Why are there female anti-feminist?

I understand anti feminist men because some men just don’t like the thought of a women with power and who can be more dominant than them.

But female anti feminist? Like what?

If you’re an anti feminist and a woman, you should not be voting.
Feminist women gave you that right.
If you’re an anti feminist and a woman you should not be working and have a job. Women weren’t allowed to do those things.
Feminist women gave you that right.
If you’re an anti feminist and a woman you should be considering yourself property and letting your father, boyfriend, or husband make your decisions.
Feminist women are the reason you are not considered property and the reason you are respected.

I don’t understand why anti feminist women exist. Feminist women gave you all your rights. They are the reason you have a voice today. They spent countless days and weeks in jail to fight for what they believe in. They fought for many years and decades. Then you anti feminist women either a) don’t believe in feminism or b) think it’s wrong or stupid.

I really want to know what you are thinking?

I’m just so upset with my dad he acts like its such a burden to have me come over. Literally all I do is sit in my room and play video games he doesn’t need to take care of me or anything, he complains that he wants to go out to dinner but i can stay home alone while they do that i’m not a baby anymore. He goes out to dinner Wednesdays and leaves me home alone just fine. I just want to be there more. the computer is better and i like how im allowed to have the dogs in my room there which helps me sleep a lot better instead of lying awake for 3 hours like I do at moms house. I literally require no work to care for i dont eat much and I just sit in my room all day??? Why is it so hard for you to have me over? Why do you get so annoyed when i ask to spend more time with you??

All Lives Matter

If that offends you, I really don’t fucking care.

It is hilariously ironic that people claim All Lives Matter “derails” anything. Aside from the fact that BLM has derailed a LOT of events, they are the ones who actively try to silence those of us who want to say that we believe every life matters. They are the ones who want to demonize those of us who acknowledge that police brutality happens to every race, or that it’s not even always race-related.  They are the ones who go and harass anyone who dares to say that every single life matters, just because it doesn’t specifically bow down to any particular race. And they want to ASSUME that by including everybody (that’s kind of what “All” means, in case you didn’t know), that there must be some kind of malicious cryptic agenda behind it, that there is some conspiracy out to get black people.  When really, we’re just saying that we care about all races, while you’re being a cynic looking for something to get offended by.  It’s not us who’s derailing anybody—it’s YOU.  You are not the good guys.  Trying to demonize innocent people who haven’t done anything wrong, to make yourself look better, makes you a piece of shit.

There are some BLM supporters who are contradictory in their reaction to someone who says “All lives matter.”  I’ve seen plenty of people who support neither, plenty who support one or the other, or plenty who are fine with both.  But what’s really strange is the people who start off saying, “Yes, of course, I agree, all lives DO matter, we already know that,” yet then proceed to get offended by the very fact that someone said it.  Okay firstly, no, you DON’T “already know” this, because if you did, you’d stop trying to push this narrative that only blacks are ever targets, and you’d stop being racist towards whites (after acknowledging that it is indeed possible).  Secondly, if you do in fact agree with the concept that all lives matter, then why in the ever-living fuck are you getting offended by it?  It’s not even like it’s a negative thing where it might be true, but still putting someone else down to say it.  It’s literally the most POSITIVE and INNOCENT and INCLUSIVE thing someone can say, and you are still reaching for the stars to find a way to be offended by it.  What else are you offended by?  Are you also offended when someone says they love both cats and dogs?  Are you also offended when someone loves multiple bands, rather than have one favorite? That’s the thing with these SJWs—they want you to pick and choose, and always ever focus on ONE thing.  You are never allowed to care about multiple people or groups or things at once.  This all-or-nothing mentality, this “you’re either with us or against us”, where you can agree with some of them on important things, but dare you disagree on ONE tiny little thing, and suddenly you’re the enemy.  THAT’S WHY WE CAN’T TAKE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUSLY.

Black Lives Matter tries to push this fake narrative that only black people are victims of police brutality.  Aside from personally knowing someone who isn’t black and who recently got screwed over big time by some corrupt cops, I will here direct you to @zeusdethroned’s post detailing the actual details of police brutality in this country, and other surprising facts if you’re the type of idiot who thinks white privilege is a thing.

Lastly, Black Lives Matter has shown that a vast number of them are a hate movement.  You can go ahead and do the same thing feminists do:  “Well, those aren’t real BLM activists!”  But the truth remains that many terrible things have been done in the name of the movement, which I have not seen done in the name of All Lives Matter.  And the fact is, if you’re REALLY one of the good ones, then you will admit that your movement isn’t perfect.  You will ADMIT that there are a LOT of bad people in it. You will not get defensive and act as though you are the one personally under attack, because you aren’t.  Do you really think people care if all you do is simply say “Black Lives Matter?”  Do you really think that’s all it’s about?  Do you really think anyone other than the KKK really give a damn that you just want black people to be treated with respect?  No.  Look at the bigger picture here.  Listen to what people are ACTUALLY criticizing, rather than just automatically jumping to, “Hurr durr, you just hate black people!”  When you constantly see people, who are a part of the Black Lives Matter movement, marching around calling for the murder of all cops, derailing vigils for slain LGBT people, creating hashtags called “Fuck Paris”, wishing for bad things to happen to white people, and just overall being loud aggressive people who scream and shout in peoples’ faces in general, you HAVE to know that there is a problem.

Here are some videos that also perfectly lay out why I support All Lives Matter, why I’m critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, and what’s that?  One of them is a black guy?  *GASP* Oh no…must be one of those evil Uncle Toms…aka black people who have their own opinions and know how to think for themselves.  Boy, you social justice warriors have this all figured out. You know exactly what category to place someone in in order to vilify them if need be.  If they disagree and they’re white?  Racist.  If they disagree and they’re black?  Traitor, self-hater, etc.  It’s not like YOU could ever be wrong for a change, right?

my cousin gets upset that I won’t watch movies with him. but all he ever watches are horror movies he checks out of the library and meme compilations on YouTube (you know those 10 minute videos of peoples’ stolen vines). he’s basically monopolized the living room TV since he’s been here. I’ve made tons of suggestions of movies I’d want to watch with him; stuff I like, stuff from my own childhood, and stuff I really think he’d like (like certain animes). and always, he’s either seen it already or just isn’t interested. he’s never interested in what anyone else wants. my mom twisted his arm to watch War Games and he started whining 25 minutes in that he hated it. so whatever, I don’t have to be interested in what he likes. I’m not gonna spend all afternoon and evening watching people be miserable and suffer.

don’t apologize to me. DO NOT APOLOGIZE TO ME. how dare you! you say the words, but there’s no sincerity behind them. if there was any meaning to it, you wouldn’t constantly repeat your actions. i despise how reassurement that you love me is all it takes for me to move on past the anger. it never evaporates fully though… i am so weak.

I’m really bad at socializing and I honestly don’t know how to keep in contact with people. I often feel like I’m too boring to talk to so I’m not really worth anyone’s time. I also feel like I’m annoying as fuck, so is really hard to start a conversation. I can’t seem to find good topics to talk about and I feel a big need to try to look good enough for the people I care about so they won’t leave me because I’m too much of a shitty boring useless friend.
Just wanted to let everything go.