growing up meeting people online my biggest fear was them finding out i was fat and rejecting me for it and it took me until last year to realise how awful that was for me to think about myself. i still have a very hard time showing my body in photos and showing selfies etc so i am just putting it out there to accept myself without taking pics

just making it real that i am a big nb marshmallow  


A random whine/vent (inspired by reading something posted four years ago, so nothing recent), but I really hate when people say Roy and Ed hate each other, because it’s such a blatant misinterpretation of canon. Ed’s a bratty teenager, Roy’s a smirky bastard, and they definitely rub each other wrong. But there is obvious evidence in both 03 and manga/BH that they do actually like and respect each other! I mean:

Look at that burning hatred! So much hate! Oh wait, no there isn’t. And in BH/manga, you have things like the 520 cens promise. That isn’t a deal Ed’s going to make with someone he hates. 

My best friend was really upset last night and he called me while I was out. I could tell something was wrong so after the call I asked if he was okay and he sent me a huge text about how he wanted everything to just disappear and it brought me to tears because I wanted to help him but I couldn’t and I just don’t know what to do. I want him to feel okay but I don’t have that ability to make him feel so and I just love him so dearly I don’t know what I would do without him. This was the first time I’ve ever been terrified for my friend’s safety and I can’t believe I cried because I didn’t know I even cared about anything. I guess I care about him enough to feel heartbroken when he’s feeling upset.

I’ve seen people get some quite rude asks as well as myself about a levels and grading. The studyblr community isn’t about putting other people down, or comparing your academic achievements to others, it’s about supporting one another. It is incredibly hard to get an A at a level. The grade boundaries are incredibly small. I think passing any a level is an accomplishment itself! People work really hard, some, work hard and don’t achieve the grades they want. With you anonymous comment, you could be really hurting that person, and belittling their already amazing achievements. So next time you want to write a rude message to someone, please think about this.

Things to hope for from The Musketeers series 3
  • A lighter mood.
  • No one wants to sleep with the queen.
  • In fact, the queen takes a lovely, long holiday away from Paris with loads of pleasant spa activities so none of the other characters even feel tempted.
  • Constance and Treville keep their increased amounts of screentime.
  • Constance and d’Artagnan actually communitcate about their relationship.
  • It is revealed that Lemay had a twin.
  • Aramis and Porthos switch the amount of lines, screentime and plot relevance they get per season.
  • The villain’s plot arc doesn’t take up more than 2 minutes per episode except for the finale.
  • The amount of time spend on guests vs. mains returns to s1 levels.
  • The musketeers actually talk to each other in every episode.

And the most important point:

  • An entire episode revolves about Porthos and Treville and their father-son activities, like going fishing or playing soccer (what?).