venture bros. cosplay

So we were at SuperCon in Raleigh, NC today. My son and I were dressed as Junkrat and Roadhog from Overwatch. And we’re waiting in line to go onstage for the costume contest, and this familiar looking fellow stops by us and asks if he can take our picture.

And I’m like, “sure!” and he takes our pic and I’m like, “You look SO familiar. Where do I know you from?”

And he chuckles and says he does Voice work for cartoons. And it hits me. And I go Full Fangirl on him….


He was so sweet and very tolerant of my squeeing. What a lovely guy. He recognized us at a table a little later and stopped to talk with us for a few minutes. Just a darling of a man.

And he’s still doing Voice work for season 7, just FYI. ❤❤❤


I am running around SDCC and some guy comes up to me when I’m looking away and asks if he can take a photo with me.  I start to say “of course!” and realize it’s Misha Collins.  What comes out is a very garbled “Oh my god.”  I was (I think) super cool in his photos and stayed in character for the pics, but when his bodyguard had my phone for photos, I let my true emotions show.  You’ll note the first two photos are blurry, I’m not sure if that’s the bodyguard’s fault or the fact that I was so excited my vibrations threw off the auto focus.