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Life as a PFS VL - The only burnout I should experience in RPGs should have to do with fireballs

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As a venture lieutenant I promote the best hobby in the world and I can continue to do this if I don’t overdue it. I am a student, do freelance IT, graphics, and photographic work and am a full time RPG player and Venture Lieutenant. I take online classes, and work about 10-20 hours a week. I have active hobby’s including writing, photography, hiking, and fitness. I also spend time with friends outside of gaming. Those parts of my life are just important to me as gaming and by making sure I am not just gaming I ensure that I continue to game. :)

In my intro post I shared that as a VL I have several responsibilities for gaming and went into them in detail. Here they are in summary:

  • Grow the Hobby
  • GM Games
  • Coordinate Games
  • Play the Games
  • Don’t Burn out

Burnout is a real thing. If I fill all my time with gaming I will burn out on gaming. I have been playing RPGs for 20 years and have experienced burn out off and on especially with a busy schedule. I avoid burnout through reviewing my weeks and make sure in addition to work, school, and gaming I am maintaining my other hobby’s and moderating all of them. 

It is really easy to put all my time in to game coordination and other venture lieutenant responsibilities. I could easily coordinate or run games at game days at game shops every weekend and some weekdays if I let myself. It would be irresponsible to myself and to the job if I did. As a Venture Lieutenant I have a responsibility to be aware of how much I am doing and make sure the other aspects of my life are balanced and by balancing everything out I can ensure that I can continue to support the best RPG and best organized play campaign in the world!