazy.

“I’d like to say thank you,” you say accepting the award. “Live act of the year, wow, I personally didn’t think I’d win, I thought for sure 5sos were winners and I’d like to congratulate them for all they’ve done this year”

“As it happens [Y/N] is our closing act for the evening,” the presenter says as you slip off stage. “So I would like to introduce [Y/N] to finish up tonight”

You perform amazingly, just how you’d practiced, seductive dance moves coupled with a great song, it’s a show stopper, and once you’re done you leave the stage and head back to the dressing room.

There are many after parties to events like these, the one you go to depends on your status and the people you hang around with. You get to go to the best there is which means you need to make sure that you look your best. You dab your fingers under your eyes briefly and adjust your dress and hair when there’s a knock at the door.

You turn and see Ashton slowly entering, “Oh hey, I forgot to tell you, I loved your performance at the start of the night”

“T-thanks, it means a lot coming from you, congrats on the award, and you’re performance, just wow,” he practically gawks.

“Was there something you needed to tell me about?” you question.

“Sort of, it’s just this whole crush thing, I just wanted to tell you that it’s really exaggerated,” he says.

“Oh right,” you say. “It’s cool, I’ll have you know, I may have a tiny little crush on you two”

He blushes and looks at his feet.

“Was that all?”

He looks up at you with a dark look in his eye and steps towards you, backing you against the dressing room table.

“I also wanted to tell you how fucking amazing you look in that dress,” he smirks.

Your breath hitches in your throat as his face is inches from yours, you lean your whole weight on the table as your knees become weak. You both pause before you cup his face and press your lips to his, he takes you by the waist and you tug at his hair lightly making him deepen the kiss, his tongue sliding past your lips. You begin to feel him grinding against you and you grind back, enticing a moan from him.

“This is happening,” he breathes.

“It really is,” you reply.

You pull his shirt from his body letting your fingers trace up and down his back while he pushes your dress up your legs.

Soon you’re both stripped, a weird turn of events considering you’re in a dressing room. He has you sat down on the dressing room table but now you take your chance to hook your fingers around the waistband of his boxers and shimmy them down his legs.

“Holy fuck,” he breathes as the cold air hits his length.

You pump him a few times but he stops you as his head rocks back.

“Hold on, I’m not gonna be able to last honey,” he pants finally removing your panties. “You ready?”

“Yes, fuck yes,” you say.

He mercilessly thrusts himself into you starting at an immediately fast pace making your back arch as your nails scratch down his toned back. Ashton kisses your neck and you tilt your head to give him some room.

“That performance turned me on so much,” he says.

“That was the aim,” you say whimpering as he hits your g-spot.

“You like it hard, baby?” he murmurs in your ear.

“Yes, Ash, I’m so close,” you reply.

“Already, honey?” you nod. “Well good because I’m close too. Cum for me honey”

That’s all it takes for the two of you to climax, he then lies his head against your shoulder before standing up straight again.

“Come on get ready,” he says tossing you your dress again. “We’ve got an after party to get to”