Every time I talk about my feelings I get paranoid people are thinking I’m seeking pity or that type of attention. I find pity really insulting. I get nervous they are going to think I’m seeking pity when in reality I need help, especially since I only seek out emotional support when I seriously need it. I fear my feelings being invalidated, minimized, ridiculed, shrugged off as nothing. It hurts so deeply. Every time it happened a kid it felt like someone pouring acid on a pre-existing wound. It still does, but now I perceive implications that I’m unimportant when they aren’t there because that’s all I know and all expect. That’s why I never let my guard down.

My parents made me feel so unimportant.

I actually feel sad they made me feel so unimportant.

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Brother's and Sister's do not entertain gossip or partake in it. Gossip leads the tongue to sin because the words spoken during Gossip always comes from a malicious (evil) place. Its goal is never meant for good. Proverbs 16:28, Ephesians 4:29, James 1:26, James 4:11, Leviticus 19:16, Proverbs 10:11, Proverbs 10:19, Proverbs 11:9, Proverbs 16:28, Psalm 34:13, Proverbs 20:19, Matthew 18:15.

Agreed.. as a side note to this, I think it’s important to be careful and keep ourselves in check when it comes to venting about certain situations to trusted loved ones. It’s very easy for venting/talking it out to slip into gossip fueled by negative emotions. Venting can also lead you to talk harshly about someone in a way that stirs up anger in yourself and/or the person listening to you toward the individual being talked about. I know I have fallen into that trap far too many times when talking about hurtful situations. I’m glad that He has been convicting me lately to be more careful about what comes from my mouth and to make efforts to avoid talking in a way that is opposite to Christ-like speaking.

“Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit.” - Psalm 34:13

“It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” - Matthew 15:11

“Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.” - Titus 3:1-2

“When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” - Proverbs 10:19

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I’m sorry, but it really pisses me off that Candice seems to be once again excluded from this crossover. Every year they include Danielle, and I’m so freaking over it. I’m happy that Candice gets time off (and I don’t care about Danielle, so sorry to her fans who I may offend), but Iris is important and I’m tired of these shows acting like Caitlin is more important. She’s not! For the record, I’m sick of these shows acting that Oliver is more important than Barry—he’s not! Sorry, I had to vent.

No need to be sorry, I appreciate you’re venting because I agree with everything you said. 

I’ve wanted to say this about Oliver for a while and I think what you said is a good staring point for it. For some reason, I feel like Stephen Amell gets special treatment in the crossover. I have nothing against him and I don’t mean this as hate, but it feels like the writers of the annual crossover try to make Oliver the lead, even though he, Barry, Kara, (and Sara when Legends is involved), should all be equal. I understand that Arrow was the first show in this universe so they’re going for Oliver being ol’ reliable and all, but he always gets to be the main character of the crossovers. 

The Legends of Today/Legends of Yesterday crossover was mainly about Oliver finding out he has a son and how it effects his relationship with Felicity. The Invasion crossover was all about how everyone looks up to Oliver, even when Oliver himself appointed Barry as their leader. Then, it became an Arrow AU for Oliver to realize he’s happy with the life he has. Even the Crisis on Earth-X crossover which was supposed to be about Barry and Iris getting married became about Oliver wanting to marry Felicity. I don’t think it’s a coincidence at this point, I think it’s intentional. They make Oliver the center of the DCTV universe. 

Why is society competitive. Why do people fucking demand for life to be competitive. Why are people demanding that each and every person compete and struggle just to survive in society.

What the fuck is the point of countries, of societies, of human civilization if not to grant everyone a comfortable life to live as they see fit?

Don’t let Astrology 100% dictate your life and relationships.

Just because you get told based on your chart and placements you aren’t compatible with the other person does not mean you have to take on what it says.

You truly wouldn’t really know until you actually be with them and learn who they are.

Just because a description says you are a dumb, boring and manipulator does not mean you are what it says. If it doesn’t fit who you are then don’t take it 100%.

Astrology helps and guides you in ways you need it but you have total control over your life and what you want to do with it.