I got a much anticipated package today! Valentine's Chocolate from Ven!

Sorry, I had already opened it downstairs with my roommate, because i was excited.  Also this was the best thing to receive today after work about 8 hours with no sleep the night before XD  We were excited about the Tupperware, then we saw it was broken ;A;  

Gonna put the rest under a cut because it got very long XD

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Done~~! Decided to add some ink too to give some details~~ I was feeling so inspired by a pic of @ventsun and Rie Mari because their cosplay of Levi and Petra are too beautiful~~ ❤
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Ven and Sassy's Selfie Sexy Sundays

“Get the hell away from us you poser conformist Jessica and Brittney wanna-be’s. Come back and talk to us when you have better clothes, some cigarettes, and coffee.”

Closet Cosplay. Southpark’s Michael and Pete


Second Photoshoot in the Black Military Coat, done in Low Lighting

Series: Shingeki no Kyojin

Character: Levi/Rivaille

Photographer: Milon Hall Photography

Check out the rest of the photos from this cosplay on my Facebook Page:

Lance Corporal Levi (Longcoat)

Simple. Dark. Heichou. B)


Lance Corporal Levi (Longcoat)

Photography: Ryuusei Photography
Model: Ven Tsun
Character: Levi 
Series: Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Attack on Titan

Long Jacket Military Levi Shoot

Just a few full body shots from the shoot! =)


Hanji attempts to catch Levi’s heart a different way


Hanji: Ringo

Levi: Ven Tsun


Shibari practice/teaser shots for upcoming Shibari shoots.

I view Shibari as a beautiful art, I do not view it as a fetish. I have nothing against people who view it that way, and I understand it is a fetish to many people and viewed as a fetish to many others, but I do not represent Shibari sexually, only artistically =).

So please be courteous of that <3