WHEELS ON!!! 10/9/10

Finally put my wheels on!!! I brought it to Sprewell this morning and now they’re finally on! It cost $100 and a few hours and the front left is making a noise, but I think it’s just something that was in the tire when it was mounted. The OEM Dunlops have a big sidewall which is throwing off the look when the car is parked so I might have to get lower profile tires next time. I also plan on powder-coating the face to matte black and making the lip gloss black. It’ll flow more I think. Anyway I’m really happy with the results for now. I already dragged Rif from the 626 Meet and the tires are all good. :)

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Flat Tire 3/27/11

Got another flat tire on the way to Dr. Wong’s house for SCS. The wheel is leaking from the rivets again but this time on the front left. I fixed all the wheels but I’m going to sell the set anyway. It’s too bad, I actually started to like them.

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