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Sam MekJong reacting to AhRo’s erotic stories.

first time i’ve done this new thing, wow. alright so, ESTINIEN WYRMBLOOD. one of many edgy babes in ffxiv, to be honest. he is a dragoon ( a job within the game which wield lances and harness abilities of dragons, which is neat ) who is hell-bent on avenging his family and village which were destroyed by nidhogg, the large dragon persisting with the war between man and dragon. he is primarily focused on his revenge, casting aside social ventures, other personal journeys people take in their life and just generally…everything. his life is devoted to slaying the endless dragons which attack his home with his greatest goal being to end nidhogg’s life himself.

  • very hard to open up, but it is possible. common interests are very much a gate into his “friendship” status. those could be… some form of military background, sharing the role of some elevated protector or having a specialised, personal rank, or even just hating dragons :’) 
  • smells like blood. his armour is dyed red in nidhogg’s blood and he stinks of it. he also probably smells a bit musky because, what are baths when you’re fighting for your revenge eh
  • VERY GOOD AT JUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he is…. very difficult to deal with if he doesn’t care for you. he is rude, blunt, mannerless and can be a huge ass sometimes. he doesn’t really abide by manners the way you’d think such an important figure would, instead choosing to ignore people or straight up be disrespectful. he wont care if you’re a royal or if you’re a lowly merchant, basically. i suppose that’s almost a good thing. 

i will refrain from saying much else because of spoilers, but i have more detail on my app anyway! <3